GRATITUDE | The Meaning of Omotenashi + Shiseido's Holiday #4Thanks Campaign

I am thankful that Beau's adorable head tilt never fails to makes me smile.
Shiseido launched their #4Thanks campaign today, November 20th, which is centered around omotenashi this holiday! As I've traveled to Tokyo three times this year, the omotenashi tradition holds a special place in my heart.

Omotenashi is a noun that means to "entertain guests wholeheartedly" and it is the word that embodies the essence and spirit of Japanese hospitality. I have come to treasure the respect, sincerity, understanding, and heartfelt kindness that I have experienced in Tokyo, because omotenashi makes the traveling experience infinitely more pleasant and exciting. I've mentioned before that hosts and sales associates provide truly outstanding service without expectation, and no one expects tips unlike here in America where tipping is considered mandatory.

Although omotenashi is tied to the service industry, it is an all-encompassing concept that can relate to our everyday lives as well. I personally think of omotenashi when I visit my girl friends with beauty goodie bags, when I drive long distances to take my grandmother to church, when I go out of my way to buy organic persimmons for my parents. I do not do those things for praise or because I want or expect something in return.

I do it because I have the heart and the ability to give meaningfully.

I do it because I am thankful to have family and friends like family.

I do it because I am humbled by their loyalty, grace, and compassion.

I do it because I am grateful for their love.

Omotenashi is all about awareness, paying close attention to details and exceeding expectations. Gratitude is essential to genuine and authentic omotenashi, for both "host" and "customer" to feel warm and happy. Apply that parallel to relationships in your life, and give thanks to make this holiday your best ever!

If you'd like to get involved with the #4Thanks campaign which ends on 12/18, tag a friend who makes you feel beautiful! Follow @ShiseidoUSA on Twitter and share the moments — and people — that bring you joy, with the hashtag #4Thanks, for a chance to win Shiseido products! Check out all the details on the contest page here. Get rewarded for taking the time to celebrate who you're grateful for!
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FTC: This post has been sponsored by Shiseido, but all opinions and products shared are my own. 


  1. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences when in Japan. Even when out and about on my own (I don't speak Japanese), people are invariably kind, patient, and helpful. A gracious and generous demeanor seems to permeates the culture.

  2. So beautifully written! Thank you for sharing. I'll visit Japan for the first time in February and I really look forward to experiencing omotenashi :-)


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