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As I age, I love and appreciate gadgets more. I had always invested more into makeup during my college days, but in the past couple years, I have realized how much luxurious performance tools cut down on my prep time. Styling my hair is effortless because my arms don't get tired, and applying my foundation and false lashes becomes less of a chore and more of an adventure. In general, good tools make my life a whole lot easier. Today I will be reviewing these unsung heroes because they have vastly improved the quality of my beauty life. Details after the jump!

My favorite beauty tools are the simplehuman Sensor Mirrors, beautyblender Makeup Sponges, T3 Micro Bodywaver Curling Iron, T3 Micro Luxe 2i Hair Dryer, and FOREO Luna for Normal/Sensitive Skin. I have featured almost all of them on the blog and on YouTube frequently, but I compiled this comprehensive Top 5 edit for easy viewing.

The FOREO Luna helps to keep my pores as clear as possible. Unlike the Clarisonic, which I used for years, the Luna is a low maintenance tool that does not require replacement brush heads or weekly charging. It is also more sanitary. The beautyblender sponges blend any type of foundation or base makeup product flawlessly, so I keep half a dozen around at all times. The new micro.mini version is ideal for applying concealer or cream contour if you don't wear foundation. Now we'll move on to a couple must-have hair tools. I was introduced to T3 Micro by my stylist Guy Tang last year, and I have not looked back since! I love the chic but substantial pearly white aesthetic of the Bodywaver, while the Feather Weight Luxe 2i is lightweight but efficient and powerful. I can blow dry my hair within 10 minutes, and it is noticeably less frizzy when styled with T3.

Then we have the simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror, which has changed the way I see my makeup. It is my latest gadget obsession. I was previously hesitant when it came to these magnifying mirrors because I could see my acne more clearly — too clearly. Now that my scars are nearly done healing, I am glad to have this mirror for monitoring my skin's progress and assisting with precision makeup application. Since I wear medium to full coverage foundations and false lashes for my beauty videos and photos, precision is key. This simplehuman Sensor Mirror allows me to see my entire face in detail, helping me spot where my concealer needs extra blending and ensuring that my false lashes are applied as close to the lash line as humanly possible. And since I can no longer wax my face (none nada zip zero zilch), the best part about the 5x magnification is that I can tweeze every single straggly eyebrow hair without over-plucking. 

All the Sensor Mirrors will automatically light up as your face approaches the mirror. It becomes more sensitive while you're using it so it will not turn off unexpectedly. Once you step away, it will power down automatically, too! I adore this intuitive multi-sense technology because I am prone to forgetfulness and would inevitably leave the mirror on for hours and hours if it had a standard power switch. Some other cool features: one full charge lasts up to 5 weeks + the tru-lux LED bulbs truly do simulate natural sunlight. I have experimented with multiple lighted vanity mirrors from different brands, and only simplehuman's has impressed me. The light is steady, even, and ultra bright without straining my sensitive eyes. Plus it's cordless, so I can apply my makeup anywhere in my apartment. It is an investment, but once you try it, you'll be hooked!

I also have the Mini 5" Sensor Mirror, which folds down flat and stores easily in its sturdy travel case. The 10x magnification is intense initially because all I could focus on were my large and/or clogged pores, but I absolutely love the size and convenience of this mirror. The view is distortion-free, which is rare for such high magnification, so I don't get dizzy while finishing up my makeup. If you're on a budget or prefer extra zoom, I highly recommend this style!

Last but not least, I wanted to share that simplehuman is teaming up with The Container Store to throw a fun event today, May 2nd from 12pm - 3pm! Seven stores are participating, from Atlanta (Buckhead), Boston (Northshore Mall), Chicago (Oak Brook Mall), Dallas (NorthPark), Houston (Galleria),  Los Angeles (Century City)  to Miami. 
The Sensor Mirrors will be ON SALE exclusively at The Container Store. Do not miss out on this incredible Mother's Day promotion!
  • 8" Sensor Mirror will be $169 (normally retails for $200)
  • 6.5" Sensor Mirror will be $130 (normally retails for $160)
  • 5" Sensor Mirror will be $100 (normally retails for $130)
At each store, two local makeup artists will be providing complimentary Lash Bar services and mini makeovers. You'll find us in the custom closet section! Come snack on Sprinkles cupcakes and sparkling lemonade while you get pampered (in case you needed more incentives) xo

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