FAVORITES | Best of August 2015 Beauty Review

If you've watched my August vlog, you'll know I've had quite a month! I had to take a two-week break from makeup due to my chemical peel and wisdom tooth extraction, so I wasn't able to try as much makeup as I wanted, but what I tried was very impressive!

I'm most excited for the Burberry launch at Sephora because they're stocking a slew of brand new releases all at once. The Fresh Glow Compact has been my Holy Grail powder foundation for nearly a year, but it was a UK exclusive, so I'm glad that everyone can try it now. The Ochre Nude No.12 shade matches my coloring to a T. It performs beautifully on all skin types! 

Contouring is still a big trend, so I'm glad to see that Burberry was able to create a cream product that looks natural and is easy to blend. It's — by far — the best cream contour product I've tried. Most are way too high maintenance (too slippery or too drying) and don't look smooth on the skin (especially when you see the makeup in real life). Burberry's Contour Stick in Dark No.2 can be used on all light-medium to dark skin tones! If you're alabaster to light or simply want more subtle results, try Medium No.1 instead.

Now for the YSL Kiss and Love Lipsticks.. a review with lip swatches is coming soon because this is my favorite lipstick launch for Fall. I wasn't a fan of the Rouge Pur Couture formula until now. These limited edition beauties are incredibly rich in pigmentation, and the packaging design is adorable. If you're looking for a new mascara to try, make it MAC's Upward Lash. I'm very picky with mascaras, but this one really stood out because its formula is water-resistant without crumbling!

I finished up with my top 3 skin care picks this month because my skin has been ultra sensitive. A lot of products can sting or burn after a deep peel, so you must use extra gentle products and take precautions. I didn't use the Lancome Aqua Gel toner during the peeling process, but I've tested it for a total of four weeks now, and it's amazing! I love how velvety yet comfortable my skin feels after using it.
Skin Savers for a Luminous, Radiant Complexion!
The Sulwhasoo Skin Finisher is like a skin care booster that makes your skin glow without looking greasy. Some alternatives are Burberry's Fresh Glow and SK-II's Cellumination Day Surge, but Burberry's is a primer while SK-II's has sunscreen. This means that Sulwhasoo's is the most versatile and can be incorporated into anyone's beauty routine. Use it day or night! If you have very oily skin, try using a few pumps in lieu of your moisturizer.

Last but not least for August's power lineup is the new life-changing Cle de Peau Brightening Mask. This mask is special because of the perfect fit and rejuvenating formula. My skin feels so happy after I've used this! I start by cleansing and toning with Equitance, then I apply this two-piece mask. The cotton is so plush and luxurious. It really is a splurge when compared to SK-II and Sulwhasoo prices, but I've already ordered another box because these Brightening Masks are that good! Actually, all the Fall 2015 color and skin releases from Cle de Peau have stepped it up a notch.. more to come soon xo

Products Reviewed:
Burberry Fresh Glow Powder
Burberry Contour Stick
YSL Kiss and Love Lipstick
Chanel Gloss Volume
MAC Upward Lash Mascara
Cle de Peau Blush Duo in 102
Lancome Lotion-in-Gel
Sulwhasoo Luminature Finisher
Cle de Peau Brightening Mask

Makeup Worn:
Lancome Brow Pencil in Blonde
MUFE Ultra HD Foundation in Y235
MUFE Eyeshadow Palette
LORAC Pro Eyeliner Pen
Burberry Fresh Glow Powder
Burberry Contour Stick
MAC Upward Lash Mascara
Cle de Peau Blush Duo in 102
YSL Kiss and Love Lipstick
Cle de Peau Concealer in Almond
MUFE Bronzer in 20M
Velour Lashes Oops Naughty Me
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T3 Micro Bodywaver

Marc Jacobs Le Charm

Splendid Striped Top
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Shu Uemura Fall 2015 Vision of Beauty Haute Street Collection Review, Photos, Swatches + Giveaway

You might have already seen beautiful Instagram images from beauty junkies all over the world, raving about the new Shu Uemura Fall 2015 collection. It was released in Asia a couple months ago, but it has finally made it over to us in America and Canada! It is unusually colorful — with delightfully rich pigmentation across the board — so I am very excited to feature it.

