Dior Fall 2014 Rouge Dior Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches [Rose Tutu, Rouge Massaï, Carré D'or + Bar]

I have discovered so many Holy Grail products while wandering through the Nordstrom beauty department. The Rouge Dior lipstick is one of those unexpected finds. I had been hesitant to try this updated formula, because a couple years ago, the signature Dior formula was waxy and heavy. No longer is that the case! These gorgeous lipsticks should be in every makeup lover's arsenal. Check out the swatches of the Fall collection's colors after the jump!

Each Rouge Dior lipstick is enriched with marine crista, which smoothes and reshapes your lips, leaving you with the most voluptuous lip look possible. I love the way the slightly glossy formula hugs the lip lines without slipping or sliding. The creaminess of the lipstick makes it supremely easy to apply, but the Rouge Dior still lasts for most of my day without irritating my sensitive lips.

I first tried the 'Nude' Rouge Dior in Swan before experimenting with the colors in the permanent line-up, and I fell head over heels for the silky application. I love how natural the finish is, so since then, I have collected quite a few of them. Even when my lips feel dehydrated and parched, many of my Rouge Dior lipsticks help them feel moisturized and more nourished with wear. Most importantly, they do not reek of plastic or baby powder; this reformulation is scent-free!

The most popular color of the four to launch this Fall season seems to be 354 Rose Tutu, a translucent bright pink. It is one of those effortless, everyday pinks that will suit any occasion and complexion. My favorite, however, is 869 Rouge Massaï. This particular shade has the lustrous, rich pigmentation that made the reformulated Rouge Dior formula so popular! I find myself reaching for red lipsticks increasingly often as I age, despite the fact that many redheads steer clear of red lipstick. I think red hair and matching red lips looks fierce, so long as the undertones compliment one another.

135 Carré D'Or is not necessarily a color I would wear on its own, unless it was for a show or cosplay, but it looks lovely when layered over deeper shades like red or fuchsia. The finely milled champagne-gold shimmer provides a fuller lip effect without having to wear lip gloss! 317 Bar is an interesting color because of its transformative nature. To some, it looks more pink and to others, it appears more mauve. Mine is very much mauve-beige. Even though it has a fair amount of shimmer in it, I was impressed by how soothing and hydrating the formula felt at first swipe! When layered, it has a slightly frosty effect that makes the lips look more plump.

My favorites are Rouge Massaï and Bar. I truly did not have high expectations for Bar, but it is a unique shade worth trying! Rose Tutu is a great option for semi-sheer lipstick lovers and Carré D'Or is perfect for adventurous lipstick mavens. The entire Dior Fall 2014 collection is now available at Nordstrom. Don't forget to stop by your local Nordstrom Dior Beauty counter to see the entire Rouge Dior lipstick range for yourself! There are dozens of shades to suit any nuance and mood.

PS. I will share live lip swatches in my next haul video! Keep an eye on www.youtube.com/RAEview.

Bottom Line: As much as I adore their latest 'Addict' Fluid Sticks, the Rouge Dior formula is Dior's crown jewel and you absolutely need one (at the very least) in your life!


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  1. Thank you Rae you always give the best review, you make me want everything lol I do use it as my guide when I go shopping☺️have a good weekend!

  2. Rose Tutu!!! <3 Oh I could see myself wear this everyday. Beautiful swatches hun! Can't wait to go play with these in stores. Maybe I will snatch one. :)


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