Eve by Eve's Cosmetics Review, Photos + Swatches ♡ Eyeliners, Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Brow Pencils, Blushes, and Brushes

I've been testing the entire Eve by Eve's cosmetic range for the past few weeks, so I wanted to share my thoughts and some swatches with you! Eve by Eve's is a luxury boutique brand based out of Beverly Hills, California. Their makeup is made in Japan, Korea, and Italy, and almost everything I have tried has pleasantly surprised me. I especially adore their Drama Luxe Lipsticks!


SKIN CARE | Equitance Holiday Gift Sets, Promotions + Discounts

No matter how much I love eyeliner and lipstick, skin care is my utmost beauty priority. My skin is nowhere near perfect, but it has improved so much in the last year and it's thanks to healthy eating and utmost diligence when it comes to skin care.

Due to scarring from my acne episode two years ago and a few freckles from neglecting to wear sunscreen as a teenager, I largely use brightening skin care. I bounce around and try new products constantly since that's part of my job, but I rely heavily on my Equitance Foaming Cleanser, Toning Lotion, and Hydrating Cream to keep my skin clear and balanced!

The toner is my favorite product from the entire lineup, but I love the cream because it layers well (not too thick or greasy). I recommend the lightweight serum to treat your dark spots and the broad protection sunscreen to prevent wrinkles. It's all about prevention! Try to be proactive and protect your skin before the damage occurs.

Equitance is offering incredible savings and deep discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! I can't give away the percentages, but do not miss out on these huge sales to try some of the best brightening skin care in my arsenal. Shop for yourself and/or plan out gifts for family, friends, and co-workers!

3 holiday bundles will be available so that you can save money in case you miss out on the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. They're still a good savings if you haven't tried Equitance before and want to give their products a test run!

Giftset 1: Radiance Essentials Set $180 (incl. Cleanser, Serum + Cream, retail value of $225) 
Giftset 2: Brightening Set $220 (incl. Cleanser, Toning Lotion Serum + Cream, retail value of $275) 
Giftset 3: Glowing All-in-One Set $270 (incl. Cleanser, Toning Lotion, Serum, Cream, Sunscreen + 2 Supplement Bottles, retail value of $405) 

All holiday season purchasers from November 27th to December 31st will receive a special offer with their shipments — an exclusive code — perfect for stocking up on your favorite Equitance essentials!

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TUTORIAL | Get Ready With Me, Photogenic Holiday Edition

Eve by Eve's is a luxury lifestyle brand with a flagship store in Beverly Hills, California. I had walked past their store before, but I never noticed their makeup because I thought it was exclusively a clothing label. When Eve by Eve's reached out to me, I was very intrigued because their products are made Japan, Korea, and Italy — all the places quality makeup from designer houses are made. 

The Liquid Eyeliner, Conditioning Gel Eyeliners and Drama Luxe Lipsticks are my favorite products thus far. The Mattifying HD Loose Powder is also quite impressive, considering that I almost always prefer pressed over loose formulas. It leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth, minimizing the look of pores effectively, while keeping oil at bay. The Korean-made Conditioning Eyebrow Pencil rounds out my top five picks. 

I will share swatches of the Drama Luxe Lipsticks and Lip Lusters next week for those interested in seeing the other shades offered. There are quite a few shades, so there's a little something for everyone. Eve by Eve's products do not have flashy packaging and do not come with an haute couture logo, but I am truly impressed by the quality of the makeup. I highly recommend you give them a try while the holiday promotions are still valid!

Use code “RAE” to receive 40% OFF!
Eve by Eve's Liquid Liner
Eve by Eve's Gel Eyeliner
Eve by Eve's Eyebrow Definer
Eve by Eve's HD Loose Powder
Eve by Eve's Angled Brush

Use code “LOVEMASCARA” for 30% OFF!
Eve by Eve's Gel Mascara

My Favorite Lipsticks
Luscious Rouge // Petal Pink // French Rose // Satin Cerise // Summer Fuchsia

Drama Luxe Lipsticks
Any 2 for $39, any 3 for $49. No code needed.
Any 2 for $39, any 3 for $49. No code needed.

P.S. This video was created in partnership with Eve by Eve's! I do not make commission from use of the promo codes or links, which are not affiliated in any way. Please try the lipsticks, eyeliners, and HD powder because they truly exceeded all my expectations! Happy holidays xo
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GRATITUDE | The Meaning of Omotenashi + Shiseido's Holiday #4Thanks Campaign

I am thankful that Beau's adorable head tilt never fails to makes me smile.
Shiseido launched their #4Thanks campaign today, November 20th, which is centered around omotenashi this holiday! As I've traveled to Tokyo three times this year, the omotenashi tradition holds a special place in my heart.

