"Dieting" - Healthy Alternative Snacks and Food Tips

Everyone wants to be healthy but it's hard to make healthy choices and lose weight. That's why I shared with you my favorite snacks! They're all delicious and low in calories so make sure to try them sometime! :)

Make-up Worn:
Hera HD Foundation in 23 + Givenchy Photo Perfection Light in 6
YSL Poudre Sur Mesure in 2
Dior 3-Color Palette in Smoky Khaki
Shiseido Brow Pencil in Natural Black
Lancome Hypnose Drama WP Mascara in Black
MAC Technakohl in Graphblack
Miss Adoro Lashes, 131
Burberry Natural Blush in Peony
MAC Lipglass in Strange Potion

OOC Radiate

Clear/regular 'ol prescription lenses, no color


Veronica Lake Inspired 1940s Hair Tutorial Details

I love retro glamour. I think it's a fun way to play dress up, no matter what age you are! I didn't intend this hair style to be reminiscent of Veronica Lake but that's what most of you described it as so Ms. Lake inspired it is. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and remember, it's all about brushing out the hair!

By the way, the Babyliss hot rollers I used can be found at Flat Iron Experts, non-affiliated link here: http://www.flatironexperts.com/Babyliss-Electric-Ceramic-Ionic-Hot-Roller-p/babhs40c.htm.
I had the very same set in high school [minus the nifty, useful new pull-out stand] and it was well-loved by both me and my twin sister!

Make-Up Worn:
Hera HD Foundation in 23
Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder in 3
Shiseido Natural Brow Pencil in Natural Black
Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope in Penelope
Dior Matte Bronzer in 002
Chanel Rouge Allure in Desinvolte

Chanel Graphite [LE]

Geo Tri-Color Grey from Pinky Paradise
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LookBook :: Details and Additional Photos

Most of the clothes in my closet are at least 3 three years old and are no longer available so I put together this lookbook to give my viewers some insight as to how I dress! I don't show much skin but I do enjoy wearing a variety of colors, as evidenced below. Casual but polished is the way to go!

Outfits, in order of appearance:

Hanky Panky Black Lace-Trim Tank Top [Nordstrom Rack]
Long Leaf Skirt http://www.atseoul.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1200217263

Pink Ribbon Blouse http://www.atseoul.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1201854410
Rich and Skinny High-Waisted Trouser Denim Pants [Bluefly]

Primp Black Bow Racerback Tank [HauteLook]
Black Leaf Skirt http://www.atseoul.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1002756318 

Mint Chiffon Shirt http://www.atseoul.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1109068859
Frankie B. Denim Shorts [HauteLook]

Black Blazer http://www.atseoul.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1031606175 
White Ruffle Top http://www.atseoul.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1194307296 
Paige Destroyed Denim [Unknown - they were a gift from my sister]

Tory Burch Thong in Royal Tan [Lower price - I paid 210, now 195!]
Vans Wing-Tip Inspired Slip On Sneakers [From 6pm.com but no longer available]
Jessica Simpson Platform Heels [Similar styles can be found anywhere - try Bakers or Aldo!]

Make-Up Worn:
YSL Teint Resist 06
Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder 03
Shiseido Natural Brow Pencil in Natural Black
CastleDew Color 4Shot in M2 http://www.atseoul.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1240996418 
Elisha Coy Dual Eyeliner in Black http://www.atseoul.com/shop/item.php?it_id=1273221828 
MAC Technakohl in Photogauvre
Lancome Hypnose Drama WP Mascara
False Eyelashes from CircleLens.Au
Lioele Crystal Muse Blush in 01 Peach
Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 140

Clear corrective-vision contacts, no colored/circle lenses today :)

Chanel Graphite [LE]

Lancome Ultra Lavande [LE]


Lancome Maison Blush Multilumiere Review, Photos, Swatches

Today's post is dedicated to my favorite blush of Fall 2011.

As quoted from the press release: Lancôme’s 2011 Fall Color Collection, named after its original Parisian boutique at 29 St. Honoré, revisits the classic femme fatale era when timeless cult makeup products were born. This seductive color statement captures the glamour of the 1940s with luscious red lips and seductive smokey eyes.

The Maison blusher is a limited edition piece that I had been lusting after since I saw the press release for the collection last month. It is a work of art! The powder is smooth to the touch, almost creamy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is luxury at its finest. The deep grooves in the embossment of the powder stunned me and most of you know I'm very particular with packaging so let me admit that this is one of the most beautifully constructed cosmetic products I've had the pleasure of owning. I literally gasped when I opened the compact! The shimmer effect on the street lamp and the Eiffel Tower is just an overspray, which disappears after the first use. I was afraid the three colors - an icy pink, pale peach, and medium pink - would disappear into my tanned Chanel 40 skin but they create the loveliest baby pink that does not turn red once oxidized, and yes - the color is apparent on my cheeks! I can, and will, use the three shades mixed as a blush all year round.