Don't forget to use coupon code RAEVIEWER for free shipping with any purchase + a chic makeup clutch and 3 deluxe cleansing oil samples! I do not make commission from the use of the code xo

My favorite products from the Vision of Beauty vol.2 Haute Street Collection are the warm x vibrant Eye Palette and the Lipsticks. As soon as I opened up the eyeshadows, I knew I had to create a sunset-themed makeup look! I utilized all the eyeshadows other than the shimmery plum next to the matte brown. These days, my latest "trick" obsession is softening my pencil eyeliner by layering powder eyeshadow on top. It's not new or revolutionary, but I love it nonetheless.

I kept the lips and cheeks simple. This way, none of the attention is drawn away from the gorgeous eye colors! I prefer when the lips and cheeks match, so I used pink to soften the overall feel. Feel free to use orange if you are looking for more drama. These new Rouge Unlimited lipsticks are exceptionally smooth and forgiving on my extra dry lips. The glossy sheen is truly non-sticky! Two thumbs up!!

The Fall 2015 Tint in Gelato release is unique because it comes in a squeeze tube, instead of the lipgloss-style applicator of the permanent lineup. This is great if you prefer the creamy color for cheeks! I swatched all four in a carefree manner to show the texture. Yes, Coral and Orange look very similar in the swatches, but Coral is much more pink when blended out on the skin. Orange will lean more red.

Shu Uemura False Lashes
Shu Uemura Eye Brush
Shu Uemura Eye Palette
Shu Uemura Lipstick in 01
Shu Uemura Eyeliner in 04
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and a chic makeup clutch + 3 deluxe cleansing oil samples!

Hair: T3 Bodywaver  //  Necklace: Gjenmi Lariat

Marc Jacobs Le Charm  //  Shirt: J.Crew Linen

And as promised, here's a little extra chemical peel chatter! Please do take note that chemicals peels are serious business, and I recommend them only to those who are diligent sunscreen users. Your skin will be much more sensitive and prone to sun damage after the peeling process. Regular application of SPF 30 (or more) is paramount to skin health, especially at the peak hours of 10 am to 2 pm. Reapply every two hours if possible! You don't want to end up with more pigmentation than you started with. Chemical peels do help create baby soft and ultra smooth skin, but with regular exfoliation and other treatments such as microdermabrasion, you most likely will not need a chemical peel. I chose to try Cosmelan because I have very old, very deep and stubborn acne scarring. 

Obviously, I am not a dermatologist or esthetician, so do consult a professional before committing to an expensive peel like Cosmelan! I've tried all sorts of chemical peels and trendy skin care treatments, but I had never heard of Cosmelan until a couple months ago. I bumped into a really sweet PR agency girl who recommended it since she saw incredible results. Cosmelan definitely went deeper than I had anticipated since I shed a lot of dead skin, but I'm not quite sure that it was worth the money I paid.. not just yet, anyway. I actually have part two of the peel scheduled next week, so I'll be sure to update you with any new feedback in my August Favorites video! 
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VLOG | A Casual Look at August: Juicing, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Miami

Even though my subscribers have asked me for daily vlogs, almost all my days consist of work and Beau. Yes, that's it. There's really nothing glamorous or entertaining about my everyday life! I wear glasses and sit in front of the computer or my camera. That's why I always emphasize that Instagram and Facebook and other social media outlets are merely a highlight reel. It's not real life. But this month was unusually different! I actually had something to vlog about!!

Firstly, a lot of you have been asking about my weight loss. It's hard to believe, but it's all thanks to changes in my eating habits. I do walk Beau a few times a week, but I haven't been to the gym at all. Basically, I eat less meat and more vegetables + fruit. I try my best to have fresh juice every day. Since it was taking up so much time and costing a lot of money either way, it was time to invest in a juicer. 
I chose the Omega first, but I purchased the Hurom thanks to my friend (another enthusiastic juicer) Derek's recommendation. Now that I have had a couple weeks to try both, I decided to return the Omega and keep the Hurom. Although the Omega is easier to clean and creates less foam, I think the Hurom juicer creates tastier, purer juice. It's also significantly quieter.
The Hurom does not struggle with hard veggies like beets or carrots nearly as much as the Omega does. If you are looking for a multi-tasking juicer, try Omega. If you're a strict juicer as I am, try the Hurom! It takes me 30 to 45 minutes every morning to prep the produce, make the juice, and clean the Hurom, but my new health-conscious routine has definitely been worth the effort!

