Burberry Wet & Dry 'Glow' and Wet & Dry 'Silk' Eyeshadow Reviews + Comparisons

Out with the old and in with the new! Burberry sent over their reformulated Wet & Dry Glow and Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadows, so today I will be sharing my overall thoughts and some highly requested shade comparisons. All details after the jump!

Burberry is currently offering four Wet & Dry 'Glow' Eyeshadows and an impressive nineteen Wet & Dry 'Silk' Eyeshadows, $29 each. I am generally not a fan of single eyeshadows because they can be cumbersome to travel with. I, however, have always made an exception for Burberry's because of their superior pigmentation. The Sheer Eyeshadows were not sheer at all! The formula was creamy. It was easy to apply, easy to blend, and easy to pair with different textures like glitters.

These new Wet and Dry formulas boast silky smooth textures that do not accentuate fine lines. They can be mixed with water or Burberry's Fresh Glow for incredibly intense color pay off (unlike the old Sheers above), so this versatility makes them truly worth their price. All wear true to color in the pan. Both of the Silk and Glow formulas blend effortlessly and adhere to the lids even without eyeshadow primer on my normal eyelids. There is also a bit less eyeshadow fall out than with the Sheers! I do miss the original colors, but I am wholly satisfied with the reformulation. Burberry's Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe proved she knows exactly what she's doing, and I have been loving her vision and reinterpretations of the brand's beauty products — especially the Waterproof Kohl Pencils, Glow Pressed Powders, and "nude" shades of lipstick for all complexions, fair or deep.

Old Pale Barley v. New Pale Barley
Now let's dive into the shade specifics and comparisons. Pale Barley is now paler and a hint sheerer, which I was initially disappointed with, but it's more appropriate for work and day time wear. It yields a chic and polished look in seconds! Almond is also cooler and lighter now, which I was glad to see. It is the perfect transitional crease color for those with fair to light-medium complexions. Taupe Brown is the closest match I could find to my old Dark Sable Sheer Eyeshadow, although the new rendition is grey-toned due to the taupe lean. Both are excellent definer/outer corner shades. I lost my original Midnight Brown, but I've read that other bloggers find the updated Silk version less powdery.

New Almond v. Old Almond 
New Taupe Brown v. Old Dark Sable
New Midnight Brown
Trench is gone, but the new Stone is much more opaque and less shimmery replacement. Rose Pink was featured in my New Neutrals Edit earlier this Spring, and it is one of the few pink shadows I can wear without looking swollen or puffy-eyed. I like to pop it in the crease to create depth. Khaki Green is a very soft military inspired shade. It's a beautiful color that you can use just like a neutral for an unexpected but wearable twist! Tea Rose looks shimmery in the pan, but the finish on the eyes is distinctly satin (like the majority of the Wet & Dry 'Silk' Eyeshadows). I shared my top 5 picks at the end of the post, but Tea Rose would definitely be my 6th. When used wet, you can catch a glimmer of pink shimmer. Midnight Black was renamed Jet Black. It does kick up a bit of dust when used dry but it's completely manageable, and I absolutely love how rich and inky it looks when applied with a damp eyeliner brush. I will be purchasing Dusky Mauve and Rosewood to add warmth to this mix!

Old Trench v. New Stone
New Rose Pink + New Tea Rose
New Midnight Brown + New Khaki Green + New Jet Black
The Wet and Dry 'Glow' eyeshadows are ultra intense when used wet. Swatches will never do these beauties justice. The highlighter shades like Optic White need to be used very sparingly because the metallic finish is so reflective! These do look similar to the MAC Extra Dimension or NARS Dual Intensity shadows, but the Burberry performance cannot be topped. I am impressed, time after time, at how smoothly and consistently they wear. Gold Pearl is a natural and flattering highlight, while Nude is beautiful all over eye. Shell is my current favorite for a generous sweep of color (used dry) and then layered on the center of the lid for a wide-eyed effect (wet). It creates a multi-dimensional look with just one eyeshadow! I do adore the Silk shadows, but I hope Burberry expands this Glow lineup because they're the best single eyeshadows on the market.

Bottom Line: These Burberry eyeshadows are still my favorite single eyeshadows, and my Top 5 picks are Almond, Nude, Optic White, Pale Barley, and Rose Pink.
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  1. Hi Rachel! New to your blog ( referred by the lovely ladies at NM Fashion Island). I just got shell and I agree it is phenomenal, Burberry is a truly fantastic brand. I like these shadows better than the Nars DI, and that is saying something as they a great!

    Enjoying reading your reviews!


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