Lancôme Fall 2010 GIVEAWAY RULES & Fall Coquettes Dual Tutorial Cosmetic List

Fall is coming to a close but I wanted to end with a bang! That's why I served up two tutorials AND A GIVEAWAY!!!

First, the giveaway rules: In order to win the Lancôme La Rose Deco blush, which I purchased from Macy's...
1. You must subscribe to my YouTube channel. It is FREE and takes just a minute :)
2. You must be 18 years or older and reside in the United States.
3. You must leave me a YT comment, under the VIDEO and not my home page, what kind of make-up is outside your comfort zone. Your answer can be as simple as green eyeshadow or brow grooming and can be as elaborate as you would like!
4. You must only enter once a day. You may leave the same comment every day but you can only post ONE COMMENT PER DAY!

-This giveaway will end in three weeks exactly: December 20th, 2 am PST!
I will not consider any entries posted after that time and will choose the winner by random on December 21.

*I will POST THE WINNER's YT ID of the giveaway HERE, ON MY BLOG, so make sure you check back here to claim your prize!
If you do not contact me within 72 hours of my blog post announcing the winner, you forfeit your prize and I will select another winner :)

And as I noted in the video, my international viewers will be able to participate in my separate, upcoming Christmas giveaway!

Now, for the cosmetics list:
Elettra's Look -
Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation in 6W [Review coming soon!]
Burberry Powder Foundation in 5 Trench
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
Lancôme Powder Brow Pencil in Natural Blonde
Lancôme French Touch Eyeshadow Quad in Amorous and Mannequin
Lancôme Ombre Magnetiques in Urban Silver and Black Macadam
Lancôme Artliner in Noir
Lancôme Hypnose Waterproof Mascara
Tina's Dresser - Japanese False Eyelashes
Lancôme La Rose Deco Blush
Lancôme Le Lipstique in Natural Mauve
Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in Cherry Kiki
Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Magic Spell

Daria's Look-
Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation in 6W
Burberry Powder Foundation in 5 Trench
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
Lancôme Powder Brow Pencil in Taupe
Lancôme French Touch Eyeshadow Quad in Amorous and Entrancing
Lancôme Ombre Magnetiques in Urban Silver, Black Macadam, and Cherry Cherie
Lancôme Artliner in Noir
Lancôme Hypnose Waterproof Mascara
Tina's Dresser - Japanese False Eyelashes
Lancôme La Rose Deco Blush
Lancôme Le Lipstique in Natural Mauve
Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in Rich Cashmere
Lancôme La Laque Fever in Sugar Sweet

*Lancôme was generous enough to gift me the Cherry Kiki lipstick.

I posted directions within the video, so you can refer to those.
Watch my Babyliss Curling Iron tutorial, which I will have the video posted later this week, so you can see how I achieved the loose waves prior to putting the simple and playful "updo" together!

From the website www.ToFebrurary.com
I am wearing the Pearl and Flowers French Tip set. They are comfortable and fit even tiny nail beds, like mine!

Good luck, everyone!


Winter Skin TLC: DiorSnow Sunscreen


This is the best sunscreen for dry skin! It dries semi-matte but I find that it hydrates my combination skin too much. It feels much like a night/treatment cream when applied initially, as the texture is firm, but the formula is easily spread with the fingertips. It is quite comfortable on my dry cheeks but the make-up on my T-Zone was sliding off after a few hours. If you have oily skin, you want to stick to Chanel UV Essential instead!

Now, some might wonder.. why does SPF matter when winter has set in? The lack of sunlight does not mean your skin is not exposed! You should wear sunscreen all year round and protect your skin from early aging :) If you find a sunscreen that can double as a face primer, it just replaces a step in your morning routine instead of adding another. DiorSnow and Chanel UV are both versatile enough to use as sunscreen and face primer so you get your money's worth! The bottles are tiny but don't let that discourage you from purchasing them because only a pea-sized amount of product is needed.

And like it states on the box, this particular sunscreen was tested on Asian skin because this range was designed for Asian skin! It does suit sensitive skin so ask for a sample at your local counter. DiorSnow skincare was once an Asia exclusive but within the last year or so, was introduced to the American market! Another thing to keep in mind - these whitening/snow products target hyperpigmentation and encourage production of healthy skin cells to create an even skin tone. They are not intended to make skin fairer!

We still do not have access to DiorSnow cosmetics, though I am hoping that will change in the next few years.


