Tom Ford Beauty Haul Sneak Peek Photos + Initial Impressions Review

I received my pre-ordered Tom Ford products from Bergdorf Goodman last week.

My favorite pieces are the lipstick [as lovely as before] and the eyeshadow quad [much larger pans than anticipated]. Based on quality alone, most of the pieces are not worth their exorbitant price tags but keep in mind that these are just my initial impressions. I usually don't like to reveal my judgments until I've tested the products for at least two weeks but I know all of you are dying to see pictures ;)

These aren't the best of the photos since I've saving those for the individual reviews, but these get the job done so I hope you enjoy them!

Blush in Flush

Undeniably beautiful in the pan, isn't it? This was the most anticipated blush shade of the collection and I could see why. It swatches true to color on the fingers/hands but unfortunately, that gorgeous color doesn't translate on my face. The pigmentation is excellent but the finish of the blush is ultra frosty. I do love variation in blush finishes but if you don't like frost finishes, you must avoid this. It accentuates pores slightly and doesn't quite last all day. Thus far, it performs best when applied with a smaller duo fiber brush.

The new cases are very luxe and though I wasn't a fan at first, it's growing on me. My best friend isn't easily won over by beauty products but she was very impressed with the look of the packaging. We both think it's retro in the classiest way possible and an excellent interpretation of Tom Ford's taste.

Lipsticks in Vanilla Suede and Sable Smoke

The new lipsticks are housed in the brown bullets whereas the older lipsticks were cased in white bullets. Vanilla Suede has been discontinued but Sable Smoke is part of the new line-up. I was looking for a caramel nude lipstick, something that wouldn't wash me out since I still have my summer tan. Sabrina, of The Beauty Look Book, posted a review of this shade when it was first launched before the rest of the make-up and I was immediately drawn to it. I love the formula still and I don't believe it's changed much. Tom Ford lipsticks are definitely still my favorite! They are richly pigmented, with a semi-matte finish. 

Eyeshadow Quad in Cognac Sable

I am not disappointed with this product at all because I did some research before I bought it. The line was available in the UK months before it was available here so I was able to view swatches and Cognac Sable happened to be my top pick. I wanted to buy one that I knew I would get the most mileage out of and these colors do not disappoint. They're not too overpriced, considering you get a decent amount of product. Cognac Sable reminds me most of Chanel's Kaska Beige, which is one of my favorite eye shadow quads. I do recommend this if you don't mind paying a little bit more.

Cream Foundation Brush

I haven't used this yet because Bergdorf Goodman sent me the wrong foundation. This brush is intended for use with the cream foundation and I was accidentally sent the liquid foundation. As far as I can see, the brush is sturdy and relatively dense. It resembles the Shu Uemura foundation brush that The Non Blonde reviewed in her epic brushes series a while back. I love the white goat bristles, which are firm but very soft against the face. I can already tell it's going to be a fabulous brush but is it worth the $70? We shall see. I believe the Shu Uemura brush Gaia reviewed is the Natural 18 goat brush, which is more affordable at $42. 

Traceless Liquid Foundation SPF 15

Now, this is where my order went wrong. The foundation I ordered is the similarly named Traceless Foundation Stick version, supposedly less luminous in finish. I'm still glad I opened this without realizing I was sent the wrong one, though, because at least I know I picked my color correctly! Sight unseen but I got lucky ;) I chose 05 Natural and it's only a touch too dark. Currently, I'm between NC30 and NC35 but Natural is closest to NC35, if not darker. The finish is much too luminous for my combination skin, so this formula is probably best for more mature, dry skin. The coverage is buildable, from sheer to medium. I'll have to use it at least for another week to come to a conclusion but for the price, I am definitely unimpressed. I hope I will love the stick foundation more when I receive it next week!

Photo from Bergdorf Goodman's Blog

Other thoughts: Some of the products have names like Lost Cherry and Bitter Bitch? No, thank you. Tom Ford can be edgy and we're all for his irresistiblly bold style but this range is priced for and aimed at women in their 30s and up. I don't believe my mother would purchase the products based on those names alone, even if she liked them. Ultimately, the prices are a little steep but you pay for the branding and exclusivity. If you want to treat yourself, definitely try the lipsticks first!


  1. Oooh! You intrigued me with the Kaska Beige comparison. Can't wait for your full review!

  2. Can't wait for the full review! Ive been dying to try the lipsticks, but they are not available to Singapore and the dept store websites don't ship these lipsticks internationally. Bummer. If you know of any websites that ship these internationally, please let me know :)

  3. I picked up Cognac Sable as well- I LOVE the sparkly copper shade, but I am less impressed by the others. I think it is nice, but not worth the price.

  4. xiao - I'm going to take pictures tomorrow ;)

    lpng24 - I don't believe NM or Saks will be shipping internationally, sorry!

    productdoctor - You're right. The more I use it, the less I like it. Sparkly copper is definitely a winner in my book, too!

  5. Are the shadows long lasting? Im only able to wear armani eyes to kill due to oily lids. Oo and niemans has free shipping atm!

  6. I'm eager for your review of the eyeshadow quad. I tried the lipsticks and found them lovely, but the price makes me hesitate. For some reason I'm more willing to swallow the cost for the quads, if they really are that good.


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