Indoor Lighting

Direct Sunlight

Indoor Swatches

Close-up of swatches in direct sunlight, same order as above

The product is made in Italy, for those curious!

And because I am hopelessly in love with this product, one last photo to capture the details!

Bottom Line: You need it. I'm buying a back-up.

Brow Grooming and Shaping Routine

I always get asked how I groom and shape my brows so I apologize for not having this video posted sooner. I used to have them professionally waxed and threaded but I found that it was a waste of money and time when I could achieve the same results at home! I only use three tools and maintain the shape of my brows once a week by plucking stray hairs. If I want to change the shape of my brows or if I need a major clean-up, I use the brow shapers and I only use the point tweezers when the razor/shaper or slant tweezer can't get to the root of stubborn hairs. Eyebrow shapers are all the rage now, mainstream even, but I still find that the ones purchased at Asian beauty supplies are much more effective. They don't tug at the skin as much! Now, enjoy ^.^ I hope this gives you a better idea of how my brows are done!

Tools Used:
Trim Eyebrow Shapers
Revlon Slant Tweezers
Tweezerman Point Tweezers

And make sure to check out how I fill in my brows with Shiseido's brow pencil, too!

Make-up Worn:
YSL Teint Resist Foundation in 6
Maybelline Eyestudio Color Explosion Eyeshadow in Caffeine Rush
Dior Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup SPF 10 in 30
Maybelline The Falsies W/P Mascara in Black
E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner in Coffee Brown
Illamasqua Powder Blush in Katie
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Blond Ingenu
Dior Fresh Expert 002 Pink Gloss
False Lashes from www.circlelens.com.au/

YSL Summer 2011's #137 Utopian Turquoise

Geo Tri-Color Grey from Pinky Paradise
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Dior Addict Lip Polish in 002 Fresh Expert Review, Photos, Swatches

The Dior Addict Lip Polish smoothing lacquer is the only Dior lip product I have not tested. I figured I should remedy the situation and purchased Fresh Expert, despite reservations from reviews claiming the gloss was relatively sheer. I kept my fingers crossed but alas, on my medium-pigmented mauve lips, the beautiful and neutral milky pink base of Fresh Expert is virtually undetectable.

The gloss does have other redeeming qualities, though! It may be nearly clear but it imparts some of the most subtle and sophisticated shimmer I've ever encountered. That's ideal for those who seek a 'quiet' glossy lip. My favorite element, however, is the clever rolling doe-foot applicator that provides very even coverage. Fresh Expert tingles slightly upon application, plumping the lips, and the fine shimmer particles contribute further to the healthy appearance of my pout. Lastly, Fresh Expert is more long-lasting than other Dior lip glosses, 4 hours, as opposed to the 2 hours I get from the Addict Ultra glosses.

 With flash, Fluorescent lighting
Sunlight, Indoors
Fluorescent Lighting
A better view of the spherical doe foot!

Do I find that it is worth $30? Not really. I'd rather pay $6 more for a Le Metier de Beaute lip creme 

Bottom line: Nice to have, not a must-have.


Le Metier de Beaute Splendid Frost Kaleidoscope Review, Photos, Swatches

Le Metier de Beaute has recently become one of my favorite brands and their signature Kaleidoscope kits are on my must-have eyeshadow palettes list. This particular Kaleidoscope was released during the Holiday 2010 but it's still available at a few Neiman Marcus counters and at Nordstrom.com for $95 - this is not an affiliated link. I'm just making it easier to enable you!

Let's start with the swivel-out compact. It's compact, lightweight, and durable so it's a joy to travel with. I've dropped mine twice now and there isn't a single dent! The only drawback is the weak glue but LMdB is reportedly improving the glue so that the eyeshadow pans will stay put more securely. Now let's talk about the shadows. I'm not an eyeshadow worshipper - rather on the ambivalent side, honestly - but more and more I am apt to reply "LMdB" when I'm asked what my favorite eyeshadow brand is. The shadows apply smoothly and there is very little fall out whether I use a brush or my fingertips.

