Christian Louboutin Python Vulcano Nail Colour Collection Review, Photos + Nail Art

This limited edition miniature Christian Louboutin Python Vulcano lacquer collection is my favorite nail polish release this Spring. I love how the textured keepsake box matches my beloved So Kate Python pumps (available in this Vulanco edition here), and all three polishes are top notch quality. According to Sephora, this coffret is "inspired by Jackson Pollock's drip-techniques paintings... [It] mirrors the brilliant effect of projected colors, resulting in emphasizing the scaled effect of the python surface. This trio of highly pigmented, rich formulas are influenced by the colors in this collection, each one presenting itself as a beautiful art object worthy of displaying on any vanity." Check out the individual shade details and complete nail art look after the jump!

SALONU is a white cement, similar to an eggshell white. It is not as grey as the official description implies, so it looks lovely when used all over the nail or as a replacement for traditional bright white in a French manicure. This is incredibly well pigmented for a white. Two steady coats will suffice!
TRUE BLUE is a periwinkle blue, nearly opaque in one coat. It is noticeably brighter than Wherever, the inky navy from Louboutin's Noir collection, but I consider True Blue more of a cobalt shade. The finished color, once dry, matches this gorgeous Proenza Schouler PS1 bag to a T. 
HOT CHICK is a vivd yellow with a white base. My favorite of the three shades in this Python Vulcano trio is Hot Chick because it's the only yellow nail polish I have ever loved. Chanel's Mimosa was close but too warm and shimmery. Generally speaking, yellow polishes make my yellow-toned complexion look dull and sallow. Hot Chick has just enough white in the base to make my skin look brighter! I would be the first in line to purchase a full-sized version if it were ever released.

This was my first attempt at layered nail art, and this look took me over 3 hours to achieve. I started by applying and trimming the snakeskin nail stickers, which took me by surprise because they looked much nicer on my nails. Then I used a newborn nasal aspirator, dropping each polish down the narrow tube and squeezing the bulb to spray out the color, creating a random drip-pattern effect. I would hold every nail at a different angle and occasionally tap the splattered nail on a paper towel to help direct the movement of each color. I finished each nail with the Loubie Nail Gloss from the Christian Louboutin Nail Care Kit to add shine and also to ensure a long-lasting manicure. My artwork is obviously not up to par with Jackson Pollock's, but I am very pleased with the end result.

My nail beds are ultra small, so layering three coats of thinner splatters — instead of generous aka ultra goopy drips — was a quite a difficult process. I just love how each nail has a unique and individual look. It almost looks like the water marbling technique from a distance, but this Python and Jackson Pollock inspired look is truly a modern and edgy, high fashion take on nail art. This experiment has inspired me to get more creative with my nails, so despite the time investment required, I will be toying with various Louboutin Beauté combinations to bring you artistic styles and designs worth trying!

Bottom Line: I adore Christian Louboutin mini nail polishes and appreciate the forward-thinking vision for this coffret, so I highly recommend the Python Vulcano Nail Colour Collection!

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  1. I really love this look Rae!! And that nasal aspirator tip sounds fun!!


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