Deborah Lippmann Summer 2013 The Mermaids Collection Nail Polish Review, Photo, Swatches -- Mermaid's Dream, Mermaid's Kiss, Do the Mermaid

I might be a Chanel Le Vernis addict, but there is no denying how attracted I am to Deborah Lippmann's glitter nail polishes. Mermaid's Dream, a seafoam green with blue and gold shimmer which debuted in the Spring of 2012, was so popular that DL decided to create a complete mermaid collection. Though none of these Summer 2013 shades swept me off my feet the way Mermaid's Dream did, I still love and recommend two of the four shades released. Click to see more of the newly released Mermaids I chose to splurge for!

Many of you on Instagram requested this review, so I hope you find it helpful. I've already posted pictures of both, but I wanted to share more in-depth descriptions and swatches of the colors as well as my thoughts on the colors I did not purchase.

I chose to pass on Million Dollar Mermaid (tangerine) and Mermaid's Eyes (blue). I felt the Million Dollar Mermaid lacked the multidimensionality that characterizes the Mermaids collection. In a nutshell, it is boring and not worthy of the $19 USD price tag. The orange and gold shimmers blend together, so the effect is subtle. If there were a stronger metallic touch to the overall look, I might have purchased it. 

Mermaid's Eyes looks better on the nails than in the bottle, but I still felt it was missing something. Perhaps a sprinkling of AB glitter might have punched up this nearly-there chrome polish. Mermaid's Eyes should still appeal to blue lovers because the gold microshimmer and blue sequins make it a fun way to wear a medium (potentially boring) blue. I just think between Memaid's Dream and Mermaid's Eyes, the original wins.. hands down! My review of Mermaid's Dream can be found HERE. It is officially my favorite Deborah Lippmann nail polish, with Mermaid's Kiss coming in at a close second. 

Mermaid's Dream -- All of these polishes have a hint of translucency, which I chose to highlight in the photo above with one coat and two coat swatches. On my shorter nails, one coat of Mermaid's Dream looks semi-sheer and the glittery, shimmer goodness twinkles like no other polish I own. I have a weakness for seafoam green, so naturally, I most highly recommend this of the five Mermaids. I wear Mermaid's Dream most often as an accent nail with Chanel's Azure for a fabulously fun (but never obnoxious) poolside manicure. Check out the combination on my Instagram!

Do the Mermaid -- Lavender and purple nail polishes tend to brighten up my perpetually tan hands. That is why I went out of my way to track down Do the Mermaid which was backordered everywhere, but ultimately, it fell short of my expectations. Of the three featured in this post, it is the least complex. I adore the multiple facets and metallic finishes of Mermaid's Dream and Mermaid's Kiss. I was disappointed that the base of Do the Mermaid was such a pale lavender because the base and royal purple sequins contrast too much. It appears to be a speckled manicure, only with more shine. There are gold microshimmers in the formula but too few to add "Mermaid-esque" dimension on the nail. Execution could have been improved with more gold and perhaps mauve or violet sparkle, but nonetheless, it is one of my favorite purple nail polishes.

Mermaid's Kiss -- The swatches below were taken several days after application. I managed to capture the champagne shimmer in the bottle in the first indoor photo, while the second photo was taken outdoors in full sunlight. There are slight signs of tip wear, but rest assured, I have never experienced chipping with any of the Mermaids. I love the ethereal quality of Mermaid's Kiss because it reminds me of classy gossamer wings. I do not particularly care for pink polishes, but this one has a neutral blush base with champagne and pale pink microshimmer as well as fuchsia sequins. The base lends more rosy-pink than blush-pink with three coats, so I prefer just two. The heavy concentration of champagne shimmer reflects very warmly, giving Mermaid's Kiss the slightly metallic finish. I was not convinced at first swipe, but I have come to love it (so so so much).

Nail Art: The thinner formula of Do the Mermaid lends well to glitter gradients. I will definitely be using it on my ring fingers whenever I wear a purple or lilac creme nail polish from here on out. Mermaid's Kiss is a dense formula, but one thin coat can be used easily for glitter gradient accents as well. I recommend pairing it with a baby pink creme for the most "wow" factor.

Bottom Line: Though the prices of Deborah Lippmann's polishes have risen, these three Mermaid-inspired polishes are worth the investment so every nail polish junkie or glitter fanatic must own at least one!
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