Wearing Velour Lashes and Louboutin Lip Color
My jaw felt tender and sensitive early on this month, and it was then that I realized my bottom left wisdom tooth had broken the surface. I was talking to my friend Stacey about how hard it is to find a good dentist, so her dentist's office gave me a great referral to the doctor I booked with. My phenomenal surgeon was kind and efficient. The surgery cost me an arm and a leg, but it was worth every penny because the entire process only took 2 hours - incl. x-ray, consultation, prep, sedation, surgery and post-op home care chat). 
I was expecting the worst, but thanks to his skilled hands, I experienced only minimal swelling. My wisdom teeth were impacted and touching the nerves, so another dentist warned me that I could even have nerve damage with the extractions. Dr. Park (he's in Santa Monica) reassured me that I would be fine, and I'm so happy that I will go back to him if I ever need oral surgery again.

Most comfortable platform heels
Now for my super quick trip to Miami! I was there to attend the European Wax Summer Goddess Model Finale, so it was my first outing since my chemical peel and wisdom tooth extraction. It felt great to curl my hair and wear makeup again! It wasn't nearly as hot as the first time I visited Miami, but I was sweating at the event nonetheless. A lot of you commented on my Instagram selfie that my skin looked better and asked for a strobing tutorial, so I have duly noted that request!
And since I've never shown the contents of my awesome Tumi makeup bag, I figured this vlog was perfect opportunity to share! I switch it up depending on where I'm traveling to, but staples such as my concealers and false lashes are always ready to go in this case! I never use everything I carry, but like I mentioned in the video, I bring more because I like having options. I know I never got around to reviewing my ADDICTION eyeshadow palette, but I will try to purchase the new colors and swatch them for you.
You might have noticed my Anya Hindmarch case in my Rimowa carry-on luggage, but I've talked about it many, many times now. I use it to store my liquids such as skin care and hair care as well as face masks. Check out my Tokyo vlog if you want to see what I pack for long flights!


Tom Ford (Black)
Dior (Gold)

Saint Laurent



Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin

Nike iD

Makeup Worn/Makeup Bag:
Replenix Sunscreen
T3 Compact Dryer
T3 Whirl Trio
SkinCeuticals Sheet Mask
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Cle de Peau Concealer
Shu Uemura False Lashes
Velour Lashes in Oops Naughty Me
*get 15% OFF with RAEVELOUR*
Lancome Liqui-Pencils
Burberry Eyebrow Pencil
Sara Happ One Luxe Gloss
Mason Pearson Hairbrush
BeautyBlender Travel Case
Koh Gen Do Makeup Wipes
Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow
Chikuhodo MK-2 Brush




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PREVIEW | Christian Louboutin Lip Colour + First Impressions of Rouge Louboutin (3 Formulas)

Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer + Rouge Louboutin Lip Colour
The most exciting launch since Tom Ford's Private Blend lipstick collection several years ago is finally upon us! I have three Christian Louboutin Lip Colours to share today — the Rouge Louboutin trifecta — the same color in three flawless formulas. Unlike the rest of the line's golden packaging, these signature shades are housed in black bullets. These Louboutin Charme lipsticks have now popped up on Sephora, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue! Continue reading for my first impressions of each of the formulas xo


TUTORIAL | Natural Sweat-proof Summer Makeup + Tips for Beating Heat and Humidity

Summer is coming to an end in many places in America as well as the rest of the world, but Southern California is warmer than ever. We have been hit by a major heat wave, so it is perfect timing for this sweat-proof makeup tutorial! Many of you loved the natural looks I wore in my Tokyo travel vlog, so I partnered up with Clinique you bring you a more accessible, affordable — and even easier — take on the makeup. I hope you enjoy the video!

