Spring 2012 Nail Polish Review + Top Picks Video Details

Here's a full run down of my favorite polishes for this season! Some are official Spring 2012 colors, others are not. The color wheel was purchased at Sally Hansen's Beauty Supply.

Nail Polishes Shown - in Order of Color Wheel:
Dior Waterlily [Spring 2012]
YSL Mint Green [Spring 2012 Mini Manicure Couture Duo No. 7]
Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom
Julep Emilie
Butter London Knackered [Spring 2012]
Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze
Julep Anne
OPI DS Extravagance
Laura Mercier Cabana [Spring 2012]
Butter London Disco Biscuit [Spring 2012]
Laura Mercier Flamingo [Spring 2012]
Chanel May [Spring 2012]
Julep Carrie
Julep Hayden
YSL Pumpkin Orange  [Spring 2012 Mini Manicure Couture Duo No. 8]
YSL Dark Brown [Spring 2012 Mini Manicure Couture Duo No. 7]

Make-up Worn:
Laura Mercier Spring 2012 [Full list and tutorial HERE]

Laura Mercier Cabana and Julep Carrie


  1. Would you happen to have a great site for purchasing nailpolishes simliar to these :) x

  2. I think you forgot to put Chanel's june in the list? Thanks for yet another great video!

  3. Do you know if an opi or china glaze dupe for the laura mercier cabana?

  4. I just bougth Chanel May, and I had really high expectations because this is my very first high end nailpolish, it chipped on me the second day with a topcoat on. The colour is lovely but I got sligthly dissapointed. What's your experience with this naipolish?

  5. Esther - I'm sorry to hear that! Chanel and May have yet to chip on me, and I've worn both several times now. What top coat are you using? Try Chanel's Extreme Shine or Butter London's Hardware. They work the best for me :)

  6. RAE! I'd love your help! :)
    I am tossing up between getting Chanel June or Laura Mercier Cabana. I can't allow myself to get both haha! I think Laura Mercier Cabana is better suited to my skin tone but would be much easier to find a dupe for. Chanel June is quite unique but I'm relatively fair and I think it would make me look sallow and more pale than I already am. What is your opinion?

  7. Sarah - I personally think Cabana is the best polish this Spring, it will really brighten up your skin tone. June looks great on very fair and very deep skin tones! If you're just relatively fair.. then it will bring out the yellows and cause a slightly sallow cast, but I don't think it's too distracting :) It's really up to what color you want.. pale tangerine or bright coral!


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