ESSENTIALS | My Winter 2016 Beauty and Fashion Must-Haves

This is my last post of 2016 so I wanted to try something different and mix it up for you! I am relatively low maintenance on the day to day, keeping my routine as simple and time efficient as possible. My friends always joke that I look the same all the time, but I am a creature of habit so here are my trusty winter essentials. P.S. My sunglasses were purchased at Nordstrom, but Céline is not offered online. And many thanks to my friend Brian for braving the drizzle to snap these photos for me!


INTERIORS | My Apartment Renovation ♡ Before and After Photos

I figured we should wrap up 2016 with my biggest, most stressful project of the year. Many thanks to Stella for making my dreams come true, interior designer Michelle for her sage input, and photographer Jeff Mindell for making my home look impeccable! As a full disclosure, I'm telling you now that I wish I could keep my apartment this free of Beau's fur and beauty clutter 24/7, but that is an impossible task. Also, many of you have waited for this reveal for months, but I lost (aka misplaced for a really, really long time) the SD card with half of the video footage, so I apologize profusely for the delay! Please enjoy xo


HAUL | Winter 2016 Skin Care Haul featuring Dior, Arcona, Kiehl's, and more!

It is officially winter, even in Southern California! I have been feeling bored of my skin care routine lately, so I figured it was time for a complete overhaul with 2017 right around the horizon. My skin's progress has been steady in terms of clarity, but maintaining hydration and elasticity can be a struggle when it starts to get cold and windy. My friends and I were at Nordstrom picking out beanies and fedoras when I was hit with the skin care bug. We ended up walking around to every counter to examine all the new releases, so here's everything that came home with me!


REVIEW | Best of Shiseido Serums #ShareBeauty

Even though beauty is my job, I enjoy shopping for makeup and skin care as gifts because I find them practical confidence boosters. Most of the women in my life, however, wear very little makeup so I've partnered with Shiseido for their #ShareBeauty campaign. I'll be reviewing the awesome serum duos I'm gifting my bestie, mother, and grandmother this holiday!

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