My favorite brand TART - Fabulous Basics at a Fabulous Discount!

TART is my modal heaven, and the brand is best known for their signature drapes and ruching. I love modal because the fabric drapes well but it's great when used for basic tops and dresses. I don't keep up with fashion's latest trends. Instead, I choose fabrics that I know will endure and shapes that I know will flatter my body's easily fluctuating weight.

A lot of you asked about the grey Dolman Tee I wore in my last several videos so I figured it was high time to announce, once and for all, my love for TART. But TART is not cheap. I rarely ever buy clothes for the full retail price and my first couple TART pieces were found at Loehmann's. I usually buy off HauteLook.com, however, because they have a significantly larger selection. Sadly, these flash sale sites don't stock brands like TART for at least every few months so if you miss your opportunity to buy a piece or two before Saturday at 8am when the sale closes, you will have to sit impatiently and stalk HL until TART returns. I am speaking from experience here :)

Today, I purchased this long-sleeved cowl neck tee. If you are petite and have a small bust and waist yet a larger derriere, cowl necks are your best friend! They will even out the proportions of your body.
Now, I only purchased this Nyla Cowl Neck top today but I'll show you some other TART clothing I have purchased off HL that is available today.

I wasn't too confident when I ordered this Brandy Twisted Strap Dress because it didn't look so great on the model. But in person, the twisted straps add subtle attention to your sculpted collarbones and the length of the dress is just right (for me, anyway). It's not too long as to make your frame overwhelmed but it's not too short in that it screams, "I want attention!" I highly recommend this if you want a Little Black Dress that is more casual. You can also dress it up by adding a tailored blazer and black patent pumps.

Next, we have the Long Sleeve Veronica Dress. I bought it in a royal purple shade but unfortunately, it's not available today but the shape hasn't changed. I actually do love the way the grey looks and if you're on the slimmer side, I highly recommend it! I received the long-sleeved version of this dress by mistake. I ordered the sleeveless version but I find that the sleeve adds some interesting dimension without taking away from my petite frame! I think it may be due to that fact the sleeve balances out the ruching near the waist. Either way, I love this dress and it's great to wear on cooler nights out because you won't need a jacket!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little review and I sincerely hope you give TART a chance! Check out the sale here: http://tinyurl.com/795prda. Happy shopping!

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