Burberry Kisses Lip Color Review, Photos, Swatches (8 Shades)

Burberry recently reformulated their signature lipsticks, now called the Kisses Lip Color. I will be sharing eight today, but there are a whopping 26 buildable shades available. Burberry retained the shiny magnetized packaging and classic Burberry check embossment on the bullet, but the formula is different, so do read all about it after the jump!

I know many loved the rich formula of the original Lip Cover but most could not tolerate the strong powdery fragrance. The new Kisses formula is a bit sheerer but totally fragrance-free and taste-free! They are gently hydrating and as not wax-heavy as the Lip Mists, so I adore this reformulation for daily wear.

The Kisses Lipsticks ($33 each) are very vibrant and beautifully glossy in finish with a creamy gel texture. The majority of the colors featured today are samples, but I purchased Pink Peony sight unseen and will be adding more to my collection once I can see them all at a counter. One swipe will yield translucent color — similar opacity to tinted lip balm — while layering an additional two or three swipes will add depth and dimension. A few do offer full coverage. I still prefer the Lip Velvets when I need a longer-lasting punch of color, but the Kisses are much easier "swipe and go" kind of lipsticks. Just prep the lip with a thick salve to prevent showing lip lines and reapply after eating!

Nude Beige and Nude Pink look best on freshly exfoliated lips. I absolutely love how natural and wearable Nude Pink is, which is why it has quickly become the crowd favorite. I recommend it to those with fair to light-medium skin. It will look stunning against deeper skin tones, and I suggest pairing it with a smoky eye for maximum dramatic impact. Garnet and Oxblood are not shades that I would reach for often, but they are so smooth and leave behind pretty stains that you can top with a clear gloss (which is how I will likely wear these). I think Garnet will be lovely everyday shade on those with tan to dark complexions. Oxblood leans more cherry while Garnet is more like a brown-tinged plum. Devon Sunset is a super saturated, bright peach with a white base while Bright Coral is a spunky red-based orange. Try blending the shades together to create an exquisite tropical lip. Pink Peony is a subtly shimmery warm medium pink (think MLBB), and Claret Pink is a neutral hot pink against my warm complexion. I think Claret Pink is the most universally flattering of the eight, and the slightly glossier finish is such a modern way to wear bright lipstick. 

The vast shade range of the Burberry Kisses lipsticks offer a little bit of something to everyone. My favorites are Devon Sunset (best new pale peach in my lipstick wardrobe), Claret Pink and Bright Coral. I just love how they glide on! Nude Beige is the most difficult to pull off because it is so light, but I love how it leans warmer when layered. Pair it with a lip gloss to manipulate and enhance the color combination to suit your skin tone and the rest of your makeup! The most pigmented of the eight featured today are Bright Coral and Oxblood.

Bottom Line: The elegant Burberry Kisses have earned a permanent rotation on my vanity, and I highly recommend the brighter shades like Bright Coral + Claret Pink for the summer season! I recommend Oxblood + Military Red for fall/winter, and Peach Delight + Pink Peony for year-round wear xo

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  1. They look so promising. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

    X Alice

  2. Nice review. Would like to know if you paid for these or received them free for promotional consideration. Thatd disclosure is required by FTC regulations. Thanks!

  3. Oh dear, they are STUNNING! I would love Nude Pink and Ox blood!


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