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This summer has hectic with travel and shoots, so I have been enjoying any and every minute to relax and enjoy the little things. Still, I figured this would be the perfect time to take a moment to share what beauty products I have been loving as well as some new I discoveries found along the way.  

I always travel with my Tatcha Soothing Silk Hand Cream. You never know when you'll have to shake someone's hand when introducing yourself! It keeps my neglected cuticles from looking too dry, and it truly hydrates without making my hands feeling greasy. The Soothing Silk Hand Cream has a pale blue tint to it, but rest assured, it blends into the skin like any other translucent lotion and leaves no color residue.

A recent discovery is the Ivory Lashes brand. I have fallen in love with many of their styles because they come with thin and flexible lash bands, striking the perfect balance between weight and definition. I have been wearing Smitten Kitten and Hey Lover the most, which I think would suit all eye shapes beautifully. They are also just plush enough to transition from day to night seamlessly, which makes it easy to amp up your look with just a bit more eyeliner!

Since I usually wear false lashes on shoots, I've kept my D.U.P. Eyelash Glue in Black very handy recently. My lashes do not lift often, but I like to relieve my dry eyes with my Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free eye drops (the best for sensitive eyes) throughout the day. Since the drops can wet my lashes and weaken the glue's hold, I carry my lash glue just in case I need a quick fix. I purchase the D.U.P. glue from Little Tokyo beauty boutiques or Japanese grocers like Mitsuwa with a beauty aisle. 

I rarely ever touch up my makeup when I am out and about, but I like to take my Cle de Peau Luminizing Powder with me — and I swear it's not just because the champagne compact is utterly, jaw-droppingly pretty. This is a magically luminous-yet-never-oily, smooth and even complexion in a compact. I swear by it! I use 13 Sand when I want a bronzy glow and 14 Delicate Pink when I want a brighter highlighted look. These Cle de Peau Luminizers are ultra finely milled, do not accentuate pores, and in short, are the best powder highlighters I have ever encountered... and that's saying a lot considering I've worked with luxury cosmetics for a decade now!

As I age, I love red lips more and more. I now fondly recall my college days when I was too self-conscious to wear red lipstick or even red lip gloss in public, but now I find that it really enhances my complexion in a manner that no other color can! It makes me feel bold and spunky and can even perk up my mood. My favorite of the summer has been Giorgio Armani's Rouge d'Armani lipstick in 400, their signature shade. I love that it is hydrating yet semi-matte, allowing my lips to look fuller without any gloss. It lasts all day, even when sipping water and tea! 

Since the sun beats down on us for most of the year, I am wholly dedicated to sunscreen. A good broad-spectrum sunscreen is the best step toward the anti-aging campaign since it will protect you from wrinkles and sun spots as well as prevent any acne scars from darkening. While traveling to Shanghai recently, I discovered some incredible sunscreens! My new obsession, however, is the Lancôme UV Expert XL-Shield SPF 50 PA+++. This sunscreen is an Asia exclusive, but it is worth tracking down because it keeps my skin comfortable yet matte — a nearly impossible combination. Lancôme knocked it out of the park with this one! If you have oily skin or you have been looking for a sunscreen that will not leave you looking oily or feeling greasy, then this is one to try. I found mine in duty-free shopping as a duo set, so gift one to your best friend as I did. I definitely wouldn't blame you if you kept both for yourself, though! 

I always carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated through the heat. When I can swing by a Starbucks, I grab an iced drink to cool off. I drink coffee when I need a pick-me-up, but I have recently been loving the new Teavana® Shaken Iced Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade. It's unique, refreshing, and totally addicting! I've also tried the Teavana® Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade (sweet and tasty) and the Teavana® Shaken Iced Black Tea Lemonade (a classic), which I throw in the mix to shake things up.

Last but not least, I have been wearing my Ray-ban Aviator Flash Sunglasses non-stop. I have them in Green and have been contemplating the Copper version because I have become so fond of the style! I usually prefer my oversized plastic sunglasses, but these affordable Flash lenses are ultra lightweight and comfortable. They also make a statement, which goes hand in hand with my colorful lululemon athletica outfits for easy, breezy airport outfits!

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