RAEview's Rating: B+
This sunscreen is unfortunately not a hit with my combination skin but dry skins will love the smooth formula and hydrating properties of DiorSnow!

My #1 Chanel Rouge Coco


This post is going to be short and sweet.

I own many pink and coral lipsticks but my favorite of the bunch is Chanel's Rouge Coco in Chintz. This particular Rouge Coco is creamy and slightly moisturizing, a perfect compromise between hydrating and semi-matte/matte lipsticks. Even though I have dry, sensitive and easily chapped lips, I am a semi-matte/matte lipstick fan so Chanel's RC formula does wonders for me! I love Rouge Allure lipsticks, as the formula is so long-wearing, but the Rouge Coco color range is much better suited to my pink and coral preferences.

Chintz was originally a limited edition piece but since the initial press release, it has been deemed a permanent addition to the RC line. I breathed a sigh of relief with the announcement, as I would have had to purchase at least two back-ups! It is the most flattering pink-coral I have ever worn on my lips. I find that it is difficult to find balanced pink-coral lipsticks, as they either run too pink or too coral. Chintz works with my skintone and brightens up my complexion without adding too much my daily make-up look.

The swatch pictured above is indeed true to color. For a more subdued lip look, I only use one swipe across the bottom lip and press my lips together to spread the color evenly. When I want opaque color, however, I use one swipe across the bottom lip and another across the top lip. The dense pigmentation makes this shade very convenient for daily use!

For those who like a slightly more blue-toned pink, try Rose Dentelle, which launched with Chintz and Chayls, a deep orange-coral. Rose Dentelle is also a touch more moisturizing! I love both but Chintz is the one I can't live without.

And because I always get asked where I purchase my products: I shop at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, or Sephora. If I can't find something at the aforementioned three, I visit Macy*s!

RAEview's Rating: A+


I am like a bird. I like all things shiny. This is my ode to Guerlain Holiday 2010.


This quad is my second from Guerlain and I'm hooked! I'm lemming the limited edition purple pearls and the gold shimmer spray that were also launched with this Holiday Collection but funds are short at the moment so I may not be lucky enough to procure them before they're gone. A shame.. but life goes on!

Velours d'Or contains a medium peach-gold, deep raspberry-violet, mauve with grey base, and a solid black, all housed in the most luxurious rounded gold compact with black plastic hinge. The mauve isn't as unique as it looks in the pan. On my eyes, it's a rather neutral color. Overall, this is a convenient smoky eye palette without using your typical whites and silvers. I love gold and purple on the eyes so this quad is perfect for me, even though the shades are dupable, other than the mauve duo-chrome in the bottom left corner.

The gold is sparkly yet sheer, reminiscent of many Asian eyeshadow quads like Jill Stuart's Jewel Eyes! I don't love it but I definitely don't hate it. The other shades are of a satin finish, not matte but not loaded with shimmer, either. But forget the color; I'm going to have to work around the bumble bee embossed in the gold shadow because it's just too cute to wash away with a brush. The raised honeycomb patterns on the other three shadows are also lovely but the bee is the star of the show! The colors are pigmented enough for me, as they are near the quality of Chanel, but the case is admittedly more beautiful to stare at than the standard black squares of Chanel.

Most of you know I splurged for the new Guerlain Ecrin 6 Color Palettes a month or two ago and I was ultimately disappointed. I assure you, though, this palette is worthy of its $59 price tag. These four shadows can be easily built up to your desired intensity and the frosty gold shade provides a nice contrast against the satin finishes of the other three shadows so it's a justifiable purchase!

RAEview's Rating: A-

Prime-Time Holiday Gifting

Yesterday, I shared with you what NOT to buy this holiday season. Today, I will show you what you SHOULD indulge in, if you are willing to get sucked into the gleeful event called Christmas [or self-gifting] shopping :)

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.. the Dior Holiday Brush Set!

It's lovely and worth every penny. The red patent cannage case with a silver zipper is sewn to perfection and it is separated into two sections: the left has four little pouches with a smart cover overhead to contain and protect the four brushes and the right has a large mirror. The case is lightweight yet durable. It is now one of my staple travel companions!

Now, for the quality. It is rare for a mini brush set's brushes to have quality that is on par with a full size brush. These mini Dior brushes, however, are dense AND soft. The foundation, large eyeshadow, and concealer brushes have identical brush head sizes to the full-size Dior brushes. Only the blush brush is smaller, maybe by 50%, but the condensed size does not reduce the ease with which I apply color! The brush protectors are also a nice touch, as very few sets include those anymore. I like to use them to hold each brush's shape while not in use!

