Burberry Cat Eyes Liner and Full Brows Review, Tutorial

Burberry released two new dual-ended products for brows and eyes this Fall, and they have quickly become essentials in my everyday routine.  As many of you have seen over the years, the winged liner with strong brow combo has become my signature look, which is why Burberry's Cat Eyeliner and Full Brow Brow Tool feel as though they were made for me!  I chose a soft matte red lip pairing for a glamorously dramatic edge, which I feel is more appropriate in the fall season.

The liquid pigment of both eyeliner and brow pen are easy to control and the powder ends create versatility and dimension.  Although the black liner comes with a dark brown eyeshadow with gold pigment, I find that more wearable and creates structure without making the eyes look smaller.  The eyeliner formula is exceptional, as dark and rich as the Tom Ford and longer lasting than the Hourglass.  It does not pill and lasts all day.  The brow pen is reminiscent of SUQQU's but is easier to control and is offered in the Ebony color which is the perfect blend of grey and brown. The brow powder is also phenomenal, and no brushes are required for application!

As for my base, I am wearing the following:
Fresh Glow Luminous Bases


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TUTORIAL | The Burberry Essentials Collection 2017 and Live Swatches

The Burberry Essentials Collection revolves around the famed Fresh Glow range of products, some of which I have discussed before, but I wanted to show you some new techniques I have been playing with.  I love Burberry's effortless signature glowing skin because looks natural and polished, never over done and easy for anyone at any age to achieve!

new ambassador iris law
I have been layering highlighters and working on strategically placed contours, mostly because I am trying to cut back on how much setting and bronzing powders I wear.  Since my hormonal acne has flared up yet again and this time, severely traumatized my skin, I've missed going natural.  I want to embrace my skin's real texture and composition so I'm hoping this tutorial will inspire some of you to step away from full coverage mattes and excess powder, too!

The new additions to the Burberry Beauty range to complete this Essentials Collection are the Lip Color Contour Pens and the Fresh Glow Highlighter in Rose Gold.  The lipsticks are so innovative and the formula so ideal for my dry sensitive lips; you absolutely need to try them! The texture feels whipped but the pigmentation is opaque and smooth. It also functions as a primer so I did not experience any feathering! I hope they expand the color range with more beige-toned and warmer rose nudes soon. 

›  Lip Color Contour Pens http://bit.ly/2z0Oifo
›  Fresh Glow Highlighter in Rose Gold http://bit.ly/2wzFTO9
›  Fresh Glow Luminous Bases http://bit.ly/2z0MNhg
›  Face Contour Pens http://bit.ly/2wAokxE
›  Fresh Glow Pens http://bit.ly/2wAokxE

Foundation in Beige http://bit.ly/2z1NaIh
Brow Pen in Sepia http://bit.ly/2wzZM7O
Nude Powder in Ochre http://bit.ly/2wAYhGn

alo http://bit.ly/2wA51Va

created in partnership with burberry x sephora
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