YSL No. 13 Candy Ombres 5 Lumieres Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2012 Review, Photos, Swatches

The Ombres 5 Lumieres Palette in 13 for YSL's Spring 2012 Candy Face Collection, $56, is breathtaking. It brings out the little girl in me! I purchased it as soon as my local YSL counter received the shipment, even before the testers arrived. The cotton candy color scheme might seem juvenile to some but this eyeshadow palette is surprisingly wearable and it is a great alternative to the various greens that have overrun this season's eyeshadow palettes. Doesn't it remind you of Easter eggs?

The light gold packaging of YSL's palettes is simple yet refined. It reflects light so I snapped these photos in the shade, but I captured the reflection of the clouds because I thought it would be a whimsical touch to match the Candy theme. A shame the case attracts fingerprints so easily.

When worn, it is not nearly as garish as I expected. I would never wear it in a professional setting, of course, but I was in an adventurous mood and wore it out today without feeling self-conscious. Perhaps it is my medium skin tone that balances out the colors or the sunny weather.. whatever the case, it works! My favorite shade in the palette is the medium lavender. It brightens up any skin tone and the coordinating colors add fun transitional pops of color. The only shade I could have done without is the yellow. It is the chalkiest of the five, but it works just fine to trace the lower lash line when I crave a little more color than the pink, blue, and mint, which act more like highlighters.

The Ombres 5 Lumieres have a very consistent formula, so you know what to expect. They are always medium pigmentation, translucent but not sheer. They have more glitter bits than your average designer/high-end eyeshadow, but that is the trademark! I have never experienced creasing with these shadows, but I use Too Faced's Glitter Glue primer on my lid and a standard primer like the one by NARS on the rest of the eye. This mix helps the lid color to take the stage while allowing the rest of the colors to last throughout the day. 

YSL produced another limited edition palette this Spring but it comes with an even higher price tag of $65. In my opinion, this Rock Candy quad is not worth the premium because it is not as unique, albeit the packaging. More conservative women may prefer this to the No. 13 quint because the colors are more satiny (aka less glitter) and the rose shade can double up as a blush. The other three shades would coordinate to create a simple, easy party eye look. 
*This photo belongs to YSL PR*

Bottom Line: For the most unique Spring palette, treat yourself to the delectable No. 13 Ombres 5 Lumieres eyeshadow palette! The glitter can be high maintenance for some, but the eye look is definitely worth a little extra effort.


  1. oh wow this is definitely very cute :) Hey Rae I was wondering if you can give me some insight of the shu uemura aya takano xmas 2010 collection . I want to get one of the palette ( reindeer kiss I think?!) and the travel brush set . I never owe anything from shu uemura and the cost for these are pretty high ...Do you think i should go ahead and spoil myself? lol

  2. Oh wow, these are some bold colors! Thanks for the review!I recently found your videos on youtube and your blog, and I LOVE all of your tips and reviews! I ended up going through pretty much everything you have on your blog :P

    Quick question:
    I really enjoyed the monolid tutorial with your twin sister, and do you think you can recommend some good foundation for people who have extremely acne-pron skin(not that your sister has it, but she looked like she may have an oily/combination/)? I'm currently using Lancome UV Expert with Clinique acne solutions, and they are okay. I mean I never really expect any coverage for cosmetics for acne-pron skins. But literally after 2-3 hours, they are gone, and I don't really know how to fix my makeup during the day. Thanks Rae! :)

  3. Soo gorgeous. This will most definitely not look good on my eyes...I think I need it.


  4. Anh - I skipped the Shu Uemura Holiday '10 so I can't quite say! The palettes are fun but it's definitely a splurge. Only go ahead with the purchase if they are colors you know you will wear often!

    June - Thank you! And my sister and best friend, same skin, use Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua. My best friend prefers Armani's Face Fabric on lighter coverage days, though :) Make sure you use a primer underneath your foundation. Try CoverFX's Matte Primer!

  5. I saw this at the store, and have been obsessing about purples lately so that purple really appealed to me, would you know of a dupe for it? Or something similar? I'm also considering purchasing the midnight garden palette or lilac sky

  6. Amanda - I think a shade that is pretty close is MAC's Beautiful Iris.. it may be a touch lighter than the YSL purple. You can always check out Inglot!

  7. I just bought this palette they put the purple with pink and green on my eyes wow how beautiful it is especially the lavender purple colour! I never would have picked this if I had not seen your video and review so thank you very much. I normally buy Chanel and Dior and they are always in a velvet pouch this was not is that correct does YSL make up come without a velvet pouch that is wel a con?? Hope to hear from you? Thanks in advance.

  8. Hoi Rae,

    Would you be so kind to answer my question about if there comes a velvet pouche with this palette? If there should be I can go back to the store? Hope to get an reply from you soon. Thanks in advance!


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