TOP 5 | My In-flight Travel Secrets + Tips

Since I have traveled so much this year, I've discovered several tips and tricks to making my beauty routine a little less clumsy. I'm all about streamlining and efficiency these days! I always pack my Anya Hindmarch Inflight Case whenever I fly, since I can access my skin care and makeup without having to dig into a dark bottomless bag. The separate zipped compartments make it so easy. There are more affordable copies of her case, but nothing comes close to the Inflight. It's stylish yet sturdy!

Now let's dig into the details of my actual skin care routine. I like to soak and wring out a cleansing cloth with water, dampen my face, massage with cleanser, and gently wipe away with the cloth. Rinse the cloth thoroughly and wipe your face again to remove any cleanser residue!

Using a clean muslin cloth (or the gorgeous silk cloth by TATCHA if you use a cleansing oil) will reduce the mess of water splashing all over the sink and dripping down your clothing. On that note, I also recommend purchasing a large bottle of water to wash your face with, since the tap water in the plane bathrooms isn't exactly clean. If you prefer to keep it simple or if the line for the bathroom is too long, try a pre-moistened wipe like Koh Gen Do's Spa Cleansing Cloth to remove all makeup and freshen up!

Speaking of water, make sure you drink it!! I do not drink often to begin with, but I never drink alcohol while flying. I try to avoid coffee or tea unless I'm landing in the  morning; in that case I will have some with breakfast. I usually ask for hot chamomile tea and extra water bottles, even if I am not thirsty. The more hydrated you stay, the less bloated you'll look and the better your skin will feel, especially since you need to combat the saltiness of airplane food.

No matter what seasoned flight attendants or well-traveled friends tell you, never use a standard water spray like Evian's while on a plane. It will have the exact opposite effect you intended! The water may feel refreshing, but as it dries, it will suck up any moisture in your skin — leaving your skin dehydrated and potentially flaky. Please use a hydrating spray such as Tatcha's Moisture Spray (dry to normal skin) or SK-II's Mid-Day Mist (combination to oily). They will plump and soothe instead of leaving your face parched!

I always use a sheet mask on the plane because the recycled air is incredibly drying. Clé de Peau's Intensive Brightening Mask, SK-II's Brightening Derm Mask, and Sulwahsoo's Snowise EX Mask are staples in my Inflight Case. When at home, I usually set a timer to remind myself when to take off a mask since it'll still feel damp after 20 minutes. In the plane, however, my masks dry up and fall off after 20 minutes, if not before then! That's how intensely dehydrating plane air is.

If you are too self-conscious to use a sheet mask on the plane, try a clear mask. I highly recommend Sulwhasoo's Overnight Vitalizing Mask or Lancôme Energie de Vie Melt-In Sleeping Mask! They look and feel like moisturizers, so they are easy to use and will not scare those unfamiliar with sheet masks. Just make sure to apply them generously on top of your serum or moisturizer for best results.

Last but not least, do not forget to pack a sweater and socks. My feet always get cold onboard, though, so I recommend bringing warm slippers! I also like to pack a hoodie with a zipper since they can be thrown on and used to hide your face while napping. Hope you found these tips helpful! xo

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  1. how can you differentiate the difference between water spray and moisture spray?


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