Chanel Le Vernis in Starlet 575 Nail Polish Review, Photos, Swatches, Comparisons

Today I share with you Chanel Starlet, one of the four polishes of the the Avent-Première launch that was released a couple months ago. This ladylike Le Vernis is limited edition, and I found mine at Nordstrom. It looks more dusty on my nails than it does on anyone else's from what I have seen, but the beauty of this warm peach-toned polish is undeniable. See additional swatches and comparisons after the jump!

I do not not purchase every single Chanel nail polish to launch. I may have collected quite a few over the years, but I have a carefully edited collection and rarely purchase shades I do not absolutely love. I originally passed on Starlet because I assumed I had an Essie nail polish similar to it. Once I realized all of the shades I had in mind were too pink or mauve and too deep, however, I knew Starlet would be my next Chanel Le Vernis.

The coverage is opaque in two coats, and the shimmer is rich but not overdone. It wears like iron when paired with my standard combination of Butter London's Hardware top coat and Foundation base coat, with no signs of tip wear even three days after application. Starlet actually reminds me of a Chanel nail polish my grandmother wore over a decade ago. I wish I could recall the name, but alas, it has been too many years since the bottle was thrown out. Startlet is a classic peach with a slightly rosy-pink undertone, warm yet sophisticated and the shimmer quality is unlike the traditional 'invisible' shimmer that Chanel produces. Since Starlet is unfortunately limited edition, I do recommend purchasing this now. As Sabrina always reminds us, Chanel regret can get very expensive!

Starlet is universally flattering because it is perfectly balanced.. not too peach, not too pink, not too red, not too metallic, and the shimmer is visible in all varieties of lighting without taking on a frosty finish. Starlet pulls more lobster-pink than coral-peach against my tan, yellow-toned hands. On the other hand, it appears to wear peach-coral on Sabrina of TheBeautyLookBook. Take a look at her flawless swatches of the rest of the Avent-Première collection HERE. Cinema is a pretty jelly red, Provocative a deep blue-based purple, Paparazzi a unique brown-tinged rosy shimmer (but a color I would never reach for). I may go back for Cinema since I lost my Dragon.

As you can see from the swatches and comparisons above, the closest color to Starlet is Dior's Spring Ball. As much as I love Spring Ball, it contains larger/chunkier glitter particles and has a brighter peach tone. There is no hint of rosiness, which I think defines Starlet. In the bottle, Laura Mercier's Cabana would be similar in feel but Cabana reads so much brighter and leans fuchsia on the nail. Chanel's Distraction is a true coral with fuchsia shimmer, and Mistral was included to show the rosy warmth of Starlet's base.

Bottom Line: The Avent-Première collection's star is the aptly-named Starlet.


  1. I adore this peachy/pink colour family! Starlet is such a pretty shade, the iridescence is lovely x

  2. I love the polishes with superfine shimmer. This looks gorgeous.

  3. Lovely comparisons! Have to get Spring Ball!


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