MAC Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow Quad from Shop Shop Shop Cook Cook Cook Review, Photos, Swatches

I have not purchased a MAC eyeshadow quad in years. The Shop Shop Shop Cook Cook Cook Collection includes three eyeshadow quads, Call Me Bubbles, Shop & Drop, and Colour Added. Call Me Bubbles did not strike me as a must have from the swatches I saw online, but once I saw it in store, I knew it was worth the splurge. Then I applied it to my lids and fell in love. 

The updated packaging for the MAC quads is more square, a lightweight black plastic with a thin clear lid. I also loved the limited edition paper covering for the standard MAC box.

Call Me Bubbles is a very warm-toned palette, a color scheme that I generally do not reach for, but the colors work very well together! This palette is very in tune with the tangerine-orange-coral trend, but it definitely isn't for everyone. You can, however, always add deeper chocolate browns to make it more wearable. See the colors in action on my eyes HERE!

Now for the individual shades: Call Me Bubbles - a shimmery oyster pearl, Fresh Daily - slightly frosty tangerine, Full of Flavor - matte coral with a pink base, and Brush - a reddish copper with a metallic sheen. I love that there are a variety of finishes in this palette. It makes it more user-friendly!

My favorites are Brash and Full of Flavor. They are very well pigmented and easily buildable. All of the shadows kick up quite a bit of dust when I dip my brush into them, but they apply evenly to the lids. Now for full swatches!

Bottom Line: This is one of the best MAC eyeshadow quads I've ever encountered! The color scheme is well-coordinated and the quality the shadows is worthy of the cost of the palette. I highly recommend it!


  1. Is this quad a limited edition or will it be avaible for longer? ^^

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  3. Fromalytoyou - LE!

    Monika - Thanks very much!

  4. This is a beautiful quad, but the colors a very intimidating for me because I usually do not rock bright colors. I wish I was as confident as you, so I could be able to rock any colors like you. Thanks you for the honest reviews.


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