While duo fiber brushes are all the rage these days, I am an old-fashioned gal and prefer traditional foundation brushes and Dior's foundation brush is one of my favorites! [For those interested: Chanel and Bobbi Brown are the other two that round out my top 3.] Dior's cheek brush is a hit or miss with many, as some don't like the squirrel hair and some don't like the rectangular shape. I love BOTH aspects: the squirrel hair remains soft and doesn't shed, and the rectangular shape is hard to come by. It makes it a great multi-tasking tool, as I can apply blush on the apples of my cheeks, highlighter across the tops of my cheekbones, or a contour color in the hollows of my cheeks! The concealer brush can double up as a lip brush if necessary and the eyeshadow brush is perfect for sweeping on a highlighter color and a complementing lid color.

My favorite accent, though, is the design of the handles! The handles have a bit of weight, which makes them feel expensive. They are not so heavy, however, that it is difficult to grasp and use. It's a lovely density, in my opinion. Furthermore, the white Dior Logomania cuff around the handles doesn't fade or chip off. Granted, I take very careful care of my brushes but as long as you don't throw them around and beat them up in messy cosmetic bags, they will last YEARS!

This brush set is, of course, a limited edition product so start saving! It's the best $60 investment that you can gift yourself or another loved one this holiday season.


RAEview's Rating: A+

What NOT to Purchase this Holiday Season

I love this holiday season for so many reasons: the packaging, the color range, the VARIETY!


One product that you definitely should not purchase, however, is Chanel's newest mini brush set. It breaks my heart to say it.. but it's AWFUL, probably one of the worst $120 I've ever shelled out. Thankfully, my Chanel SA loves me and she told me to bring it back when I informed her that it couldn't hold a candle to last year's holiday brush set.

The quality isn't present. Sure, they threw in a beautifully designed pamphlet that specifies the uses for each brush included in the set, and the zippered case with gold accents is undeniably envy-worthy.. but the hair and handle quality? It's pure doggy poo. The bristles feel cheap in my hands and feel rough against my face's skin. The handles are lightweight but they are coated with a patent-black plastic lacquer and "Chanel" is laser-printed, not engraved, into the handles! Last year's brushes were made of plush white goat hair and had silver ferrules with supple wooden black handles and also had "Chanel" engraved in silver. THAT is $120 quality, not this slap-dash concoction of cheapness that Chanel calls their 2010 Les Minis Brush Set.

Instead of dishing out the dough for this wreck, simply because you want the Chanel name, do yourself [and your wallet!] a favor and purchase Dior's Holiday brush set for $60. Dior's set comes with just four brushes but they are your true essentials and the quality is up to par with their full size brushes - review coming tomorrow!

The only redeeming factor here is the case for the brushes. View the pictures and see for yourself :)


RAEview's Rating: D
[The only reason it did not receive an F is because of the beautiful and well-constructed brush case, which is an improvement from last year's!]

There are Bright Lights.. and there are Bright Blushers!


Tweed Blushers aren't my favorite Chanel products but I'm loving this fuchsia release. Furthermore, Chanel's Holiday collection doesn't scream "holiday" at all but for some reason, it has grown on me. It's all very wearable!

What is unfortunate about this particular product range, however, is the gold overspray. I've used the blusher four or five times now and the gold shimmers are barely visible. I wish Chanel would reformulate the product so that the gold specks would be incorporated throughout the entire product but for now, we can use this as a matte blusher and add a bit of highlighter to compensate!

I've seen the well-loved testers at my local Nordstrom and in my friends' bathrooms. After much use, you will wind up with matte baby pink and vivid fuchsia squares. Sadly, the unique tweed pattern will have faded away with the gold shimmers as well. The blushers are very finely milled, as a Chanel blusher should be, and this particular tweed blusher is more pigmented so you only need a swipe or two. The permanent pink and coral blushers, available all year round, are less pigmented so you will need to swipe several times for the color to appear on the skin.

I think this is a great purchase if you're looking for a bright holiday blusher! It gives me flushed cheeks, as if I've been playing in the snow, and I can't get enough of it! And I know some of you may be curious.. YES, the mini brush included is actually of use. It's soft, dense, and allows you to touch-up the color with precision and ease in your car before you step out to join the party!

Dupes? If you purchased Pink Explosion from Chanel's Fall 2010 collection, you can skip this product. The colors are similar enough but I prefer the texture of the tweed blusher since the baked Joues Contrastes from last season are a touch more powdery.

