Guerlain Rose Piquant Rouge G Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain released four gorgeous pink Rouge G lipsticks for this Spring, titled the Rose Collection. I chose the shade I least expected to like but upsets are not uncommon in the game of pink lipsticks, right? I only purchased one of the four but I do have swatches of the other three for you to compare Rose Piquant to!

As much as I love the elegant Rouge G case, it is much too heavy for my preferences. The bullet only sits on a flat surfaced when balanced on the engraved edge, seen above. I do not use the mirror contraption since I rarely reapply my lip color, but most of you will be excited to hear that Guerlain may be producing refills for the Rouge Gs this year!

Rose Piquant might look a touch cool and a bit dark in the tube but it is a very neutral medium pink, the most universal pick of the four. It is inherently wearable, yet it is nothing like any lip color I own. It is not too pink, not too pale, not too dark.. the ideal pink for my skin tone. This is one color I could, and will, wear often. The Rouge G formula is one of the most consistent of the prestige brands and Rose Piquant is one of the smoothest, creamiest pinks I have tried from the range. I get about 4 or 5 hours of wear with this color. I highly recommend it.

Now let's talk about the other shades! I was most interested in Rose Innocent because it has been covered rather thoroughly on the blogs, but it is much too cool and the base leans a touch lilac. I also find that Rouge G lipsticks with higher shimmer content tend to settle in my lip lines, so I was not too disappointed when I passed. Fair ladies, however, might fall in love with it. The Rouge G in Gabrielle is fairly similar, though I find Rose Innocent a touch more pigmented and significantly cooler against my skin tone. Rose Ensoleille is too warm for me, a coral-peach that brings out the ruddiness of my cheeks. Rose Barbare is rather neutral for a fuchsia. This was my second favorite pick of the bunch and even though it is the brightest of the four, it is not garish and has a luminous jelly finish. Still very appropriate for Spring! 

 Rose Piquant on my lips in Full Sun

Bottom Line: Unexpected, but this is my favorite pink lipstick released this Spring. Rose Piquant looks like a standard creme in natural light but the pink and opal shimmers are definitely noticeable in full sun. The shimmers, however, do not settle in my dry lip lines because the formula is so moisturizing. All four Rouge Gs of the Rose Collection are limited edition so pick up your favorite(s) soon!


  1. very nice color. can't wait to try this on the guerlain counter :)

  2. Refills for the Rouge G's?! Gods, that would be amazing :D

  3. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I tried subscribing to your blog and there was some kind of error... It suggested I contact you, so you can look into it! ;0)

  4. Katie - You might want to try again! Google's been glitchy but other people have been able to subscribe to the blog so it might just be a networking error. Thank you for letting me know that you ran into the issue, though :)

  5. where can i buy these online? i looked at sephora.com but didn't see them...?

  6. Allison - I only purchase Sephora exclusives like Illamasqua from Sephora. When in doubt, assume whatever I bought was from Nordstrom, which is where I purchased the Guerlain lipstick. Check Neiman Marcus, Saks, or Barney's for the boutique brands I show.


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