NEO Clover 4 Tone Lenses in Lucky Clover Brown and Grey Review, Photos

I've been getting questions about the lenses I wore in a couple videos recently, so I figured a few photos and a quick review would be helpful to those interested in purchasing them! My vision is awful, so I require prescription, but these lenses also come in the plano version (no prescription).

Artificial Light, Eye Make-up Tutorial Coming Soon!

As most of you know, I avoid brown circle lenses because they tend to have straight line patterns that cause a lizard eye effect. They also tend to run more orange, less brown, and I find that highly unappealing. These Clover 4 Tone Lucky Brown lenses, however, are pretty natural. The four brown tones create a warm brown color that only leans a touch orange. They look less natural in the artificial lighting in which I snapped the photos, but rest assured they look great in natural lighting. I first saw them on gorgeous blogger Reika and they look so wonderful against her fair complexion.

 Artificial Light, Drugstore Haul Make-up [L'Oreal Eyeshadow]

Window Lighting, facing the sun

Next I have the Clover 4 Tone Lucky Grey lenses, which actually lean more blue. The grey tones are concentrated right around the pupil, just wish they'd extend a bit further out. They are quite fun and look relatively natural for a blue lens since the color is not too bright. If you're looking for a truly grey lens, then try the Tri Color Grey lenses. The Clover 4 Tone lenses are just as comfortable as the Tri Color lenses, but they are slightly wider at 14.2mm as opposed to the Tri Color's 14.0mm. I actually do not have much experience with NEO lenses, but these have been a great start! I highly recommend them to those of you who want to try a slightly different and still natural lens style that isn't as widely available.

These NEO Clover 4 Tone lenses were provided by Eyecandylens.com without charge for consideration for review. Use coupon code "RAEVIEW" for a free surprise gift with your purchase (no minimum order required)! And no, I do not make commission from the use of the code.


  1. these lenses are so pretty. i don't wear lenses but i've always been interested in it. you make me want to wear them even more!

  2. These are gorgeous on you :) the color is beautiful..I never would have thought these would turn out like this. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I think the brown looks lovely :) i think i'm going to try them out too

  4. which lashes are you wearing in the top pic? they are GORGEOUS!! love the lenses too. :)

  5. which lashes are you wearing in the top pic? they're GORGEOUS!! love the lenses too! :)

  6. what lashes are you wearing in this picture?


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