Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stains Review & Swatches, Part 2

I will share with you the remaining YSL Glossy Stain Swatches today! I'm only missing a couple of the deepest shades, but you can always stop by a Sephora to see them now that every store should have the new display up. It was my priority to show you swatches of the online exclusives, since ordering blindly is never fun. Here we go!

The sun was either too high or the clouds were too formidable to get ideal swatches, but I gave it my best shot! Here are 6 of the colors, one more and other comparisons down below. Keep reading!

The colors look a little too saturated in full sun, but 5 and 14 look very true to color here!

I love the photos above because the show off the shimmer in some of the shades. Let's start with the breakdown!

1 is a deep violet, the most unique purple of the deepest shades. Most of the other shades lean very brown, and unfortunately, I wasn't able to get comparison swatches, but 1 is my favorite of the first four shades. It's a sexy vampy lip, great for those who want to add some drama to their night look! This is definitely not for fair or light-complexions who seek a 'natural' make-up look :)

5 is a deep berry, not red, but has that slightly 'faded' red look. It's a beautiful alternative to a full red lip! It's not a color I would reach for that often, but it's probably one of the most universal colors of the line-up. 5 can be worn during the day to give the complexion more life and at night for a more subtle party lip.

6 is a light orange with a brown lean, and I find it to be the most wearable of the coral-orange shades. It is noticeable lighter than 7, the bright orange-coral that I love so much. 6 has significantly less shimmer as well. I think it's a great shade to wear to work, especially for those who are of a medium-golden complexion. This color is available online only.

8 was the shade most highly anticipated on the blogosphere when press releases of these stains were released, but I actually am not a fan. It's a deep orange, leans very red, which is why it looks even darker next to the swatch of 9! It's highly shimmery and would look best on fair skins or very deep skin! The more contrast against the orange, the better.

9 is a true red, not too cool and not too warm! I didn't expect to like this one, but I think it's officially one of my top 5 red lipsticks. I love how bright and juicy it makes my lips look. It also brightens up the complexion and the teeth, who doesn't love that? Reds are usually high maintenance, but this one stays put after it sets! Keep in mind that this shade is an online exclusive. 

14 is a stunning fuchsia, another online exclusive. I love fuchsias, they look great against those with light-medium complexions, not as dramatic as a red but very sophisticated. There is a slew of golden shimmer particles in this particular shade. This color is very similar to 13, the Nordstrom exclusive fuchsia shade. 13 and 14 have the most shimmer of all the shades. There are, however, several differences.. see below!
*NOTE: The shimmers are very ultra fine particles, quite comfortable and no gritty feeling whatsoever.

 Look at how gorgeous the shimmers are when they reflect in the sunlight!

Now for the comparisons!

13 is a warm fuchsia, the base leans more red! It has silver shimmer and is a touch more pigmented.

14 is a cool fuchsia, the base leans more pink! It has golden shimmer, as I described to you above.

Now for a couple more colors! This little baby arrived after the others did, which is why it was photographed last and not with the rest of the swatches.

18 is a very pale pink, mutes out the mauve tones in my lips beautifully. It's a dramatic pale pink and I would definitely only wear it while wearing a decent amount of make-up because otherwise, I look too washed out. The perfect 'clubbing' color for most of those in their 20s, but this one does settle in the lip lines if you apply more than 2 layers.

19 is a beige-based pink. It's noticeably warmer than 18 (though not truly warm), and I think this is the most natural looking nude shade for light-medium complexions that this range of lip color offers. I can wear this one even without make-up because it doesn't contrast very much against my skin. It is still pink but not as pale/nude as 18. It does tone down the mauve tones, just not as significantly as 18. 2 layers is enough.

Last but not least - more tidbits on the formula: I know some of you decidedly dislike it. The watery initial application does take some getting accustomed to, but over time you will get used to it! It glides on like water at first and you have to wait ten to twenty seconds for the formula to thicken [on contact with skin and oxygen] to see the true color against your lips. These are best tried on before purchasing, but the swatches do help! The applicator is excellent for those who hate toying with lip pencils, since you can create sharp edges to achieve a lip liner effect. Most of the shades are perfect with two full swipes across each lip, but you can always add an additional layer with the deeper, brighter colors for more impact. The paler shades, definitely stick to 2. Overall, I still stand by my HG ruling. They are beautifully long wearing lip colors.. how much you like them will depend on your affinity for liquid lip products! 

Bottom Line: Low maintenance but long wearing lip colors? No wonder I've invested so much money in them! View my first set of swatches HERE if you would like to see all the colors the YSL Glossy Stain line-up has to offer!



  1. VERY helpful! Thank you so much for this!

  2. Great review Rae! I shall be picking up #14 and #19 from this batch! So lovely!

  3. Do you or anybody know where I can get them online that ships to Australia?? Nordstrom doesn't ship their beauty products to Aus.

  4. Do you or anybody know where I can get these online that will ship to Australia? Nordstrom doesn't ship their beauty products over here.

  5. Thanks for swatching! The colors are stunning in person.

  6. I bought 8,9 and 12! They are fantastic!!! Best YSL lip product indeed! My lips are dry too and have also avoided stains... Gorgeous! That's what I am gonna use the whole summer!!!!!

  7. Awesome review, just what I was looking for before splurging on some of the the colours. I agree with you on Orange de Chine, I bought it and tried it once- it is definitely an acquired taste color :)

  8. Rae, will you swatch 6 & 7 side by side too? ;)


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