Omotenashi is a noun that means to "entertain guests wholeheartedly" and it is the word that embodies the essence and spirit of Japanese hospitality. I have come to treasure the respect, sincerity, understanding, and heartfelt kindness that I have experienced in Tokyo, because omotenashi makes the traveling experience infinitely more pleasant and exciting. I've mentioned before that hosts and sales associates provide truly outstanding service without expectation, and no one expects tips unlike here in America where tipping is considered mandatory.

Although omotenashi is tied to the service industry, it is an all-encompassing concept that can relate to our everyday lives as well. I personally think of omotenashi when I visit my girl friends with beauty goodie bags, when I drive long distances to take my grandmother to church, when I go out of my way to buy organic persimmons for my parents. I do not do those things for praise or because I want or expect something in return.

I do it because I have the heart and the ability to give meaningfully.

I do it because I am thankful to have family and friends like family.

I do it because I am humbled by their loyalty, grace, and compassion.

I do it because I am grateful for their love.

Omotenashi is all about awareness, paying close attention to details and exceeding expectations. Gratitude is essential to genuine and authentic omotenashi, for both "host" and "customer" to feel warm and happy. Apply that parallel to relationships in your life, and give thanks to make this holiday your best ever!

If you'd like to get involved with the #4Thanks campaign which ends on 12/18, tag a friend who makes you feel beautiful! Follow @ShiseidoUSA on Twitter and share the moments — and people — that bring you joy, with the hashtag #4Thanks, for a chance to win Shiseido products! Check out all the details on the contest page here. Get rewarded for taking the time to celebrate who you're grateful for!
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FTC: This post has been sponsored by Shiseido, but all opinions and products shared are my own. 


STYLE | Fall 2015 Lookbook + My Fashion Tips and Tricks

It has just become "cold" in Southern California! I knew it was the perfect time to shoot a Fall lookbook, especially since I have spent the last few months carefully curating and adding one piece to my closet at a time. My beautiful friend Kassia was kind enough to take on this project, so we hope our efforts paid off. We really missed filming lookbooks!

My healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey has really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone of lululemon and dress age appropriately. I always get pegged for a college kid, so I knew it was about time to kick it in gear and revamp my wardrobe! When I buy clothes, I try to wait for sales or promo codes as much as possible since I believe wholeheartedly in purchasing only investment pieces. I shop less than I used to — despite my renewed interest in fashion — but the several pieces I purchase each season are clothes or shoes that will stand the test of time.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Lost Cherry
Burberry Blush in Earthy (contour)

Outfit one is all about length. Duster cardigans are trendy right now, but they're fabulous when paired with wedges or heels because they have a slimming effect that also helps me look much taller than I really am (5'0). The two-toned knit beanie draws the eye upward, and the extra large pom gives me a bit more height! P.S. I use this amazing stuff to protect the rim of my hats from makeup & sweat!

WEEKEND :: Casual
Chunky Knit Beanie (similar)
Ash Boots (similar)
Chanel Bag (similar)

Outfit two is about the details. A plain oversized coat is so much more interesting in a pastel tone, while a pencil skirt can look dramatically better with an unexpected side slit. The strappy yet demure heels provide visual interest and balance, making this one of my favorite kind of outfits for meetings. It shows restraint while maintaining elegance.

WEEKDAY :: Business

Outfit three is about texture. I love the way the thick wool poncho tones down the flashy shine of the silk underneath. The hint of red on the poncho compliments the red dress, while the red soles of my pumps finish off the look! It might be too matchy-matchy for some, but I have a weakness for pops of red. Oh, and I wore the pantyhose because it was so windy and chilly! It's far too cold to go bare-legged at night now.

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SK-II Facial Treatment Oil Review, Photos

Since my trip to S. Korea a couple months ago, I have been testing SK-II's brand new Facial Treatment Oil. This dry skin elixir is a dual phase formula that combines pitera with oil to deeply moisturize and treat the skin. It's one of the most interesting skin care products to have been introduced to the market this year, and I am reaching for it more often as the weather gets colder!


