Laura Mercier Innocent Peach Creme Cheek Colour Review, Photos, Swatches

Laura Mercier has always been one of my go-to brands for beautiful neturals. Her products are easy to wear and even easier to use and her limited blush for spring, Innocent Peach, is a winner. If only it weren't limited edition. Innocent Peach, $22, is my favorite piece from her Lingerie collection, a delectable medley of warm pinks and tangerines suitable for all skin tones.

I love how smooth the texture of this cream blush is. It can be used with the fingertips or with a brush but I actually find that this formula glides on so easily that using the fingers is actually much faster and more efficient than using a brush. It has a creme texture when solid in the pan but it transforms into a gel with heat. The warmth from the fingers makes the product more malleable, allowing the heat to adhere the creme to the skin better. I was most amazed, however, to see that Innocent Peach did not enhance my pores at all!

And although the name of this product is Innocent Peach, it actually does not read true peach on my face. It is rather a salmon, with a neutralizing touch of pink. I love how natural it looks! Those intimidated by apricots and peaches will be relieved that this product won't leave them with hideous orange streaks across the cheekbones.

It looks shimmery in the pan when it is directly facing the sun but on the face, those particles meld in and impart a beautiful fresh glow. It is not so dewy that it makes my skin look greasy, but it still may not be the best choice for very oily skins because it doesn't last all day. No, it does not slip or slide but the color does fade gradually after 4 hours of wear.

Full Sun

Natural Light

Bottom Line: If you've been previously scared of cream blushes because they are not as user-friendly as powder blushes, try this low-maintenance Innocent Peach Creme Cheek Colour!


  1. this cream blush is pretttyyyyy!! laura mercier does beautiful products for simple, sophisticated looks :)

  2. I'm surprised at how affordable this Blush is compared to other LM products. I would love to get this but I want a cream blush that lasts at least six hours. I'm a sucker for long wearing makeup.

    Any recommendations?

  3. Cendana - You are absolutely right!

    Mia - Try the YSL Creme Blushes! They last around 6 hours on me :)

  4. Hi Rae, how would you compare this to the YSL creme d blush? I have it in the coral colour as well! And was wondering if it's worth buying the Laura Mercier one?

  5. Anon - LM's is more like a gel blush, rather than a true cream. YSL's is a touch longer lasting and more opaque in pigmentation but the LM color provides a more natural blush effect. They definitely are both worth having since they are completely different products!

  6. We def need to go shopping together, we get the same makeup!! LOL I really like this blush,it is very light on me but it looks very pretty and I got kissable lips and coral temptation lip pot too ( I think that's what it is called).

  7. Cream blushes are my favourite! I wish this was a part of the permanent line.

  8. This cream blush does apply beautifully when I tested it out today. However since I have oily skin I bought this colour in the powder version as part of the Lingerie Eye and Cheek Palette. Thanks for your continuous awesome recommendations! I've been able to make much better makeup choices ever since I discovered your blog and tutorial videos :) FYI Shu Eumura's Glow On blush in Peach 47 comes almost identical to this in case you can't find the limited edition versions in future :)

  9. Gwen - Awesome news! Thanks for listening and reading :) The Lingerie palette is gorgeous, isn't it? I would have purchased it if I had the extra room in my budget, but alas, we don't always get our way! I seriously need to try a Glow On Blush, but I had no idea which color to start with.. guess I know now! Thank you <3

  10. The Glow On blush in peach 47 is the shade I bought like many years back so I'm not quite sure if its still available :) It has been my most used blush. There's hardly any fallout from the palette coz I like my palettes to look neat and clean:)


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