TRAVEL | My Skin Care Bag, Winter Edition

The cold and windy season is in full swing, although ironically and tragically, so much of Southern California is on fire right now.  Although my thoughts are with all the first responders including my firefighter brother, I am escaping the smoke and traipsing off to Canada to go snowboarding!  Since the high is about 30 degrees Fahrenheit there, the freezing temperatures and chilly conditions make for a great look at my winter skin care routine.  Check out my travel bag after the jump!


REVIEW | My Chemical Peel 101 Progress Report with Photos and Post-Care Tips

Neutrogena post-peel care kit from my MD's office
If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen that I am currently healing from my chemical peel.  Many of you requested information regarding what kind of peel I got, so I tried to answer all your questions and share with you some valuable tips I've learned over the years.  Check out the progress photos after the jump!
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