Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Review, Photos, Swatches

I impulsively splurged on the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish while perusing through Sephora. It was expensive at $22.50 so I had high hopes for this product but the "natural humectants" in it fail to soften my lips, much less slough off the dead skin cells. Granted, I do have very dry, incredibly flaky lips. If you have low maintenance lips and you're just noticing a touch of dryness here and there this winter, however, it may work for you. Read more to see photos of the texture!

I tried massaging my lips with a very little product at first. The second time, I tried using a lot of product. It didn't make a difference either way. Both times, I massaged my lips for approximately twenty to thirty seconds. My lips were not well exfoliated, even after rinsing with a damp washcloth as instructed. Yes, the scrub removes the largest particles of skin that hang, but those are easily removed - no expensive lip polish necessary. I was looking for a lip scrub that would exfoliate a bit deeper, not just scratch the surface. If anything, I think a Do-It-Yourself sugar scrub would be a lot more cost effective yet yield similar results to this Sugar Lip Polish. My readers/viewers know I'm not a DIY fan so that's saying a lot.

Bottom Line: I'm returning it. I plan to try the Sara Happ lip scrub that Temptalia.com's writer Christine recently recommended.


  1. you got to use the fresh lip treatment afterwards.

  2. you will love the Sarah Happ one. I am on my second and it really is amazing. I had cocoa and now I am using red velvet!

  3. Hi Rae - You might also want to give the Mary Kay Satin Lip Set (Mask and Balm) a try. I've tried it before and I remember liking it.

  4. I didn't like this lip scrub either! I feel like it's not grainy enough, if that makes sense! I like to mix sugar and coconut oil in a container and use that for my lips. It works really well, and taste good too haha!

  5. Reggie - I can't use Fresh lip treatments because they make my lips peel. I used a balm afterward and it still didn't help.

    M.fay - Thank you for letting me kno!

    Jill B - I'll try a couple more and then we'll see. Thank you!

    Nataliie - Yes, I agree! That sounds awesome. I"ll definitely give that mix a try :)

  6. I wasnt a huge fan of this either. It has a great texture that you would think it would do wonders for your lips, and reach below the surface. I find my lips feel even drier and peel more after using this product. I got the the mini one that comes with the plum lip treatment

  7. Have you tried Lush's lip scrub? I have the Mint Julips one and it seems to do the same thing that this Fresh one does, except It's significantly cheaper at $8.95 for 0.9 oz. Plus, it's edible, so you can just lick it off when you're done exfoliating! =)

  8. I have to agree with Jill B. I use the Mary Kay lip scrub & I don't even have to put on lip balm afterwards to achieve flawless lipstick application. My lips are dry and flaky that even Chanel Rouge Coco Shine & Dior's lipsticks are a bit dry for me. Good luck finding a good lip scrub :)

  9. Hey,
    I just wanted to let you know that I use the Lush Sugar Lip Scrub which you can buy in 3 different colours and tastes. It cost me around 3£, I think. :)
    It has helped me a lot to keep my lips soft and super smooth looking. I apply Burt's Bees lipbalm afterwards and my lips feel like Heaven!!! :D

    Just wanted to tell you this since you seem to bee looking for a good lip scrub. :)

    By the way, I love your blog and videos on youtube, but never feel that I have anything useful to say to post a comment... ^^ Sorry.

  10. I just mix a bit of extra virgin olive oil with sugar and it works better then 90% of the lip scrubs I used to buy.

  11. awe man I'm sorry :'( that sucks.. but I'll definitely try every lip scrub that ppl have suggested! <3 the makeup community


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