Laura Mercier Fall 2013 Bewitched Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

Laura Mercier Fall 2013 Dark Spell collection boasts two repackaged Nail Lacquers. The new look is more sophisticated with added height and thinner glass. The addition of an outer shell to reveal the screw-top brush handle of the nail polish underneath mimics the likes of Chanel and Dior Le Vernis. I was quite fond of the chunkier bottle, but Fall is the perfect time to year to mix things up. 

Bewitched, a forest green, is the first of Laura Mercier's Dark Spell collection that I purchased ($18 USD). I reach for darker nail polishes most often in the Fall, so I know I will be wearing Bewitched often in the upcoming months. Check out more swatches and comparisons after the jump!

Bewitched has a richly pigmented formula that applies like a cream. It is thick but not chalky at all. I recommend two coats for true opacity, though one generous coat on narrow nails like mine could suffice when in a pinch. The green, gold and silver microshimmer has more visibility in the glass bottle, which I was admittedly disappointed with at first. The overall effect of Bewitched, however, is a glimmering green potion that is truly bewitching. 

The finish reminds me of Dior's Sparkling nail polishes, like Diablotine or Delice, but not nearly as grainy once dry. I topped my nails with Butter London's Hardware top coat for a manicure that is ultra plush to the touch. Bewitched's microshimmers do shine more in full sunlight and under artificial lighting, but the effect is relatively subtle in natural lighting. All the photos shown here were taken to bring out the most of the finish, even though a lens can barely do this particular color justice.

As much as I love greens, I do not own a single nail polish that is remotely similar. Bewitched has a deeper green base than does my favorite bright forest green, OPI's Suede Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow. I included Rescue Beauty Lounge's Locavore -- a tricolored glitter with an entirely translucent base -- only to highlight how smoky the base of Laura Mercier's Bewitched is. One last and very important note is that Bewitched dries in minutes and is one of the fastest drying nail polishes I own to date!

UPDATE: Apparently, there is an OPI polish called Live and Let Die that is similar to Bewitched. I do not own this particular shade, but from what I can observe via online swatches, the gold and green shimmer is more flaky and chunky. Bewitched has more highly concentrated, smaller and more refined sparkle.

The other polish in this Dark Spell collection is called Forbidden, which is a silvery taupe with a  slightly streaky pearlescent finish. You can see the color comparisons as well as the rest of the collection with my thoughts and all swatches HERE.

I rarely describe anything as 'sexy' since I do not care for the term, but something about how smoothly this polish applies and looks on the nail makes me inclined to describe it as such. It may be too dark for some, but I adore the edginess. There is just enough color and sparkle to make it feminine.

Bottom Line: Bewitched is a sultry green that is perfectly suited for this Fall.


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  1. You should compare it to OPI's Live and Let Die, which is one of my favourite OPI nail polish (beautiful one coater). I really think it looks like a dupe for that!


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