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It has just become "cold" in Southern California! I knew it was the perfect time to shoot a Fall lookbook, especially since I have spent the last few months carefully curating and adding one piece to my closet at a time. My beautiful friend Kassia was kind enough to take on this project, so we hope our efforts paid off. We really missed filming lookbooks!

My healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey has really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone of lululemon and dress age appropriately. I always get pegged for a college kid, so I knew it was about time to kick it in gear and revamp my wardrobe! When I buy clothes, I try to wait for sales or promo codes as much as possible since I believe wholeheartedly in purchasing only investment pieces. I shop less than I used to — despite my renewed interest in fashion — but the several pieces I purchase each season are clothes or shoes that will stand the test of time.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Lost Cherry
Burberry Blush in Earthy (contour)

Outfit one is all about length. Duster cardigans are trendy right now, but they're fabulous when paired with wedges or heels because they have a slimming effect that also helps me look much taller than I really am (5'0). The two-toned knit beanie draws the eye upward, and the extra large pom gives me a bit more height! P.S. I use this amazing stuff to protect the rim of my hats from makeup & sweat!

WEEKEND :: Casual
Chunky Knit Beanie (similar)
Ash Boots (similar)
Chanel Bag (similar)

Outfit two is about the details. A plain oversized coat is so much more interesting in a pastel tone, while a pencil skirt can look dramatically better with an unexpected side slit. The strappy yet demure heels provide visual interest and balance, making this one of my favorite kind of outfits for meetings. It shows restraint while maintaining elegance.

WEEKDAY :: Business

Outfit three is about texture. I love the way the thick wool poncho tones down the flashy shine of the silk underneath. The hint of red on the poncho compliments the red dress, while the red soles of my pumps finish off the look! It might be too matchy-matchy for some, but I have a weakness for pops of red. Oh, and I wore the pantyhose because it was so windy and chilly! It's far too cold to go bare-legged at night now.

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  1. Fun video, Rae :-) You look lovely: fun yet polished, approachable yet professional, easy going yet self-confident. I Think one of the hardest things to do when revamping a wardrobe is tossing out the pieces we used to love but which no longer reflect the person we are and the life we are living. Sometimes the changes happen overnight and sometimes they creep up on us gradually, but whenever people see us differently than we see ourselves, it's usually a good bet that a change is needed.


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