The Fuchsia Tweed Blusher a limited edition product so make it yours while you still can!

RAEview's Rating: A
[It would have received an A+ if the tweed pattern and gold shimmers were infused throughout the entire product!]


Lancome's Spring 2010 Ultra Lavande Collection

Once I saw these images on Musings of a Muse, I knew I had to share these with you! I've seen images of Chanel's Spring collection on Temptalia but only the new Joues Contraste blusher interested me. That says plenty, as most of you are aware of my fierce loyalty to Chanel!
I, however, am lemming this ENTIRE Lancôme collection! It's more or less irresistible if you have a feminine side. And even if your feminine side is less prominent.. how can you say no to the gorgeous packaging and combination of wearable pastels? Purples, pinks, and corals are my color weaknesses but with my massive coral splurges this past summer, I am ready to tackle the new year's lilac and rose quartz inspirations.
I feel as though Lancôme has been caught up with the likes of Chanel and Dior in terms of creativity and new products releases the past three seasons. I've also noticed their products have been selling out nearly as fast as Chanel or even ever-hyped MAC these days. It's not a complete rebranding of the company by any means but I think their interpretations of color have been a breath of fresh air!

Here is the pièce de résistance, the La Rose Butterfly Blush! My best friend Tammy adores butterflies [our bathroom is covered in butterfly decor] so I may have to surprise her with one, too..

With this collection are three additional Ombre Magnetiques in Disco Gold, Silver, and Ultra Lavande. My favorite, of course, is the lavender and I find that these are best applied with the fingertips!

Next are the Ballerine Color Fever Glosses - Natural Origin. These glosses tend to be sheer but I can only imagine how pretty the pink and lilac shades would be slicked on top of my favorite Le Lipstique Pencils!

I'm intrigued most, however, by this Glossary Touch Absolute Lipstick! Is this a new lipstick launch or simply limited edition packaging? I can't wait to see which shades will be offered. There better be a sheer lilac or else I will be disappointed!

The new Natural Origin Kohl seems to be an iced lilac with a bit of pink. This will most likely brighten up the waterline and contrast nicely against the new purple Lancôme Ink Artliner, which I've yet to try. I have already professed my love and dedication to the original pen Artliner so I'm excited to give this formula a go!

And last but not least.. the incredible nail varnishes. The Lancôme blog posted a picture of the two several weeks ago and believe me, this promo picture does not do these glittery varnishes justice. I will have to purchase back-ups!

What a collection, don't you agree? It's flirty and feminine, everything that spring should signify! A fresh start with a fresh look <3 And yes, I do realize that Thanksgiving is only right around the corner but it cannot possibly deter my exhilaration for the upcoming year!
Think lovely thoughts and have a wonderful day, everyone.


Circle Lens Coupon Code!

Even though it is a bit after my Halloween tutorial, Pinky Paradise wanted to offer my subscribers a coupon code for any of you interested in purchasing lenses. You can refer to my video or my Halloween product list post for the links to the contacts I wore!

Coupon Code: raeviewonline

By entering this code:
1. Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts! [The gifts and the cases are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, if any you were were curious. I won't say what the gifts are because it's a surprise!]
2. The coupon code can be stacked: If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.
4. The code has no expiration date :)

By the way, I do not make commission off any lens sale.. the coupon code is just for fun! And if any of you are curious, my favorite lenses are the Angel EX and Hana SPC, both in brown! I also really want to try the G&G lenses but I will have to wait to purchase those :)

Have fun and happy shopping!



Remember in one of my recent hauls, I promised to update you when Haute Look released Rock and Republic cosmetics again? Well, the sale is starting tomorrow at 8 am, PST. I will be filming a full review tonight in case some of you were interested in a refresher of the products. I will be going through the pros and cons of the R&R blushers, shadows, lipglosses, and a cream liner ^_~ Once the video uploads, I will update this post so you can take a look!

If you're interested in purchasing R&R cosmetics, click here!

You obviously do not have to accept my invitation if you do not feel comfortable clicking the link ^.^ But Rock and Republic cosmetics are a great buy for the price and I wanted to follow through with my promise!

On Tuesday, Becca cosmetics will be on sale, too, so I will be purchasing a few products if I can afford them. Money is a bit tight these days because I have been sick and unable to work. I hope you guys understand if I have to put review requests for products I don't currently own on hold until after this academic quarter and holiday season!
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