Thursday, August 21, 2014

TOP 3 I My Holy Grail Toners

I love toners. Some women think toner is an unnecessary step, but it has always made a world of a difference in my skin's condition. Many cleansers leave my skin feeling parched and others leave traces of makeup behind, so toners have become an essential step in my skin care routine. Toning lotions rebalance the pH levels and prep my skin for treatments. Note: Just keep in mind that toners must be applied with cotton pads to properly remove makeup residue and gently lift away dull or dead skin cells. Now check out the break down of my favorite three toners after the jump!

Since there are countless toners on the market, I do get asked which are worth the splurge. I use the SK-II and La Mer when my skin's condition requires them, but I have been most impressed with the new Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion. I love the overnight bag-friendly plastic bottle and the soothing formula.

The Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion ($50 USD, 5.0 fl. oz) is what I currently reach for both day and night. This refreshing formula balances and restores my skin after cleansing, making it perfect for dehydrated and sensitive skin. It also helps to smooth and repair flaky patches around my nose. No other product makes my skin look or feel quite as soft, which is why I often reach for the Toning Lotion after a drying clay mask or an irritating blackhead extraction! Most importantly, this toner better prepares my skin to absorb and improve the efficacy of the serums and creams I apply thereafter, so I never skip this step. The Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion is suitable for all skin types, but it's a must-have for achieving plump and brightened skin!

I have used the SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion ($70 USD, 5.0 fl. oz.) on and off for a span of four years. This alcohol-free formula is ideal for all skin types, especially problematic skin. I use this most often when I am experiencing hormonal acne because it reduces the size of my blemishes and helps to prevent scarring. The Clear Lotion will gently purify and exfoliate your skin without causing any burning or stinging sensations. Also pictured above (right) is the larger 7 fl. oz. bottle, exclusively available in Asia.

The La Mer Oil Absorbing Tonic ($80 USD, 6.7 fl. oz.) is the newest addition to my skin care favorites line-up, but this is a lovely toner for normal to oily skin. I'm not a fan of the shimmer or the scent, but the formula does effectively keep my T-Zone free of shine without drying out the rest of my face. I adore the sleek new packaging, and this updated bi-phase formula now includes the signature La Mer Miracle Broth.

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  1. Thanks for the toners review. I used think it is unnecessary step but the age catch up I could feel the different!

    1. Skin care is not necessarily about feeling or seeing immediate effects.. best used as prevention! But I'm glad you can now feel the difference!

  2. How do you go about getting your blackheads extracted, Rae? Thank you!

    1. The SK-II and La Mer toners help control my blackheads. Every few months, I get a facial!

  3. Hi Rae,
    Can I ask how do you normally clean your face? Do you wash with face soap and then toner or do you use lotio n then toner?


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