Wayne Goss The Anniversary Set Review, Photos, Comparisons

Wayne Goss recently released his highly anticipated The Anniversary Set to celebrate the second anniversary of his brand's launch on Beautylish. The original eight-brush collection has been updated with two new styles, one exclusive to the Anniversary Set and one as a permanent replacement. Check out the comparisons and review of each brush after the jump!

The Anniversary Set offers a revamped take on Brush 01, which will not be sold individually. It's unfortunate, but this is a fabulous limited edition set with exclusive pink laser printed handles. Every brush has been handcrafted in Japan, so yes, they are absolutely worth the splurge. What I find most appealing about Wayne's brushes is that they wash well and hold up with regular use. I travel with mine fairly often, too!

Chikuhodo T-8  ~  Wayne Goss No. 05  ~  Beautylish x Chikuhodo Sakura  ~  Tom Ford Smokey Eye
The Anniversary Set also features the totally redesigned pencil-shaped Brush 05, a permanent replacement for the original version from The Collection. I loved the original to subtly smoke out the outer corners and diffuse the look of liquid eyeliner, but the new No. 05 is ideal for any detail work like smoking out eyeshadow or applying concealer to blemishes. It is significantly firmer than the original due to the shorter bristle length so you can build up color precisely.

No. 02 I was convinced that this brush was different when I saw the sample at the preview, but it was because it hadn't been washed yet! This tapered brush is silky soft and ideal for highlighters and blushes. It also works well with bronzer around the hairline and jawline.

No. 03 Although I don't reach for this large blender as often as Wayne's other styles, I love using it with lighter base color eyeshadows for all-over lid application. It can also be used with Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder to set under-eye concealer.

No. 04 This is one of my favorite eye blenders since it is the most versatile size for my eye shape. It's perfect for blending neutral transitional colors in the crease. It can also be used with powder to set concealer on the face, like on spots and blemishes.

No. 06 This brush's shape is wider and flatter than No. 03 or No. 04 due to the pinched ferrule, so I generally to use this one to soften and/or blend away excess color. It feels firmer and bouncier.

No. 07 You can try this brush for precise lipstick application, but I only ever use it for eyeliner. The resistance makes it versatile with all powders, creams and liquids, but it's not scratchy or painful to use.

No. 08 I seem to have misplaced my original, so I am glad to have this back for tightlining my waterlines with gel formulas. It can be used to apply highlighter/eyeshadow to the inner corners on narrower eye shapes.

There is a $15 price difference between The Anniversary Set and The Collection due to the larger version of Brush No. 01. It's worth it! The laser printed pink logo is eye-catching and allows me to sort my brushes with ease. Even if you purchased the original collection, you'll get two entirely new brushes and be able to enjoy back-ups of the others!

The Anniversary Set is currently out of stock, so make sure you get on the waitlist for the final delivery, which is scheduled to arrived mid-November! It'll be your last opportunity  to purchase this limited edition set. SIGN UP NOW to be notified!

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  1. These brushes are too beautiful, though (I think) hard to find in Canada. The pink detailing is a really nice touch too!


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