In ultra humid and hot conditions like Tokyo and SoCal summers, I highly recommend keeping it light. I didn't pack all that much makeup because experience has taught me that wearing and layering too much would end up in a melted, splotchy mess. Start with a great sweat-proof foundation, like RMK's Creamy Gel or SK-II's Facial Treatment Cream Foundations (both Asia exclusives), and set with a loose powder or powder foundation depending on your coverage needs! Less is more in warm weather! I like to focus on my T-zone and keep it very sheer everywhere else.

Use highlighters strategically to keep the complexion glowing since maintaining a super matte, flat foundation finish is unrealistic. Don't fight the climate! Instead, mimic it while controlling it. When necessary, I will blot my nose with TATCHA's Beauty Papers and then touch up my forehead, smile lines, and chin with SUQQU's Pore Covering Powder. Stick to a glossy lipstick or a tinted balm for the complete laid back summer-lovin' effect!

Products Used:
Burberry Foundation in No20
Burberry Powder Compact in No12
Clinique Pop Lip in Melon

T3 Micro Bodywaver


Burberry Blue Label (Exclusive to Japan)
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GET READY WITH ME | Morning Skin Care, Makeup and Outfits, Tokyo Edition

We filmed this Get Ready With Me video last month during my trip to Tokyo, so I apologize for its tardiness but I knew I had to share it nonetheless! Why? A lot of you have asked to see my bare skin. Due to travel, hormones, and other factors, my skin looks in worse condition than usual here, but I thought you'd appreciate taking a good long took at my skin's progress and seeing how I apply the skin care I'm always talking about! Since I was flying, I tried to keep my suitcase light and pack just the bare necessities. Not shown in the AM skin care portion of the video below are my SK-II LXP Cream (the best nighttime moisturizer ever), SK-II Brightening Masks and Sulwhasoo Snowise Masks, but I promise, they're always in my luggage!

Skin Care Routine:
SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser
Also featured in this video is the SK-II Facial Treatment Cream foundation, one of my top 5 base makeup picks. It's a shame that it's not sold in the USA any more! If you have friends or family that travel to Asia, ask them to pick it up in duty free!! I use shade 330. I also shared which products I wore in my travel vlog since that was, again, highly requested. Most of it is makeup I wear regularly in my videos so they should look familiar.

Makeup Worn:
Shu Uemura False Eyelashes

Rae Morris Pro Powder

T3 Micro Bodywaver

At the end of the video are a few snippets of the outfits I wore while out and about in Tokyo! I am addicted to Gjenmi's dainty, sparkling layering necklaces and ALLI K dresses, which are very flattering, sophisticated and beautifully crafted. I am always low key with clothes while traveling, but I really wanted to share these outfits with you before they're quite different from my typical silk blouse and denim ensemble, aka uniform! Let me know if you'd like to see a full lookbook soon. It's been several months since the last one, so I wasn't sure if I should film a Summer or Fall edition!


Tom Ford Sunglasses

Banana Republic Cardigan (similar here)
Valentino Rockstud Pumps

Helmut Lang Sleeveless Tunic
Louis Vuitton Sandals (similar here)
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WHAT'S IN MY BAG | Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Handbag Review + Guide

After featuring my Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium satchel in my Tokyo travel vlog and in the background of many recent videos, I was flooded with requests for a review! I did not expect to film another What's In My Bag video so soon, but I suppose my Saint Laurent Nano Sac du Jour isn't practical enough for most. The PS1 Medium, on the other hand, is the perfect everyday bag because it is so roomy and functional! I carry it almost every day. More details after the jump!


REVIEW | July 2015 Favorites! Everyday Makeup Staples, Vlogging Camera Review + Skin Care Update

July has been an interesting beauty month! I have focusing on trying to rehabilitate my skin from traveling and finish unpacking my apartment. I have redone my entire living room thus far, which I am very happy about! I did not underestimate the redecorating, but the dream interior design process has been even slower than I had anticipated. I think a realistic goal for the completion is by Christmas. Until then, I am just happy to be able to display my beautiful Diptyque collection to elevate my apartment's decor! I featured the Tomas Maier candle that I have been enjoying all of July. No, it is not new, but it is new to me since it was sold out almost immediately after the first launch!
In this Favorites episode, I also covered my new set of go-to everyday makeup staples. I discovered a new Holy Grail lipstick and reviewed my vlogging camera, which many of you requested to know more about! I also reveal what skin care I have been using, as I had to switch up my routine a bit due to its travel-weary, dehydrated state. I have a morning routine video coming soon, but until then, I hope you find these quick updates helpful! xo

