Burberry Summer 2016 London with Love Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

It's time to bid a final adieu to summer, even though Souther California has been experiencing an extreme heat wave this week! In honor of this scorching hot weather, I wanted to share my Burberry Summer 2016 London with Love collection picks. I already posted a review video a while back but I thought an update was necessary because I'm still so obsessed with the products! Luckily, they're still available. I took two of the lipsticks with me on my Southeast Asia trip and wore them the entire time!


Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum and Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Review, Photos

Gucci has taken the beauty world by storm with their new #GuiltyNotGuilty campaign. According to the brand, guilt comes from accepting rules and conforming to society. The whole premise of the relaunch is to encourage self-expression and embrace sexual indulgences. In this day and age, I do believe it is important to open up dialogue regarding the confines of gender norms because since are so many, especially in the beauty and fashion industries, that do not fall into neat traditional boxes. This campaign is a rebellious yet refreshing start. Gucci is reinforcing the idea that millenials should indeed "put their passions and ambitions before the expectations of others and indulge in life’s pleasures, saying to the world #SorryNotSorry."

The Gucci Guilty universe tells a new story, one that is led by the unconventional actor Jared Leto. I thought he was an unusual choice at first, but all the pieces fell into place when I watched the Guilty film. The fragrance story is tied to the concept of emancipation, whether that be in your sexuality, your occupation, your dreams. It's all about shaping your own identity and being whoever you want to be!

That's why Gucci Guilty is now touted as the smell of liberation, the smell of freedom. I love that the brand encourages women to wear the men's fragrance and vice versa. As much as I find the Femme Eau de Toilette elegant and wearable, I prefer the vibrance and zest of the Homme Eau de Toilette. I've always had a soft spot for sporty fresh fragrances, but they can be a challenge to find in the women's fragrance department. I recommend layering them and wearing the two Guilty scents together for a more unisex feel if you have any doubts or reservations!

In case you're curious, here is a quick breakdown of the top notes. Keep in mind that the original Gucci Guilty technology was used to develop both scents, but the magical allure of Venice and the fluidity of gender were the priorities this time around. Long story short, certain ingredients that are typically categorized as "feminine "were used in the Homme Eau de Toilette whereas typically "masculine" notes were used in the Femme Eau de Parfum.

Geranium was used in the female fragrance, orange blossom in the male. Both share the polarizing and powerful patchouli note, which once arrived in Europe as a mysterious exotic ingredient from the Silk Road. These blends are both traditional and modern, creating a scent experience that feels nostalgic yet relevant.

Each of the Guilty fragrances are intended to boost confidence and sensuality. Lilac is known to give positive confidence while pink pepper adds a touch of excitement, offering inspiration to find adventure!

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HAUL | Collective Fall 2016 Beauty Loot from Chanel, Armani, Dior

Fall collections have rolled out in perfect timing with my Southeast Asian vacation! A few of my closest girlfriends planned this vacation months ago, but I've actually been stressed out about it because I've been so busy lately! To decompress a little, I swung by Nordstrom to pick up some new color and stock up on essentials. I’m so pleased with everything that I chose that I had to share!
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