Edward Bess Forbidden Flower Ultra Slick Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

As much as I adore gloss, I will always remain faithful to lipstick. And my favorite new lipstick of the moment is Forbidden Flower, the peach-nude lip color of my dreams. It's technically not 'new' because Edward Bess launched his line a couple years ago but it's 'new' to me! I rarely order products that I have not personally seen/swatched in person but The Beauty Look Book, The Non Blonde, and Cafe Makeup made it so easy for me to make my decisions that I couldn't resist ordering a few pieces from Neiman Marcus, now that it offers EB online.

I credit my purchase of Forbidden Flower specifically to Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book. She has the most comprehensive EB review on the web and she puts my epic-length YouTube reviews to shame ;)

The metal bullet is a glossy black with EB's name stamped in white at the base of the bullet. The contrast is stark but I personally love the simplicity. I am not the kind of woman that touches up my make-up often - if ever - so if I choose to carry a lipstick, I want the bullet to be weighty and substantial to withstand any potential damage but I do not want it to be distractingly heavy. If you are of the same mind, this EB lipstick fits the bill.

The color of Forbidden Flower is perfection. It appears to be a much darker orange-peach in the tube and in the swatch but do not let that deceive you. If you are looking for the color seen below, you can always manipulate the lipstick by adding a more vibrant orange gloss on top!

The formula is so rich and emollient yet it does not bleed into my lip lines. I have naturally dry and sensitive lips but the lipstick simply glides across my lips. With two swipes, I see opaque color coverage - very impressive because I have medium pigmented mauve lips! Plus, the fig scent is absolutely delectable. I can't wait to visit New York in January so I can visit EB's baby counter in Bergdorf's. I have a wishlist written down on an index card already.

Bottom Line: Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipsticks are coveted by beauty mavens everywhere with good reason. $32 may be an investment but it's the one of the best beauty purchases I've made all year. I want more already!

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