Sigma Cities Collection - The London Brush Kit Sneak Peek Preview Photos

Sigma Beauty is releasing a highly anticipated, very limited edition travel collection called The Cities. I have a press sample of the London kit to show you today. These go on sale TODAY so I highly recommend you pick one up as soon as possible. Don't wait because these babies are going to sell out faster than Chanel Jade nail polish!

Each kit will feature seven travel-sized brushes and I think Sigma couldn't have produced a more practical, streamlined travel brush set. The London kit boasts posh 18k gold ferrules and luxurious chestnut handles, a little reminiscent of Tom Ford's new brushes - without the ridiculously exorbitant price tag and subpar quality - to represent London's poise and elegance.

I also love Sigma's innovative travel-sized brush holder. Not only is it adorable, it is totally functional since it splits into two separate brush holders/containers! No one beats Sigma when both factors of price and quality are concerned. You will receive 4 eye brushes and 3 face brushes for an agreeable price of $59 (London is an extra $30, due to the gold). Aren't they just dreamy?

Sigma is also launching the New York [silver ferrules and black handles], Tokyo [pink ferrules and pink handles], and Paris [red ferrules and red handles]. London is my favorite though I'm sure Tokyo and Paris will be very popular!

Bottom Line: I still love Laura Mercier's travel brushes but this Sigma London Kit is a the perfect travel companion, a must-have this holiday! Purchase it here: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=53495


  1. Dear Rae,
    you make me want to purchase again~
    are they regular/standard size brushes?

  2. Dorothy: They're definitely worth the splurge! And they're travel-sized brushes so they're short-handled brushes :)

  3. I love the London and Paris ones but i'm a little bit hesitated due to their short handles.
    I don't know about sigma's but i've bought MAC x'mas brush sets before and didn't really like the quality: the bristles fell out a lot.
    How do you think about Sigma brushes? I've never tried them before. and i have to order online because i live in Canada.
    Thank you~~~

  4. Dorothy - These brushes are nothing short of phenomenal! Like I stated in the review, LM travel brushes are also excellent but this London kit is officially my favorite travel set. MAC's awful travel brushes can't compare to these in any regard.


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