BEST OF | Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF45 Review + My Favorite Sunscreens

Since discovering Supergoop! thanks to my friend Sabrina over at The Beauty Look Book, I have been experimenting with the brand's lineup and am now ready to share my favorites.  As many of you know, I used PCASKIN for a few years, namely the Protecting Hydrator SPF30 which is a sunscreen moisturizer that is great for oily skin and works well under makeup.

Although I am switching things up in 2018, I have always been an avid proponent of sunscreen and reapplication of sunscreen because I use acne fighting products and enjoy chemical peels that make my skin more sensitive to UV rays and sun damage.  I think Supergoop! makes some incredible products at unbeatable prices, so please take a look at what I consider to be the best offerings from the brand!


HOME | Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser Review

My mother introduced me to Young Living a couple years ago.  Prior to that, I had heard of the budding essential oil trend but I was mostly concerned with its role in beauty but not overall wellness.  I only discovered how much I appreciated lavender when I walked in to my mom's place and noticed how I immediately felt more at ease.  I shopped around for a stylish diffuser for a long time, but none struck me quite like the Aria.


OOTD | My Favorite Silhouettes for Pear Shapes + Senreve Doctor Bag in Ice

I'm not a fashion blogger and I don't aspire to be.  My taste in clothing is rather on the simple side; I like blouses and long skirts and I appreciate a well tailored pant more than most people in the universe would.  I pay attention to the quality of my cottons, silks, and leathers so that the pieces in my closet will stand the tests of time.  It's basically the same principle I apply to beauty products: quality over quantity so always use the good stuff.  But since I'm back full time, I wanted to share more of myself and I figure OOTDs are a great way to do that since lots of you request these type of posts!

I also try to dress my body type as much as possible instead of mindlessly following trends and styles, most of which I don't understand and can't relate to anyway.  But sometimes I wear lululemon for two weeks straight, other times I dress like I'm a lawyer out of Suits, and every now and then I'll try something new like a cropped sweater.  That's why I carry my Doctor Bag so often.  Senreve makes bags that are elegant and practical without a logo plastered everywhere which means I can pair it with whatever style floats my boat that day.  The Doctor has been my every day bag for the past few months because I've been on the move — a lot.  The shape is straightforward with plenty of strap options and storage spots.  It fits my wallet, keys, scarf, small water bottle, make up bag, a book, headphones, chargers, and even a change of clothes when they're rolled up.  Plus, the slightly slouchy vibe when the zipper is undone is right up my alley.  

The Senreve Doctor Bag is a lot more understated than their signature Maestra but I think it's the perfect large/x-large bag for a petite 5'0 woman like me.  Currently I am a little heavier than my normal weight of 105 because I'm still shedding holiday bloat, just in case you'd like a reference.  I wasn't crazy about the Ice color at first because it's a pale warm slate but it actually matches with everything except reds and oranges.  I wanted Blush initially, but if I could go back in time I think I would get gravel.

Now now, I know bootcut jeans aren't in style any more but flares help immensely to balance out the shape of my muscular thighs while hiding the taller heels that I wear.  I also love off the shoulder tops in order to accentuate my neck and show a touch of skin in a ladylike manner.  Photos are mostly an art of illusion, so those are my little tricks for pear shaped ladies who want to take outfit photos!

My blouse was on sale at Aritzia and my pants are black denim from Paige.
My sunglasses are by Chanel and I'm wearing a lipstick called Super Cindy.

Please refer to my video below if you're interested in seeing my Doctor Bag close-up in movement!

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Shu Uemura Laque Supreme Review, Photos, Swatches

Lots of you have been asking to see her again and Shu Uemura recently relaunched the Laque Supreme, so my twin sister and I reviewed it together on YouTube!  We hope you enjoy her presence because she'll be making guest appearances more often this year.  Trish has different makeup and skin care preferences than I do so it should be fun for beauty lovers who want to see a wider variety of brands and products on my channel.  We both agree that the new Laque Supreme's applicator and long lasting formula are lovable and wearable, though, so please check out our video below!

We swatched everything live on camera, but above are labeled swatches of the Laque Supremes for your convenience.  Do keep in mind that skin swatches are just for reference.  Please refer to the lip swatch session, the latter half of the video, to see how they look on the lips especially for the two vampy tones on the far right.  WN04 is a cooler raspberry-magenta wine, while WN05 is a warmer blackberry wine.  They appear identical in the photo above but they are totally different shades when worn on the lips! 

promo code RAEXSHU for 15% off orders $50+ and free shipping on all orders (U.S. + Canada)

R A E // M A K E U P  W O R N

T R I S H // M A K E U P  W O R N

created in partnership with Shu Uemura
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BYREDO | An Introduction: Blanche, Rose of No Man's Land, La Tulipe, and More

Byredo is all over social media lately, but it really piqued my interest when my friend Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book starting featuring more of her splurges last year.  I had seen an older bottle of Inflorescence with the original label on my sister's vanity for years, but it is very heavy on freesias and jasmine.  I was very particular in my choices and I am overjoyed by my whole order.  Now that the packaging has been revamped and the fragrance line expanded, I figured it was time to share my first impressions and top picks!  Spoiler: I'm impressed and want more.


REVIEW | Skin Care Update ♡ My Top Picks from SpaceNK + Spring Beauty Edit GWP

I am so thrilled to share that SpaceNK, the ultimate destination of luxury beauty products, launched their highly anticipated Spring Beauty Edit!  Spend $275 and score a gift with purchase that is worth over $500 with the code SPRING18.  It's a rare opportunity to discover an exclusive curation of 28 beauty breakthrough must-haves from Sunday Riley, Diptyque, Byredo and not a single foil packet which I appreciate very much.


REVEAL | What's In My Makeup Bag, Winter 2018 Edition

Since I've been wearing essentially the same look all Winter, I figured I should share with you the contents of my makeup bag before Spring arrives!  The same lineup has been in rotation for at least three, even four months now, which is a record setting length because I get bored of makeup easily.  These are tried and true so a few of the products won't be a surprise!


TOP 10 | Best of 2017 Skin + Hair

Even though we are well into February already — yikes  I wanted to share my favorite skin and hair care from 2017 because some of these products were truly life changing.  Since my skin was so problematic last year I didn't wear much makeup and experimented more with hair care and gentle skin care products.  It gave me time to really appreciate the value of great basics and reevaluate what I consider holy grail material!


MATCHING | My Valentine's Day Gifts for Him + Her

Valentine's Day is coming up in a week so I wanted to share my sweet little gifts to my boyfriend because we won't be able to spend the holiday together since he is away on a work trip.  Yes, I know many object to this sexist consumer-driven day but I like to make the best of it and show you how I'm doing it my way!
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