Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment Review, Photos, Swatches

After my subpar experience with Fresh's Sugar Lip Scrub recently, I was hesitant to try another Sugar product since the other Lip Treatments in the collection have caused major peeling in the past. This new Advanced Therapy treatment ($25), however, contains no SPF, which is generally the culprit of my issues with lip products.

Jack Black's lip balms have been all the rage recently and while they do not cause as much peeling as other lip balms with SPF, the Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment works like no other balm in twist-up 'chapstick' form. Chanel's HydraMax lip balm works wonders on my lips but it is inconveniently packaged in a plastic pot. While the Sugar Advanced Therapy lip treatment has a texture similar to Chanel's HydraMax, the latter is a touch lighter and thinner with a glossier finish. The Sugar comfortably coats my lips with a thick layer of hydrating oils. The secure twist at the base of ceramic packaging of the balm securely shields the product from the elements and ensures that it will not dry out.

Bottom Line: The Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment admittedly does work best over well exfoliated lips, but this is still the best 'no-unsanitary-finger-dipping' balm I've ever encountered. I highly recommend it, even if it is $2.50 more than the tinted Sugar lip balms!


  1. Yes, this lip balm is amazing!! That's why I have three different shades!! Honey is the best!!

  2. Thanks for doing this review, Rae! I've used Fresh's Sugar Lip Therapy w/ SPF 15. I liked the product, but still felt my lips were chapped after a while. I wonder if it's cause of the SPF. I'm going to give the advanced therapy a try.

  3. Hi Rae, thanx for the review! Have u tried Bliss fabulips treatment kit or the bliss softening lip balm by itself? my lips seem to be as sensitive to peeling as urs and although ive bought the kit im still scared to try it. What about the Chanel coco rouge shine baume, have u tried that one yet? I know ure a fan of Hydramax and i thought u might be interested in trying out chanel's new lip balm in tube form.


  4. Thanks for the review. I can't use SPF in lip products either. Is this available online yet in the US? I don't see it on the Fresh web site.

  5. Hey Rae, have you tried Aveda's Lip Saver? I have problems with peeling lips too but that is my favorite lip balm ^_^


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