Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SKIN | Q&A with My Dermatologist, Dr. Nancy Samolitis + Epic Retinol Giveaway

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My smart and sweet new dermatologist is Dr. Nancy J. Samolitis, who recently opened Facile Skin in West Hollywood, CA. I went to see her to try a chemical peel to boost the results I have been seeing with my retinols, and I loved her so much that I've decided to start seeing her every month! Since I've been using the PCA Clarity Retinol diligently for the last couple months, I had a handful of questions for her.

1. What exactly is a retinol and why is it a popular ingredient?
Retinol has been around for at least 50 years and is one of the few skin treatments that has been proven over-and-over to improve one's skin. Retinol is basically a Vitamin A derivative from animals so it's already in our bodies. 

2. What are the expected results from regular retinol use?
Adding retinol into your regular skincare routine will increase your skin's natural cell turnover rate, remove dead skin cells that clog pores and increase collagen production. Some of the other benefits are the reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts and discolorations. I really love PCA SKIN and its new collection of R-OH Retinol Solutions are formulated with additional support ingredients to effectively target areas of concern such as aging, discoloration or acne. One tip to remember with retinol is that you have to use it regularly as prescribed and be patient with it as it takes time to see results.

3. Since I suffer from hormonal acne, how can retinol help to fight breakouts?
Retinol helps to fight breakouts by reducing oil production, inflammation and by stimulating cell turnover so cells don't get trapped in the pores which is where acne starts.

4. Will retinol help with my acne scarring?
It certainly does help to fade any spots and minimize the appearance of scars and it will clear and brighten your complexion. In fact, we chose PCA SKIN as our only retinol product to carry at FACILE, not only because it's our favorite but it's a great option for people that don't tolerate Retin-A.

People concerned about breakouts and scars should consider the PCA SKIN Intensive Clarity Treatment because it's specifically formulated for acne with added ingredients — including niacinamide and the acne drug salicylic acid — that effectively complement retinol for fighting breakouts.

5. Which strength retinol is the best?
When it comes to retinol, stronger does not mean better. It's all about the delivery system and not the percentage that is stated on the package. Unlike over-the-counter options, PCA SKIN's R-OH Retinol Solutions do not base their efficiency on just percentages but uses its OmniSome delivery technology to protect and carry ingredients deep into the skin. This multilayered liposome delivers the retinol in a time-released fashion over ten hours to increase efficacy, delivering better results.

6. Why does retinol cause irritation? Can you use it if you have sensitive skin?
Retinol does have the potential to overstimulate the skin which can cause redness and peeling. A lot of retinol products are packaged in a way that does not carry the product in the best way. The good news is that the right delivery systems, like the OmniSome delivery system, can greatly help when it comes to irritation that is common with retinol use.

With a smart delivery system, retinol is delivered into the deeper layers of skin, instead of just sitting on the surface of the skin, which is what results in irritation. One reason retinol is a good choice for skin care is that is inherently less irritating that the prescription retinoic acid, which is effective, but quite irritating.

7. Do I have to avoid the sun completely while using retinol?
It's a wide myth that retinol makes your skin sensitive and turn red but there is no reason that you can't use retinol if you're spending time in the sun. Just make sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen, reapply frequently, and avoid direct exposure to the treated areas. It's a fact that the sun exposure is what causes a lot of the damage that we are trying to correct with retinol in the first place.

Now that I have fallen in love with PCA SKIN's Intensive Clarity Treatment for my acne, I absolutely can't live without it. PCA SKIN has generously donated three grand prize retinol skincare regimens — one for Acne, one for Aging, and one for Discoloration. Each of these PCA SKIN power house packages includes five handpicked products and is valued at over $300, so don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to try some of the most efficacious skin care on the market!

The best news is that my first two hundred readers to sign up for any of the grand prizes below, will receive a retinol trio sampler including the Intensive Clarity Treatment®: 0.5% pure  retinol night to reduce and prevent breakouts, the Intensive Brightening Treatment®: 0.5% pure retinol night to reduce wrinkles and build collagen, and the Intensive Brightening Treatment®: 0.5% pure retinol night to reduce dark spots and skin yellowing. So no matter what your concern is, there's a retinol solution for you! We will be emailing the first 200 very soon, so please make sure you sign up with an email address that you actually check. That way, we can send off the samples to you sooner!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

REVIEW | My Nighttime Must-Haves

I'm back from my first road trip and feeling more refreshed and motivated than ever! I was feeling stretched to my stress limit so being out in the wild, without the constant distractions of social media, truly lifted my spirits. I was snapvlogging as much of it as I could, though! The lush forests in Oregon, the waterfalls in Canada, the view of the NorCal coast, it was nearly overwhelming in natural untouched beauty. I had to share it!!