Products Reviewed;
Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue
Shu Uemura False Lashes
Sunday Riley Flora Face Oil
Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

Chanel Vibrato


Uniqlo x Disney Chip and Dale Tee

Makeup Worn:
Burberry Foundation in 4
Cle de Peau Concealer in Almond
Shu Uemura False Lashes
Burberry Glow Eyeshadow in Shell

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TOP 5 | My Diptyque Must-Haves Review

I have been dedicated to Diptyque ever since I discovered the Baies candle approximately four years ago. I was still in college, and my friends thought I had lost my marbles when I told them I had spent $100 on one candle. It has since survived moving in and out of four different apartments, so I know it was worth every hard-earned penny. I've shared my Diptyque favorites before, but here I'll focus on my Top 5 must-haves!


Heart to Heart | My Skin Story: Acne, Depression, and Healing

Last month in Tokyo!
Skin has always been one of my priorities, thanks to the women in my family. My grandmother is virtually ageless; she's turning 80 this year but doesn't look a day over 65. My skin, however, hasn't been perfect like hers. I discussed my acne skin story in this Top 10 story HERE, sharing why I got cystic acne and what products I used to speed up the purging process. Today's skin chat is more of a general take on my skin care history. The past 2 years been incredibly challenging and emotional, but I'm so grateful that my skin is nearly done healing!! Don't forget that your skin is an organ (your body's largest), so be gentle and patient. Below is a heart to heart video that I made while in Tokyo to share my journey, the process.

Equipment Silk Sleeveless Blouse // Gjenmi Staple Lariat Necklace // Hair: T3 Micro Compact Dryer

Shu Uemura False Lashes // MUFE Eyeshadow // Burberry Eyeliner

In case you've never seen my inflamed pimple-ridden skin, here's the Kiehl's video where I bare it all. I did manipulate the lighting so that it wouldn't look as red or as painful, but my face hurt all the time back then. I cried a lot. My eyes still get watery just thinking about it. I hated looking in the mirror, and I dreaded filming and uploading videos. I didn't want to talk about it, couldn't open up about it because I would inevitably burst into tears. I was so scared that someone would spot me in public that I stopped going to the gym and I stopped going outside altogether for a while. I started eating a lot of junk food and take-out and gained ten pounds back then, which many of you noticed.

To make matters worse, I was swallowed up by depression which deepened when the blue-purple welts started to surface. That part of the healing/scarring process was the most traumatizing because I looked bruised all over. I was fat, bloated, and ugly. There was so much deep damage that even my grandmother was very concerned that my skin would never bounce back. But after 6 months (which felt like years), my skin started to heal. My mood improved and I felt a surge of hope. The depression naturally lifted in due time, and although I was still embarrassed, I wasn't as afraid to venture out.

In hindsight, I think the best treatment would have been professional extractions and microdermabrasion facials every three weeks to boost the effectiveness of the products I had been using. I was overwhelmed and unable to take on that financial commitment at the time, but it would have left me with fewer, smaller scars. So that's my best advice to everyone.. find an exceptional esthetician AND use quality skin care! Of course, wearing sunscreen daily, drinking plenty of water, eating clean and green, and sleeping 7 hours a day will help drastically as well!

Even though I've been treating the scarring for a year, I have a couple stubborn scars on my cheeks and forehead. I'm hoping to clear those up in the next few months. It's all about consistency and lifestyle when it comes to these things. And since I haven't filmed a skin care routine video in a while, I figured I would share what products I've been using faithfully! I switch it up when I'm testing new products, but the lineup below features my go-to skin savers. These are my favorites, so please try them!!

Holy Grail:
Sulwhasoo Snowise Mask
Sunday Riley Luna Oil
Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser
SK-II Skin Rebooster (now discontinued)

Other products in my current rotation:
Sunday Riley Good Genes
Replenix SPF50 Sunscreen
Koh Gen Do Massage Milk
Sunday Riley Flora Oil
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