SALE | VIP 25 OFF% Event + Best of Shu Uemura Review and Recommendations

There are so many highly anticipated sales happening right now, it can be overwhelming! But part of my job is to keep you guys up to date for the right opportunity to try something new or repurchase a favorite. Shu Uemura is holding their annual VIP event, meaning we get to take advantage of an incredible discount!

Use code VIPRAE to receive 25% OFF
and get free shipping with an exclusive free gift
for my readers, a FREE LIP BRUSH on any order $50+
that will be valid on both shuuemura-usa.com and shuuemura.ca.
The promotion starts November 15th and expires November 30th!

I am head over heels for the Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune collaboration, and quite frankly, just about everyone is. The graphics are chic yet playful, and the Plum Remix palette is wearable with little punches of fun color. It has quickly become part of my everyday makeup routine which some of you may have noticed if you keep track of what I wear in my videos!

During Shu Uemura sales, however, I always stock up on the same five products since I test their new releases at the start of every season. The discount makes it the perfect time to buy back-ups or try different colors of products I already know I love.

I highly recommend ordering a few extra lash curlers during the sale. I gift the classic version to friends who only wear mascara. If my friend wear false lashes, I will give her the S-curler since it allows for more control. Lash curlers also make good stocking stuffers because they are small yet practical gifts that don't (totally) break the bank!

Speaking of false lashes, I rekindled my love for Shu Uemura lashes. Their Smoky Layers style (above center) is truly one of the most distinct and memorable styles on the market. They have a sturdy, rather thick band that requires some getting used to, but the Smoky Layers style looks beautiful day or night. I wore them in this eye tutorial video here.

Give one of the famed cleansing oils a try! My favorite is the newest Blanc:Chroma, packaged in chic lilac. It has a very subtle refreshing fragrance and is formulated to exfoliate while removing makeup and cleansing thoroughly. Three in one! The Anti:Oxi is great for all skin types, especially if your skin is dull and stressed from environmental factors such as pollution. If you have dry to very dry skin, I recommend the Ultime8 to condition and nourish.

My most-worn Shu Uemura Eyeshadows are the glitters, like the pink and orange ones from the Kitsune palette. They are so much more affordable than Tom Ford's but have a very similar finish. The glitter flecks do not irritate my dry sensitive eyes, and I always get compliments when I wear them out! The whole Shu Uemura eyeshadow range in general is smooth and creamy and richly pigmented without kicking up too much dust.

Although the Rouge Unlimited lipsticks are the signature Shu Uemura lip product, the Tint in Gelato is one of the few multi-use products that is moisturizing enough to wear on both lips and cheeks! I love how the versatile color range is bright and vivid and punchy yet totally wearable. You get soft flushed cheeks that look supremely natural and buildable stained lip color that never flakes or bleeds. The finish is semi-matte, so you can always top with a gloss to change things up and create a mirror finish!

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TOP 5 | My In-flight Travel Secrets + Tips

Since I have traveled so much this year, I've discovered several tips and tricks to making my beauty routine a little less clumsy. I'm all about streamlining and efficiency these days! I always pack my Anya Hindmarch Inflight Case whenever I fly, since I can access my skin care and makeup without having to dig into a dark bottomless bag. The separate zipped compartments make it so easy. There are more affordable copies of her case, but nothing comes close to the Inflight. It's stylish yet sturdy!


Burberry First Kiss Lip Balm, Kisses Lip Gloss, and Kisses Lip Color Review + Live Swatches

The Burberry Kisses family is the latest and greatest in lip color! I show you my favorites in action in my new video, which you can watch below. I took your feedback from my other live lip swatch videos and shared both macro and wide views of each lip color. I picked three lip balms, lip glosses, and lipsticks that I felt were the most memorable and wearable but with the best pigmentation.

Burberry Kisses Lip Gloss
Burberry Kisses Lip Color
additional lipstick swatches here

M A K E U P  W O R N
Burberry Shadow in Porcelain + Taupe Brown
Burberry Fresh Glow Powder in Nude Ochre
Burberry Eyebrow Definer in Barley + Ash
Burberry Lipstick in Oxblood
Burberry Bold Lash Mascara
Burberry Liquid Eyeliner
Burberry Blush in Earthy

I first sported the Oxblood in an ombré aka gradient lip style during the review section, which you can see how to do in my Fall Get Ready With Me video here! I have never been one to enjoy wearing wine or berry shades, but Oxblood has just enough red in the base to keep it polished instead of vampy. It is a deeper color that flatters every skin tone, one of my go-to colors for gradient lips!
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