So because I've been packing and unpacking a ridiculous amount of times and in general, because I've been trying to sleep earlier, I've kept things minimal. Being short on both time + space over the last couple weeks has taught me I really don't need all that much anyway. My evening essentials do include a couple sensory luxuries, such as my candles and perfume. But the rest of it is straightforward and practical, with a multi-tasking retinol and moisturizer combo that has helped heal my skin so much! I hope you enjoy this video, and let me know if you'd like to see a morning must-haves edition xo

Tom Ford Optical Cat Eye Glasses
Diptyque Ambre Candle
Diptyque Oranger Candle
My Burberry Eau de Parfum
T3 PROi Hair Dryer
Ibiza Round Dry Brush, Large
Mason Pearson Handy Mix Brush
WaterPik Water Flosser

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 6
No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Warm Beige
Cle de Peau Concealer in Almond
Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner
Marc Jacobs Fineliner Pencil
Velour Lashes in Loose Ends
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Friday, April 22, 2016

TUTORIAL | My Birthday Makeup Look featuring No7, Tom Ford, and more!

My complexion was clearing up so well, and then thanks to period week, all the progress my acne had made went up in flames. It's fine, though, because I found a new base makeup product that helps cover up the damage! This foundation just won a 2016 Spring Beauty O-ward from O The Oprah Magazine, and best of all, it's affordable! Check out the No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in action in my new video below.

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Warm Beige
No7 Radiant Glow Concealer in Light
Giorgio Armani Powder Foundation in 4
Troy Surratt Eyebrow Pencil in Raven
Tom Ford Eye Palette in Disco Dust
Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner
Marc Jacobs Fineliner Pencil
Armani Waterproof Mascara
KISS Blooming Lashes
Sisley Phyto-Touch Bronzer
LORAC Lip Pencil in Heiress
No7 Matte Lip Crayon in Dusky Rose
Wayne Goss Brush for Powder
Chikuhodo Brush for Bronzer

The No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Warm Beige is an excellent color match for me. I am a touch darker than my usual light-medium coloring due to retinol usage, but I feel that I could use it in the winter at my palest as well. I am impressed by the long-wearing formula, and it is unlike any other pharmacy formula I have tried because it doesn't sit in my pores and did not irritate my existing acne or cause new break outs! No odor or scent, truly fragrance free. 

It is $15.99 which makes it an ideal foundation for daily use. I usually only wear foundation when I'm filming or experimenting with a new formula, but Stay Perfect is something I could wear every day because of the satiny finish that mimics real skin. It doesn't accentuate dry patches (again, from the retinols), and it blurs imperfections without feeling greasy or looking like a flat overdone mask. Give it a try!
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CURRENTLY | On the Road with Rae, Photo Diary Part I

As part of my birthday celebration, I embarked on a long road trip with Beau to Vancouver, Canada. Most of you are thoroughly exhausted about hearing of my interior design project without seeing the results, but I promise, the content is coming! Getting all the final little bits and bobs together has been very stressful to say the least, so I needed a break away from the apartment and get some fresh, different kind of air.

I normally don't allow him to stuff like this, but he was so happy! He's my curious baby weirdo
My sunglasses are on sale! Get them here now!
Instead of going on a fancy spa getaway with the girls, I decided I wanted to try something different and allow Beau the chance to see the world outside of California. He's truly loving it. The cool wind in his fur, the endless amount of plants to sniff, the awesome dogs and their parents we have met along the way.. it has been an adventure and we are only halfway through! And yes, Beau is great in the car because he's used to joining me wherever I drive, so he's an ideal road trip companion.

I feel that being surrounded by so much lush and pure nature has given me the inspirational push that I've been craving. Sometimes it's hard to find ways to reset, and even crossfit and pilates were starting to feel a bit routine. Hiking is a bit new to me, but I'm loving this form of cardio and plan to stick with it! I still enjoy running but hiking is different. The elevation definitely takes its toll on my body and has shown me (more) weaknesses that I did not know I had, despite being very active and fit the last six months. 

If you're interested in my journey, check out my snapchat stories! My user name is raeview, and I've been trying to post as much as possible daily. I'm mixing food with animals and scenery, so it should be an interesting mix since some of you have commented that I only ever post photos of Beau. The cold hard truth is, I sit at home with my glasses on working in front of the computer a vast majority of the time, so he's the most exciting thing I've got going on in my life! xo

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