TOP 5 | My Amore Pacific Must-Haves Comprehensive Review + Photos

Most of you are probably aware that Amore Pacific is the leader of the Korean beauty product industry. They produce some of my favorite kbeauty essentials, like Sulwhasoo's Brightening Cushion and Snowise EX Masks, but they also have their own signature line of skin care. I tried Amore Pacific's basic Moisture Bound skin care range in the past and couldn't find anything that was compatible with my finicky skin. The Time Response and Future Response products, however, are a completely different story!


HAUL | My Spring/Summer Hair, Skin, Body, and Makeup Picks

Hello, everyone! I can't remember the last time I shared a haul on the blog, so I figured I should share with you some amazing new finds that I ordered from Nordstrom recently. I haven't been shopping for much makeup these days. I keep it really simple with foundation, mascara, and lipstick. But on the flip side, my body and hair care routines have become a lot more thorough and shall I say.. complete?


REVIEW | Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

As many of you have known since I first started my YouTube channel, I have been wearing Luminous Silk on and off since I was 18. It has, however, become my go-to foundation for the last year now! There is truly no better formula on the market if you're looking for versatility. 

I have normal to dry skin, and adore it more every day because it wears so well. I can go ultra sheer, like a tinted moisturizer effect or layer on bit by bit up to medium coverage. Although I still have acne scarring, Luminous Silk covers them without looking cakey. I also love that it doesn't accentuate any dry patches I might have from using super strength skin care.

Powder is completely optional, and I only ever wear power to set any more unless it's super humid or hot that day. It's funny how our preferences change as we age. My skin and my makeup are so different that when I watch some of my videos from five years ago, I realize how drastically my look has changed. And no, I really haven't had any work done. No surgery, no injectables, no nothing.. just time, weight loss and gravity! LOL

M A K E U P  W O R N 
Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Eye Liner
Giorgio Armani Sheer Bronzer in 100
Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill WP Mascara

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