Dior Waterlily 504 Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

There is nothing more reminiscent of spring than a minty or leafy green nail polish. It brightens up my mood and my neutral outfits. Dior's Garden Party polish in Waterlily, $23, even smells faintly of roses! It is the perfect nail color for Spring.
Even more impressive is the amount of mint microshimmers in Waterlily. You can see them clearly in the photo above. If you dislike Chanel's muted shimmer look, which is barely perceptible unless in full sun, then this Dior polish will strike your fancy! Waterlily's shimmer is still subtle because it looks like a satin finish indoors but I just wanted to stress the shimmers are a touch more noticeable than Chanel shimmers. In the photos, I'm wearing two coats of Waterlily with Butter London's Hardware top coat. 

I wanted to show you the color in several different lighting scenarios so you could see the full scope of the shade.
Indoors facing the window, blinds drawn -- looks more leafy
 Indoors facing the window, blinds open -- looks more minty
 Outdoors in full sun -- looks warmer yet pale!

I know a lot of you are curious to see how Waterlily compares to Chanel's epic Jade nail polish, which I unfortunately do not own, so please visit The Beauty Look Book here to view even more epic swatches. Jade is definitely more minty but Waterlily comes pretty darn close. That doesn't mean I won't purchase a dozen bottles of Jade if it makes a comeback, though!

I did not purchase the other rose-scented polish, Forget-Me-Not, a mauve-purple, because I don't generally wear medium satin purples. I prefer my purples to have a light jelly finish or I stick to lavender shades. Sabrina's swatch of D&G Amethyst, however, is rather tempting.. Anyway, here are a few more pictures of Waterlily in front of a palm tree when the sun was hidden behind the clouds. 

Bottom Line: Waterlily is my nail pick of the season! Sorry, Chanel. You'll always be my first love. It's back-up worthy. It also wears like iron, as do all of my other Dior polishes. If you are interested in a minty/leafy green this Spring, try Waterlily!


  1. I might have to get this now. Soooo pretty! I actually prefer this shade over Chanel Jade.

  2. Lovely, but I think its too trendy for me.

  3. I love this shade! It's the only thing I've purchased from the Dior Garden Roses Party collection so far. I'll be waiting for my local Sephora to stock up on the Rosy Glow Awakening blush. Can't wait to get my hands on that amazing blush.

  4. Wow Rae… this polish sold out like hot cakes when it released in Canada this weekend =S I went to all my local malls/stores in the area and could NOT find this polish anywhere! After about the 10th store I gave up since every store only got like shipments of 5. Anyways, by luck, a good friend of mine found it in a mall like 45 mins away from me! It was the last one too! SUPER happy about this polish though! You're right, it's not very shimmery on the nails, but the color is such a lovely green (more on the yellow than blue side) =) I don't have anything like it so it's definitely a fav for me ^^ I know you haven't done the review for YSL's spring collection yet, but did you also pick up their duo manicure nail polishes? I was so close to getting the brown/green duo because of the green again =X but this Dior one just looks so much better in my opinion.

  5. please please do a tutorial on how you paint your nails. They look like they are done by a pro!!!

  6. Cherrie - I just finished editing my Spring 2012 Nail Polishes review. You'll see in the video they are quite different!

    Lesley - Thanks so much! And I think I will, maybe next month or so :)


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