Left to Right: Triple Lighting Powder, Aqua Liquid Foundation, Spa Water Cleansing Cloths
I was introduced to Koh Gen Do by Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book a couple years ago. On my visit to New York shortly thereafter, I made it a point to stop by the Koh Gen Do counter. I have tried much of their makeup and skin care since then, so I will share with you the three products that I feel are the best of Koh Gen Do.

I discovered last year that all the cleansing wipes I had been using were breaking out my skin. I resorted to Bioderma Sensibio H20 and Koh Gen Do Spa Water cleaning waters, but my skin has become even more sensitive recently. The once-effective Bioderma causes painful acne. I can no longer leave the product on my skin, so I reserve it only to remove light eye makeup. This is where the Koh Gen Do Spa cleansing cloths come in.. they do not cause my skin to react. The cotton cloths are dense but smooth, and the cleansing water leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple. These 10-cloth packs are ideal for travel as well as pre- and post-workout sessions.

The Aqua Foundation SPF of 15++ is a high definition, smooth finish foundation with lasting medium coverage. It might have been the first, but it is still one of the best Koh Gen Do products I own because of its consistent performance. This base makeup manages to brighten to complexion and reduce the look of hyper-pigmentation but does not feel heavy. It is fragrance free and ideal for those with sensitive skin, but it does oxidize to one shade up. I highly recommend wearing a primer before applying this foundation with your fingertips. The finish leans more dewy, so I always set with powder though that is personal preference. I own this in OC-2 and wear it exclusively when I am most tan. I require OC-1 to mix for a perfect match during the majority of the year when I am fairer.

The Triple Lighting Foundation SPF of 22++ is a versatile powder with light to medium coverage. This is the most supremely natural powder foundation I have ever encountered. It does appear more satin matte in the first hour of wear, but it warms up and looks like real skin. Apparently, that is due to the moisturizing treatment that penetrates the top layer of the skin. This makes it ideal for dry to combination skin types. It does not oxidize in color and does not cake when touched up or fade in patches throughout the day. With a hint of concealer on dark spots, the complexion is made flawless. I like to wear it alone as a powder foundation, but I use it as a setting powder when filming. The color OC-2 is the perfect match for my summer tan. I do have to blot my nose after 5 hours of wear, but that is a quick fix.
Note: This product has a low shimmer content, but it is virtually undetectable when worn on the skin.

Though Koh Gen Do products may have been created for film, they are perfect for everyday wear since they are able to minimize pores and imperfections.

Now for a giveaway! Koh Gen Do has generously offered to provide an Oriental Plants Trial Set to one lucky reader. 

This trial size collection of the Oriental Plants skincare series contains five colors of the 36 different types of Asian Botanicals. Awaken the five natural forces that lie within the skin and help counteract environmental stress that leads to again. Experience our products for the first time or use it as a travel kit. (Size: 6.4"l x 4.24"w x 0.24"h)

-- Oriental Plants Cleansing Cream 
-- Oriental Plants Clean Foam
-- Oriental Plants Soap
-- Oriental Plants Essence
-- Oriental Plants Skin Lotion
-- Whipping Net (Mini)

I generally use Refresh or Macro Vintage KGD skin care, so this was my first experience with the Oriental Plants range. Below are my thoughts on the prize contents. 

The black case is stunning. It is reusable and ideal for traveling. The red wax paper held all the products neatly together to give the trial set a very luxurious feel.

This was my first experience with traditional Koh Gen Do cleansers. The Cleansing Cream is intended for makeup removal, the first step in your night time routine. The Clean Foam can be used morning or night and leaves the most squeaky clean finish of the three, so I recommend following up the Cleansing Cream with the Clean Foam. I really love the Soap! I did not expect to, since most facial soaps dry out the skin excessively, but it left my skin feeling balanced and smooth to the touch. I use it as instructed, in the morning, but it can also be used after the Clean Foam. The Whipping Net above is used to create a foam with the Soap, which is then applied and left on the face for several seconds to help remove more deeply set impurities. I personally just run the soap under a bit of lukewarm water since it lathers well enough on its own. 

The Essence, Skin Lotion, and Emollient Cream can all be used day or night. The Essence is a rich transparent serum is the prep step after cleansing that supports the moisture of the skin. This is ideal for dehydrated or dry skin, and it dries down beautifully. The Skin Lotion helps to retain more moisture to help the skin look clear and supple. And last but not least, the Emollient Cream is a light moisturizing cream that protects the ski with a rich and nourishing veil. 

My favorites from this Trial Set are the Soap (I swear I was not swayed by the corresponding soap holder, which is the most sculpturally stunning one ever made) and the Essence. Check out the full size products in the carousel below!


Finally, I present the GIVEAWAY! The winner will be announced here on the blog after ten days, and Koh Gen Do will ship your prize directly to you. Good luck!

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  1. Interesting products thanks for doing a give away ^^ The packaging really reminds me of "Alienware from Dell" Haha.

    恵美より ♥

  2. The Koh Gen Do has an cute Oriental Plants Trial Set. I hope I could win. ^_^ Thank you for amazing giveaway.

  3. My friend really like KGD foundation, i wish i could try them soon, then soon i got curious with the skincare, too. Sadly, it's hard to find KGD in my country. Thanks for the giveaway :) Hope i could win ;D

  4. Great review!!! I was so enabled by your post that I just bought Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, powder and the cleansing water here at Singapore Takashimaya! Loving the natural coverage of these base products! However, my Aqua Foundation is with SPF25 PA++ and the colour is not in PK, OC or BE. Our colouring system here in Asia is all in numbers. I heard that this is the new version launched in April 2013. Here is the link to the Koh Gen Doh Japanese website: http://www.kohgendo.com/product/makeup/?mode=aqua_N

    Thanks again for sharing! I love your blog! :)

  5. It's all gorgeous. Thank you for giveaway!


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