Tom Ford Summer 2015 Soleil Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

The wait is finally over! I have tested and swatched all samples of Tom Ford's phenomenal (and mostly limited edition) Summer 2015 Soleil Collection. Product details and photos, repromoted shade information, and pricing can be found after the jump!

As many of you already know, I was so excited about the release of the Mini Bronzing Powders, $65 each! They are adorable, about the size of my palm and ideal for travel. The new packaging is also easier to open since there are now split tab lids (see the center of the compact). Moving forward, both mini and full-sized Bronzing Powders ($95 each) will be packaged in white lacquer instead of cognac shimmer and yes, they are both permanent! I have loved and worn Terra for years, but in my upcoming Tom Ford Summer 2015 video tutorial, I will take Gold Dust for a spin.

Gold Dust Mini v. Terra Full-Size

The Eye and Cheek Compact in Pink Glow ($95) is the best value for money from the entire Summer Collection. I loved the original release in Unabashed, but it definitely required courage and skill to wear that intense indigo eyeshadow. Pink Glow is richly pigmented but but much more approachable and wearable than Unabashed. These rose gold hues are trendy but flattering, while the saturated plums give women with deeper complexions some more options to experiment with! The light pink blush is somewhat reminiscent of Frantic Pink, but the base wears cooler on my skin. The plum blush has a raspberry lean that is quite unique to the Tom Ford cheek lineup. The celestial eyeshadow in this palette is a pale golden sand which can be used like a neutral. If I had to choose one word to describe this palette, it would be romantic. If you work on a lot of brides and bridesmaids, I highly recommend this palette for your kit!

The new and very exciting Cream and Powder Eye Color Duos ($60 each) are packaged in white and translucent plastic with gold detailing. Some were crestfallen when they realized the packaging was not glass as with the single Creme Eye Colors, but due to the upper eyeshadow component, glass construction is impossible. Besides, I find plastic more convenient, especially whilst traveling. I adore this concept because it melds the convenience of a cream base with my favorite kind of Tom Ford powder eyeshadow — the celestial. Even if glitter isn't your daily jam, you can always wear the cream bases alone and save the celestials for evening out!

All the celestial powder eyeshadows are new shades, but there is only one new cream color. Pink Haze in Golden Peach, Spice in Naked Bronze and the Spring 2015 titanium color from Midnight Sea are all repromotes. Black Oyster boasts the new cream color eye base (above), which is a cool smoky charcoal. Pink Haze and the original Spice were released years ago, so if you haven't, do throw out your expired glass pots. You can keep them for comparison swatches on your arms, but please do not use them on your eyes! That's why I think these duos are a well timed release. It gives those who missed out on Pink Haze and Spice the opportunity to try the forever limited edition Creme Eye Color formula along with Tom Ford's signature eyeshadow formula.

If you purchased the Spring 2015 cream eye color, then you can safely skip Midnight Sea. It is a lovely combination, but the blue glitter is not necessarily suitable for everyday wear. Also worth noting is that Midnight Sea is the least glittery of the four celestials. I actually enjoy the smoother texture since the color is much brighter than I anticipated!

If you have patiently waited to try some of the best of Tom Ford's eyeshadow offerings, these Cream and Powder Eye Duos are a good start! I realize the sparkly metallic look is not for everyone, but these glitters are — without a doubt — the best on the market. I tend to wear them all over, but start out by using a touch in the center of the lid to create bigger, brighter eyes if you're new to the celestials. The bottom line? No matter when or where I wear them, at least one woman literally stops me just to ask what I'm wearing on my eyes. That's how you know something is truly worth splurging for!

The Shimmering Body Oil ($95) is not a product I would generally gravitate toward. The bottle is understated yet beautiful, but the shimmer content makes the formula feel more "special occasion." Furthermore, I try to avoid the sun because long-term exposure increases facial sun spots and speeds up inevitable wrinkling, but I always appreciate the look of healthy skin. The boost of hydration from this lightweight, non-greasy oil helps plump up troublesome areas, and the shimmer actually makes the skin look smoother! Dare I say it makes me look thinner, too? I was truly taken aback with the first test run and now I cannot imagine my summer without this body oil. Plus the application is fuss-free, thanks to the spritzing nozzle. The gold and platinum shimmer miraculously add a hint of supremely natural sun-kissed color, so I plan to wear this on my pale arms and legs just as a pick-me-up. It is undeniably a luxurious indulgence but the amount is more than generous. Plus the sumptuous vanilla fragrance is divine. Make sure you pack this when you go on vacation because it will give you a boost of confidence while wearing a bikini!

The Cream Cheek Color in Pink Sand ($65) has a jelly feel with a glowing finish that I wish more cream blushes had. It effectively gives the illusion of plump cheeks. Now, I am still working on reducing my acne scarring on my cheeks, so I normally shy away from cream formulas. This one is too phenomenal to resist wearing! Since the color is pigmented and vibrant, I like to pop this only on the apples of my cheeks with my clean fingertips. The formula is also infused with tons of golden shimmer, so I recommend keeping it minimal and skipping the powder and highlighter. Let the blush do all the talking! Slap on the Traceless Perfecting Foundation, groom the brows, swipe on a curling mascara, and dab some Pink Sand onto your cheeks and lips for a fresh and youthful 3-minute makeup look.
In case you recall, Tom Ford released pink and bronze cheek sticks a couple years back. The formula was very emollient and a little difficult to blend on top of foundation. This new Cream Blush formula is above and beyond, effortless in application and much longer-lasting. Do not be apprehensive; you won't want to miss out on this limited edition beauty. It swatches cooler on my arm, but the color wears true to pan on my face!

The Lip Color Sheer lipsticks ($50 each) have made a comeback, and two of the most in-demand shades have also returned. Please refer to my review here in case you want to know more about the formula. Paradiso is a perfect summer pink and is ideal for those with sensitive lips as the rich creamy formula does not contain any shimmer. Sweet Spot has a touch of shimmer, but I highly recommend it as it does not irritate my lips. In fact, this is one of my (few) favorite orange lipsticks! Rose Soleil and Skinnydip are the two newcomers, and both have a smooth metallic finish with more translucent color pay off. I love how glossy they look! Skinnydip is worn by the model in the campaign ad, and I prefer Skinnydip to Rose Soleil on my light-medium complexion. I highly recommend layering them for a multi-dimensional rose gold lip! Skinnydip is a touch more pink than Pink Dune from the original Lip Color Sheer lineup.

Conclusion: The Lip Color Sheers and both mini + full-sized Bronzing Powders are permanent, so I highly suggest splurging on the Pink Glow Eye and Cheek Compact first. Quantities of these multi-use palettes are always limited, so place your orders asap before it sells out! The Cream Blush is my next pick because it's so easy to apply and integrate into natural summer looks.
Of the Cream and Eye Powder Duos repromotes, I recommend Golden Peach. Branch out and try something new yet timeless like Black Oyster, too! Last but not least, do not forget about the Shimmering Body Oil. Plenty of brands create similar products each summer, but none have impressed me until now. Tom Ford's is the way to go, and I'm buying a back-up!

P.S. Rest assured, I will show you all the products in action on YouTube next week! 

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  1. Dear Rae,
    I love your photos and the review. Each time I come to your website though, I struggle to find the disclaimer. I was thinking in the States it has to be written what you received for free. Could you please add this to your lovely posts. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for all the beautiful swatches and your input. No one does summer quite like Tom Ford. None of this barely there minimalism for TF. His summer looks are always sultry and sexy with glamorous evening options.

  3. Love your swatches and review. I grab all as always. Waiting for it to come on time so I could enjoy the party. 💖✨


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