My Hair: Blow Dryer and Flat Iron Duo Review

A lot of you have asked what is different about my hair recently. In fact, a lot has changed because my hair care system and hair styling tools have been overhauled. Today, I will show you just the latter.

Let's start with the best hair dryer I've ever encountered thus far. Pictured above is the Sedu Revolution 3600i Lightweight, which is one of their newest releases. I was hesitant when I first received it because I generally prefer more powerful blow dryers due to my naturally coarse hair, but I find that 1600 watts gives me the best blow out ever. I actually use it without the nozzle on most days, but my best friend who has also participated in testing out the blow dryer, says she thinks it flattens out her fine hair without the nozzle. My hair looks fuller and thicker and I do not see as much frizz, which saves me the trouble of time and product during these winter months.

I follow the directions in the pamphlet, listed above, to achieve the Body and Volume Look. It really does work so follow the tips! Also, I think it is worth mentioning that this is the only blow dryer that Tammy's two cats do not run and hide from. They usually hate the sound of the heat blasting but curiously enough, this blow dryer does not bother them. One last mention: the cool shot releases the coolest air when the ion button is turned off.

Now for the newest hair iron in the business. This Sedu Icon Nanon Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron with 1"plates is GHD-priced but is it GHD competition? I say yes. The one drawback of the GHD is that you cannot control the temperature but the Sedu Icon allows this easily. There is no dial that must be turned and can be accidentally moved when using the iron. Instead, it is an easy digital setting with a single press to turn it on or off. It also has a swivel cold and clever little rubber pads to help grip the iron properly. This Icon flat iron is a hot, high-tech item that will not be easy to resist.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend both of these products, especially the hair dryer ($159). But best of all, you can get $25 off with code WINTER25 and free shipping HERE! It will be the best investment you can make for your hair.

The products in this post were provided by Folica for review purposes only.

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  1. wow this blow dryer seems to be very pretty, i hope it will work as pretty as it looks. i wanna buy this. thanx for sharing this


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