Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil Review, Photos + Giveaway

If a celebrated makeup artist like Charlotte Tilbury keeps Sisley's Black Rose Cream Mask in her arsenal, it must live up to its legendary reputation. As much as I love the way the velvety mask revives my dehydrated skin, I have been enjoying the new Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil even more! This nourishing anti-aging formula is a magic one-step potion, which is ideal for evenings when I have absolutely no energy for my usual skin care regimen (which seems to be the norm these days). I have used this dry oil diligently for the last week and have since fallen in love!

The first face oil I ever encountered and used on my skin was the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate when it first launched years ago. While it's a wonderful budget buy, I never stuck with it. I have always been rather traditional in approach when it comes to skin care. I never felt comfortable enough with a face oil to integrate it permanently into my routine. It was never due to the typical paranoia that is triggered by the word "oil" since I was well aware of how beneficial dry oils could be, but rather because I never found a formula that truly impressed me.

The Sisley Black Precious Rose Face Oil (made in France, $235 USD) has completely changed my perspective on dry oils. The silky smooth formula is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 and boasts a powerful blend of plant-based active ingredients. Plum and Camelina oils further maintain the lip balance of the epidermis. I did not have high expectations, but I was won over by the first application and was even more pleased with the results when I woke up the next morning. I love that it replenishes my normal to dry skin and repairs dry patches around my nose overnight. The soothing and subtle floral fragrance also has an aromatherapy effect, so it helps me relax as I massage it in.

I wake up to smooth, bright, and restored skin with the Sisley Rose face oil. The best part? No clogged pores! It also is formulated as an anti-aging solution, so I have been taking advantage of the one-step skin care approach since this Precious Rose Face Oil can be used alone. I have tried it as a base for daily care to prepare the skin for optimal skincare benefits, but I much prefer to use it at night on its own. Now, I do not have wrinkles (thanks to a decade of quality skin care and sunscreen), but I can see that the Rose Oil visibly lifts and plumps the skin. I have applied some near the orbital bones, and my sensitive eyes did not experience any stinging sensations.

This Sisley dry oil is thin and watery, making it easy to spread across the face. It absorbs in seconds. After cleansing my face and patting it dry with a towel, I apply 3 to 7 drops of this Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil to my bare skin. I generally use 3 drops for my face and 1 or 2 for my neck, but I will use more depending on my skin's condition and massage a second layer onto my flaky patches. Just make sure not to neglect your neck!

I only started exploring more Sisley this year — after a positive experience with the Nutritive Lip Balm — but I have enjoyed everything I have tried thus far. I now plan to travel with the Black Rose Precious Face Oil on my upcoming travels because it is so convenient yet effective. I always pack makeup and skin care in excess, so this multi-tasking product will surely help to lighten my luggage.

Now available at Neiman MarcusBloomingdale's and Barney's

Bottom Line: The new Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil is an exquisite dry oil, a must-have skin care staple for those with normal to dry skin!

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  1. Hi Rae! I've been trolling your site for the longest. Love your reviews and recs and your new look is amazing!
    I've been using argan oil, but mainly during the winter when my face needs the extra boost of moisture. How does this compare? Is it worth the quadrupled price?

    1. Hi, Linda! Thank you so much for stopping by. I haven't used Argan oil on my skin, but all my readers and viewers who use Sisley are very dedicated. I can see why! I definitely do believe this Rose Oil is worth the splurge. It will not just boost the moisture levels in your skin. This is a true anti-aging and moisturizing product!

  2. This is an amazing giveaway! I used Sisley before and love most of their products. Their rose mask is so famous but I have still not yet tried it, so it would be really amazing if I win this oil!

  3. Thanks for reviewing this as I have an eye on this product. Like you, I am nervous to put 'oil' in my face. I recently have received two travel -size bottle of cleansing milk and toner. I am jn love with them. I will try this product as you have made me hooked in it!! ^.^

  4. Thanks Rae! Hope to win this giveaway so I can try the Rose Oil.


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