In Bright Sunlight

Indoors [More True to Color]

Now we'll break down the colors, starting with the warm-toned taupe with a metallic finish. The base appears more intense depending on how much light the shimmers reflect. The next shade in the Kaleidoscope is a cool matte grey and the closest shade I have to it is Guerlain's 186 Eclat Mono. I prefer the LMdB grey because it's better pigmented but the Guerlain 186 is more flattering on me when worn alone, as it has less of a blue undertone. The next shade, the hot color, is a peachy-pink that doubles up as a blush! I was hesitant about using it but it actually adds dimension and brightness without overpowering any other colors on my lids. Finally, the last shade is the cold shadow, the most complex navy in my make-up collection. It's incredibly pigmented and even has coordinating violet and peachy-pink shimmers to compliment the hot shade above it, creating a striking duo that can be worn separately from the traditional LMdB couche de couleur method, which I will dedicate a spotlight post to. 

This was my first LMdB purchase and I am proud to say it was one of the best purchases I made in 2010. Make it yours this year before it's too late!


Guerlain Garconne Rouge G - Review, Photos, Swatches

I am a lipstick lover. My collection is proof of that but it is not every day that I meet a red that I would consider wearing more than once a month. Garconne's vinyl [a sophisticated sheen, not glossy or shimmery] finish and opaque coverage remind me that the power of a red lipstick should never be underestimated. This lipstick truly enhances my pout in a way that lipsticks rarely do and I believe that it has something to do with the luxurious texture. It hugs my lips yet plumps them! I will recreate the Guerlain Fall 2011 ad campaign look - a classic black smoky eye with Garconne - later this month and I will update this post with the video so you can see the color in action against my tanned skin. This shade, however, is neutral and universally flattering so I am positive I will feel just as confident wearing it when I return to my fair self in the dead of winter.

I have only one other Rouge G in my collection, a pink from Spring this year, and as much as I love it, it is very unlike Garconne - sheer and glittery. The creaminess and intensity of Garconne is unsurpassed. My roommate even commented that it appeared as though I was wearing blood on my lips! Garconne also has a slight staining effect, as many reds tend to do, but it still manages to moisturize my lips while lasting a solid 6 hours. That's a long-lasting lipstick, as I tend to eat or drink at least every hour so 6 hours is top-notch. And my last note: the signature violent fragrance [which I adore] is incredibly subtle but as I have said before, my sense of smell is rather weak.

On my lips, Chanel's Dragon reads a tad darker with a little more shimmer and Chanel's Excessive is a touch warmer. YSL's Rouge Pur Couture 20 is also warmer but has too much slip to compare to Garconne's texture.

You don't have to panic and purchase it now because Garconne is a permanent addition to the Rouge G line but let's just I'm hooked. I can't wait to try more Rouge Gs. Let me know what your favorite shades are!

Bottom Line: I need it and you most likely will, too.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's StyleMint T Shirt Review Product List

Make-up Worn:
YSL Teint Resist Foundation in 6
Maybelline Eyestudio Color Explosion Eyeshadow in Caffeine Rush
Dior Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup SPF 10 in 30
Maybelline The Falsies W/P Mascara in Black
E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner in Coffee Brown
Illamasqua Powder Blush in Katie
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Blond Ingenu
Dior Fresh Expert 002 Pink Gloss
False Lashes from www.circlelens.com.au/

YSL Summer 2011's #137 Utopian Turquoise

Geo Tri-Color Grey from Pinky Paradise
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for a free animal lens case & mystery gifts :)

Photos of the Shirt - Please excuse the hideous layout of the photos, I need a web designer STAT:


July Favorites Product List

Products in Order of Appearance:
Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in 86 Desinvolte
Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in 87 Joyeuse
Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 140 Mitsouko
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 in Grapefruit & Ginger
Lancome Genifique Repair Crème
Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek Powder in 03
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde [Excellent pencil and gel duo but the pencil isn't as long-lasting as I would like, only 5 hours]
Rimmel Brow Pencil in 002 Hazel [As reiterated in the video, too red and too waxy. A definite miss in my book, even at a mere $3]
Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Dark Brown [I want the Soft Black but it's sold out everywhere I look!! >:O]
Macademia Natural Oil Healing Oil Spray [Available here]

LMdB Kontagious Koral - Neiman Marcus Exclusive
["Kollaboration" with Ken Downing, Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus]

Geo Tri-Color Grey from Pinky Paradise
*Use the code -- RAEVIEWONLINE --
for a free animal lens case & mystery gifts :)

On my face:
Le Metier de Beaute Splendid Frost [tutorial/demo is below - no eyeshadow primer used & pink used as blusher]
*LMdB/Marchesa Lip Gloss Duo from Neiman Marcus - Gift with Purchase [GWP] [No longer available]
Le Metier de Beaute Eyebrow Pencil in Fawn with Shiseido Brow Pencil in Natural Black
- I can't remember what foundation/powder combination I was wearing, sorry!
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