Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer in Pink 519 Lip Gloss Review, Photos, Swatches

Earlier this year, Giorgio Armani premiered "the newest generation in lip gloss" with the gorgeous Flash Lacquers. This lip gloss formula is claimed to provide the highest reflection ever achieved, even after blotting the lips. Flash Lacquers' shape and shine technology apparently causes light to reflect off of every point of surface for a pure pop of color, but whatever the reason, this gloss shines like crystal. I splurged for a brighter shade than I normally would because it is free of shimmer. Check out the swatches of this richly pigmented, warm raspberry stunner after the jump!

Giorgio Armani Flash Lip Lacquer in Pink 519 ($29 USD) is opaque in a couple swipes. There is a bit of warmth and softness to the color flattering across all skin tones, but it is not a true coral or a true pink. 519 is too rich to be categorized as watermelon, and it is fairly bright so I settled with the description of warm raspberry. There are very few colors quite like this.

The texture is divine. It feels like water but wears like a gel, so it maintains its status as a gloss with a translucent finish. I love how it hugs the lips and moisturizes them, though you can wear a balm underneath for extra hydration. 519 is relatively true to the color in the tube, but it is truly shiny and gives the appearance of fuller lips. It lasts about four hours unless disrupted by food or water, which is impressive for a gloss that does not transform (as does Armani's very long lasting but slightly gummy Gloss D'Armani). The flat and elongated, slanted doe foot coats the surface of the lips evenly. It is more precise than other doe foot applicators, making it ideal for thin lips. 

Chanel Eden 437, which was launched as a part of the colorful Summer 2013 collection, is most similar to Armani's Pink 519 in the tube. Eden appears cooler, a touch more fuchsia. I love wearing it on days when I am not wearing any makeup, since it provides just a hint of color when my complexion is looking dull. In the swatches below, however, you will see how sheer it is in comparison to Giorgio Armani's Flash Lacquer in Pink 519. 

Both Eden 437 and Pink 519 have plush, jelly consistencies but the Chanel formula is noticeably thicker and slighter tackier once on the lips. As much as I love shimmer-free Glossimers, I believe that the Flash Lacquer formula is the crowd pleaser in this battle since it is more pigmented with a lightweight feel. P519 was applied to my bare lips in the photo above, but the photo was not able to capture the bright beauty of it so watch it in action HERE!

There are over thirty shades available, meaning there should be a color to suit every complexion and preference. $29 is a small price to pay for a gloss this lovely. I cannot wait to try more shades, especially those with shimmer.

Bottom Line: The crystal shine of this comforting formula is simply irresistible, which is why it is quickly becoming my most used lip gloss!
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  1. mmm I love the shine on the GA pink... looks so beautiful!

  2. *grabby hands just for the packaging*

  3. I have to say the color looks so so so good on you!!

  4. i love you blog and videos! I am just wondering, though, what to get between flash lacquers 107 519 and 520... Can't afford them all ;) haha I am an asian so too much of a "barbie-pink" does not really go with me. But I sometimes wear some amount of brown smokey eye makeup (not too much) so I kinda want nude-looking pink. But from my experience, nudey color makes my skin look darker. Ughh.. I wish I could go to the store and check out the colors myself, but I cannot do that.. I am so indecisive right now haha help!!

    1. None of the colors I reviewed are "Barbie" pinks, which tend to be blue/cool-toned. If you want to try going nude, stick to 107 because it won't wash out the complexion! It looks great with a smoky eye.


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