Ellis Faas Light in E303 and E304 Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

Ellis Faas is a makeup artist that has worked with some of the most world acclaimed fashion design houses such as Armani, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent. Her makeup line reflects her vast experiences with color and texture. I love her military inspired sleek and innovative pen packaging, which is striking on a vanity but truly practical for traveling. The twist mechanism provides more control than does a plain squeeze tube, but I found I had to turn it about two dozen times to dispense product with the first use. Thereafter, one to three twists dispenses just enough product for each eye. Light, however, is a different kind of eyeshadow for many reasons. Find out more and view the swatches after the jump!

Ellis Faas Light eyeshadow pens ($42 USD each) are more than just highlighters. According to the description on Sephora, "this liquid color dries upon application and gives the illusion of having a small metallic sheet on the eyelid. Because the particles are so fine, it will appear from a distance that the shiny texture is oily or wet, even though it dries to a perfectly smooth finish. You won't feel any stickiness on the eyelids, and the expert formula won't crease." The dewy finish is not loved by all, but the product is an undeniably interesting take on eyeshadow. The brush tips on the eyeshadow pens are small enough to fit into the corners of my eyes, so an additional brush is not entirely necessary for application.

E303 is a vibrant bronze with copper shimmer. I love the way this looks alone on the lids because it transforms from bronze to a warm gold depending on the way the light hits it. It is one of the easier Light colors to wear or begin experimenting with.
E304 is a dazzling violet with lilac shimmer. Purples by nature tend to apply more patchy with the first layer than do other colors, but this lilac is incredibly smooth and not chalky at all. It appears more mauve-brown in cool, dark light.

Some consider these cream eyeshadows, but the formula is more thin and runny as opposed to thick and velvety like traditional cream shadows or even the Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes formula. The liquid is best layered quickly and with as few strokes as possible to prevent patchy application. Both E303 and E304 are similar in that they are highly pigmented and richly metallic, like lightweight molten metal. You can play with the placement of the colors on the lid to brighten or mimic shadows. I love that they dry down to a powdery finish while maintaining that wet and shiny look.

All the swatches were taken without, but I do recommend using a primer underneath because the product applies as a thin liquid. I may have normal lids, but I felt the color stayed true a couple hours longer with a primer on. I primarily use by Terry's Eye Primer or the NARS Smudgeproof Base. You can apply powder eyeshadow on top of these, but I find that takes away from the whole premise of the Light liquid eyeshadow.

Bottom Line: The Ellis Faas Eye Lights may not be ideal for makeup novices, but the unique, dewy finish is sensational when applied correctly and definitely worth splurging for.

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  1. these look beautiful! i didn't realize at 1st that the 'light" was a new line? i'd thought you were reviewing the original ones..happy to see this..good info!..something else to add to my ever-expanding wishlist! (Vikki Bounds said...lol)*gotta get my own acct. one day! lol

    1. You mean the Creamy Eyes? That's a completely different eyeshadow formula. I'll be reviewing those, too :)


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