My DIY Hair Color Project - Product List

If you haven't heard, I changed my hair color! I wanted to remove the red tones from my natural hair color and turn my whole head into a dark ash brown but my stubborn hair simply wouldn't allow it. My hair is much lighter than I would prefer it to be at the moment because the color has been fading [at a very rapid pace, probably due to the fact I bleached it]. Most of my family and friends have all concluded they prefer darker hair on me, too, but I can't afford to damage my hair further so I will have to wait four weeks. Then I can see if Wella's Color Charm in Dark Ash Brown #148/3A is the color that I had in mind in the first place :)

And like I stated in the video, please don't take the information I've provided too seriously. I am a complete hair color novice! Hence, I'm not trying to "teach" anyone anything. I'm sure I have plenty of viewers who are much more well-versed in the language of hair but this is just my hair story and I'm sharing with you the products I used because it was so highly requested.

Now, for the products - all which were purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply & Sephora!

Bleaching Powder: Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener
Bleaching Developer: Ion Color Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Creme Developer
*Ion Color Brilliance Haircolor Mixing Bowl (Purple) & Extra Wide Tint Brush
*Color Trak Reusable Latex Gloves - Small

Hair Color: Wella Color Charm in Light Ash Brown #246/5A
Hair Color Developer: Wella Color Charm 20 Volume Creme Developer
*Wella Professional Liquid Applicator Bottle

Conditioner: Ion Color Brilliance Daily Conditioner
Shampoo: Phyto Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo
Conditioning Spray: Phyto Phytomist Instant Hydrating Conditioner
*Alternative - Enjoy Conditioning Spray [purchase it @ folica.com]
Heat Protectant/Shine Spray: KQC Shine Spray [purchase it @ flatironexperts.com]
Hair Spray: Garnier Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Hairspray with Flexible Control [Green Bottle, Black Cap]

Hope that was somewhat helpful!

Best of luck to everyone in their hair endeavors <3



Hello, all :D

Let me say, firstly, that I truly appreciate your entries and Lord knows it took me ages to get through them all! Also, thank you very much for your participation as well as your patience. I know this announcement has been a long time comin' but I have experienced some dramatic changes recently and I needed down-time away from the realm of beauty and the YouTube community to manage my new lifestyle. I hope you can understand.. I wish I had superpowers but alas, I am a mere mortal and my brain can only tolerate so much ;)

Now, without any further ado -

Grand Prize Winner: Michijee
She left me a superbly executed video response with a brief demonstration, product list, and even incorporated sub-titles and music. The video was under 1 minute, as the rules stipulated, and I would like to thank her for her preparation.

Second Place Winner: Naiabrown
She left me a comment under the contest video's page that described in clear detail what she topics would like me to address and invest more time to, a couple of which I had never given much consideration to.

Third Place Winner: XiaXia
She left me a comment under the contest's blog page and listed her HG products, one of which I have never tried [a mascara with a really long name - Majolica something something] but hope to try in the near future.

Winners: Please leave me your e-mail addresses under the comments below so that I may contact you for your mailing addresses. I will delete them after I jot them down, to protect your privacy :)

Once again, thanks to everyone for entering and for patiently awaiting the results <3
I am working on prom looks and have many, many reviews in the works. Chanel Summer 2011 is already out on the shelves and all I can say for now is.. go buy what you like while you still can!
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