Dolce & Gabbana Provocative Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

I was hesitant when I ordered D&G's The Blush in Provocative because cool bubblegum/baby pinks generally tend to oxidize on my skin and transform into warm, slightly rosy but mostly nude shades that are difficult to describe. Unfortunately, Provocative did not pass my oxidation test. It maintains true-to-pan color for the first two hours of wear but once oxidation kicks in, not even remote traces of pink can be found on my cheeks. If you're fair-skinned, however, you may have better luck with Provocative than I did!

The gold compact does attract fingerprints, though not as noticeably as YSL's gold compacts, and for some reason, the closure on my Provocative blush is a bit faulty. It doesn't snap shut as easily as my other D&G products but I can live with it, just something I felt obligated to mention. The powder inside is smooth and silky, does not kick up much powder dust and applies best with a soft but dense blush brush like Bobbi Brown's. The pigmentation is about medium. This is no NARS Exhibit A but that also means it is much easier to apply and wear properly. I also own Peach, to the right of Provocative above, which was included in the photo above to show how much cooler Provocative is. [I will be reviewing Peach later this week.]

I included the swatch of YSL's new Radiance blush because it's such a gorgeous shimmery baby pink [more neutral than Provocative or Katie] that does stay relatively true to color on my cheeks. The other three blushes are matte/satin shades. If you have not yet found a more affordable bubblegum or baby pink blush alternative, however, D&G's Provocative may be the one to try! I love the texture of D&G blushes and really believe that is what makes them worthy of their high price tag, even if the color of Provocative did not work out as I had hoped it would. I find that only Illamasqua's Katie appears and remains true to color on my medium-light skin.

Bottom Line: I maintain that D&G blushes are worth the splurge but Illamasqua's Katie is still my Holy Grail baby pink blush (and it's much more affordable, too)!


  1. I been wanting to get that Katie blush! Very pretty :) love the swatches.

  2. I've been eyeing D&G blushes for awhile now but your review totally got me! I think I'll give Provocative a try ;) Thanks Rae! (^_^)


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