Bobbi Brown Skin Perfecting Retouching Powders Review, Photos, Swatches

Earlier this year, Bobbi Brown released the Skin Perfecting Retouching Powder collection, a set of six new corrective loose powders. She says, "Retouching Powders instantly make your skin look better − yet they're completely undetectable." The formula works magic with its gentle plant-based ingredients and natural mineral powders to help soothe and calm skin white absorbing excess surface oils. See swatches after the jump!

These multi-use powders, $36 USD each, instantly brighten the skin while reducing excess oil which is ideal for summer when I prefer to wear sheer, oil-controlling powders. They help to diminish the appearance of dark spots, dullness, redness, and imperfections, so these are a must-try for those with oily or pigmented skin. I was skeptical because I did not think this new formula could replace my beloved (and classic) Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Pale Yellow, but these Retouching Powders really work. Though I prefer to apply them sheerly, they can be built up for more coverage.

The Skin Perfecting Retouching Powders were developed with a sheer, light-transmitting base. The formula, however, does not contain any shimmer particles which is what I appreciate most about Bobbi Brown's powders. These are not so brightening that they flash back in photos and cause the dreaded "ghost" face. This soft powder formula feels and looks invisible because it is finely milled (meaning no build up or caking). It reduces shine, but it does not accentuate my flaky patches so acne-prone and dry skins will also be able to use this powder. If discolorations and imperfections are the primary concern, pair with concealer for best results.

The two new brushes pictured above, $42 USD each, offer effortless application and customizable coverage. I personally prefer the Sheer Powder Brush because it suits my face shape better. It is the perfect brush to use when setting concealer or applying a light dusting of powder down the center of the face for an overall brightening effect. As much as I adore Bobbi Brown's Blush Brush, this new Sheer Powder is my favorite from her line-up. On the other hand, the Full Coverage Face Brush will provide more coverage since it allows for heavier application of any of the powders. Buff in one direction and then the other, gently and steadily in circular motions, for a smooth and flawless finish. It can be used wet or dry with any foundation or powder, which makes it a useful tool in anyone's collection.

-- White 5: Brightens and illuminates alabaster to light skin. This can also be used for a highlighting effect.
-- Pink 3: Counteracts sallow undertones in alabaster to medium skin tones. This can also be used to add a boost of color to sheer and/or shimmery pink blush, so I pair this with my Nectar Shimmer Brick.
-- Yellow 1: Tones down redness in extra light to medium skin tones. This is the easiest to use all over the face to set liquid foundation for those with warm or golden skin tones. It is slightly finer in texture than the BB Sheer Loose Powder in Pale Yellow. 
-- Peach 4: Warms up light skin tones. Evens out tanned and medium to dark skin tones. I primarily use this to set my concealer, but it can be used all over the face and does a miraculously great job at brightening up my light/medium skin. It is undeniably my favorite of the six.
-- Rose 2: Gives light to deep skin tones a healthy flush of color. I reach for this when I want a subtle blushing effect.
-- Brown 6: Warms up dark and rich skin tones.

The swatches below were taken indoors, swiped on the inside of my arm with a heavy hand.  This is obviously not a representation of how these powders should be applied to the face, but I did want to feature how distinctive each of the shades are.

Bottom Line: Yellow and Peach are my favorites, but I highly recommend all of the versatile new Retouching Powders for their undetectable brightening and oil controlling/balancing properties!
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  1. I had the lemming for these, then lost it, and now you got me into it again... I wonder how the yellow one is compared to Ben Nye banana powder?

  2. pls post a comparison between these powders and the nars reflecting powder thanks

  3. Thanks for this review! I'm very curious about the Sheer Powder Brush - how small is it, say in comparison to the MAC 109? Also how soft are the bristles? Thanks!!


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