Tom Ford Cheek Brush Review, Photos, Comparisons

Tom Ford blush fanatics, and the blush obsessed in general, must own Tom Ford's Cheek Brush. The Cheek Color and Cheek Brush duo will yield a brighter and lively complexion in a mere minute. With a pat on the pan, the Cheek Brush collects just enough product and deposits it softly on the skin. The flat face of the brush can create a youthful dolly-cheek effect, while the tapered ends can be used apply color to the tops of the cheeks for a sculpted blush effect. I find that it pairs best with Tom Ford's pearly Cheek Colors, but this brush performs so well, it can make any blush look divine. See more details and comparisons after the jump!

The tapered head of Tom Ford's Cheek Brush ($78 USD) is fuller than any other blush brush in my collection. The stock photos make it appear more pointed than flared, like the Tom Ford Foundation Brush, but the photos you see here are a more accurate portrayal (consistent with other bloggers' brushes and department store tester brushes). The Cheek Brush is larger than the Cream Foundation brush but much smaller than the Bronzer brush. If there is a budget to be mindful of, I would suggest prioritizing the the Cheek and Bronzer brushes. The Cream Foundation is very useful for applying cream products, but the Cheek brush is almost equally adept at applying cream blush and all variations of base makeup. Though my Bronzer Brush still reigns as my favorite, Tom Ford's Cheek Brush is a knockout in the multi-tasking brush realm and is the most cost-effective out of his 12 brushes.

I own quite a few blush brushes considering I do not wear blush daily, but I will only be featuring those that I feel are on par with the Tom Ford Cheek Brush.

SUQQU's cheek brush has won accolades from all of beauty's top bloggers. It is ideal for a precisely applied, light flush of color or contour. My favorite element is the blue gray squirrel hair (a reader just corrected me), which is incredibly fine and soft. It is best used with a delicate hand to sweep and smooth powder blush across the cheek. I reserve the Suqqu for extremely pigmented blushes or highlighters. Please refer to my full review HERE for additional information.

I still adore the brush, but I wish it had a bit more resistance (which just comes down to personal preference). The Tom Ford Cheek brush, made of white goat hair, has more bounce. I feel that the resistance of the bristles make it more versatile since it can be used with powder or cream blushes as well as other liquids. It can even be used to apply powder foundation or bronzer on small faces when the width of the Bronzer Brush might be a little overpowering. The SUUQU cheek brush is very difficult for U.S. residents to procure and has a price tag significantly higher than even Tom Ford's Bronzer brush, so I truly believe the Tom Ford Cheek Brush is the better buy.

Bobbi Brown's blush brush, $50 USD, is the softest of her brushes and was my favorite blush brush prior to encountering Tom Ford's. The flat, flared head was designed to deposit color on the apples of the cheeks. Interestingly enough, this brush reminds me the most of Tom Ford's Bronzer Brush (reviewed HERE). Both brush heads have tapered dome tops that can be seen from the side view, as demonstrated in the photos below. The Bobbi Brown blush brush has a curved top edge with much shorter bristles that fan out at the corners, while the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush has a relatively straight top edge with rounded corners. Tom Ford's Cheek Brush is much fuller than Bobbi Brown's, meaning more density/resistance and ultimately, more versatility in application. 

I have used the Tom Ford Cheek Brush to apply a hint of blush to my cheeks, but I have also been able to build up the color with a few additional swipes. It is also ideal for applying loose powder or powder foundation through the center of the face, since it will provide more precise and fuller coverage than would a larger, fluffier powder brush. You can also use it to achieve a flawless finish to liquid foundation, though I do suggest coating the bristles with a face mist before blending. Note: I recommend applying cream foundation with Tom Ford's Cream Foundation brush (reviewed HERE) because the shorter bristles work better with heavier textures.

Gaia of The Non-Blonde has a very spot-on review of the Tom Ford Cheek Brush, so I highly recommend visiting her blog here HERE. Like she said, this brush performs so well it can make any mediocre blush look like an ethereal wash of color. As expensive as Tom Ford's face brushes may be, the quality of the natural hairs as well as the sheer number it takes to achieve this kind of density is rarely seen in makeup brushes (much less blush brushes). This Cheek Brush has also maintained its off-white color, even when used with very pigmented products. So if you decide his brushes are a good fit for your makeup arsenal, you can rest easy knowing your investment was a worthy one.

Bottom Line: Tom Ford Beauty's Cheek Brush (available at NordstromNeiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale's) is one of the most versatile on the market, so make this next on your wishlist!
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  1. Oh I love that bronzer & cheek brush. Love the fullness of the brush. Gotta check out Non blonde's review on it also. Great review babe!

  2. Thanks a lot for this review, Tom Ford isn't available where I live, but a relative is going to the DC area, where the line is available. I asked him to buy for me this one, with a couple of other brushes in the line. Your review is making feel the money I've saved for a couple of months for this is totally worth :D

  3. Hi! I am a huge fan of your blog! Just wanted to make a correction to the Suqqu cheek brush: it's made of gray squirrel, not blue squirrel. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the correction! I was informed by a reputable source that all face Suqqu brushes are blue squirrel :/

  4. i wish i found this post sooner, very helpful. one question, u said the cheek brush can be used for foundation (though the cream foundation brush works better), so i wonder if we can use the cream foundation brush for blush in stead to get a better multi-use if i have to pick one of the two? thanks


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