MAC Butterfly Party Crushed Metal Pigment Review, Photos, Swatches

This is the first stack of MAC Crushed Metal Pigments I have ever purchased. I prefer working with pressed shadows, which are far less messy, but this set was too beautiful to pass up. This particular limited edition stack from the Vera Collection, $34, comes with four highly metallic shades - Rain Drop, Moss Garden, Butterfly Party, and Desert Cloud.

The packaging is simple, lightweight plastic screw tops. They come in pairs of two but you can screw them together to create a quad stack. I personally prefer to keep them separate because I actually wouldn't use all four shades on the eyes at once. It would be metallic overkill.

NOTE: The Crushed Metal Pigments must be crushed properly [to a fine, evenly crushed dust] before applying them to the lid. If you do not crush the rocks, a very uneven metallic sheen and minimal color coverage will occur. I've snapped photos of the little rocks in the their containers as well as the thin plastic lids that cover them because the pigment dust on the lids show the colors of the pigment rocks more true to color.

Rain Drop is my favorite. It reminds me of the Undercurrent Pearlglide Intense pencils that were also repromoted with this collection, a bright medium teal with shimmers. Moss Garden is perfect to use on the lids for a dramatic cut crease because it has the most reflective metallic sheen, and Butterfly Party is a gorgeous magenta. It is very striking, reminds me of MAC Stars N' Rockets because of the blue and fuchsia shimmers. Desert Cloud is the worst of the stack since it has the highest concentration of glittery bits with the least amount of its base color, a periwinkle purple. It is also not very metallic in finish, but it performs much better when used with a mixing medium or MAC's Fix+. Less fall out, too! I still enjoy using the rest of the colors dry.

Full Sun

Indoor Shade

Natural Light

Bottom Line: These pigments may be more high maintenance than your standard eyeshadows, but the beautiful metallic reflects are worth the effort! I do recommend you give them a try.


  1. UGH this is the WORST post I've ever, ever, EVER read! How's THAT for sweet?! Haha jk! :)

    Should I use something like MAC's Mixing Medium or TF's Glitter Glue under these? And how many layers did it take to achieve full opacity?

    Glad to see you putting exclusive content on your blog.

  2. Thank you for the good review :) I love mac pigments :)

  3. TripleHelix - LOL I love you! I think the Glitter Glue would be fine but personally, I'd stick with something more fluid, like MAC's Mixing Medium!

    Annie - Glad you liked it!


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